We were just a couple of horny teenagers driving around a rural area outside of Melbourne. We had been out at a party and didn’t want our night to end just yet. We drove around and talked, and then started feeling each other up as he drove. I felt his rather impressive teen cock as he kept one hand on the wheel and played with my crotch with the other. It was a cold winters night and the heating in the car wasn’t perfect. The inside of the windows was foggy.

He was a shy guy who hadn’t had much experience with guys. He definitely wasn’t entirely happy about the prospect of being gay – his entire future was suppose to consist of a wife, kids, suburban home – that was his dream.  I think what I adored most about him was the fact that he wasn’t cynical in anyway. Back then he was the ‘happy go lucky’ boy who was keeping his love of cock a closely guarded secret.

We drove for quite a while as we felt each other. And then there was this strange flashing blue and red light. For a second or two I couldn’t work out what it was – and then I realized that we were being pulled over by the police.

The passage of time has dulled my memory. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t actually have his cock out of his pants but he was definitely hard and there was definitely precum.

In Australia, if you get pulled over the police you generally get out of the car. So there we were, standing by the car, at the side of a rural road, conscious of our hard ons straining valiantly against the onslaught of cold night air, before loosing the battle and subsiding into nothing. Wondering if they had seen anything, knowing they probably hadn’t, but unable to be totally sure.

They breath tested Daniel and checked his license and registration. Back then you needed to have a blood alcohol reading of zero until you turned 21 (you can drink at 18 in Australia but you can’t drive with any alcohol in your system for a number of years). He hadn’t been drinking – but it took a few minutes for him to blow into the device and wait for the results.

Finally I asked the police officer very respectfully why they had pulled us over. “You were weaving all over the road” was the reply. Hmmm. A mental note was made – don’t play with the driver while he is actually driving – save it for traffic lights.

We got back in the car with a warning to drive more carefully and Daniel drove me home. I thought it was hilarious but Daniel didn’t react so well. He was pretty shaken up by the whole thing. He didn’t let me touch him on the way home. Or for some time after that.

Daniel had some problems dealing with his sexuality. He even briefly got involved with one of those christian gay groups who ‘cure’ gay people.  It didn’t work. But that night, I’m pretty sure he saw being pulled over by the police in the middle of a hand job as a sign from the universe that he shouldn’t be gay. It was ages before we got to fool around again.

Anyway, everything worked out in the end. Daniel is now gay and happy with it. He owns a house with his long term partner. His boyfriend totally owes me! I put in the hard yards to get Daniel to admit he liked cock and he gets to date a relatively well adjusted guy.

I’m feeling a litle sentimental this week. I know a lot of bi guys read soxster.com and I thought it was worth telling this story and pointing out Daniel’s mistake was that he let his sexuality worry him. He saw it as a problem that had to be resolved. He wanted certainty. My advice is to just enjoy the process of finding out what you want from other people – both sexually and in other ways. Daniel worked it all out in the end. You will too – don’t worry about it too much. Get on with life – there are other things to worry about!  🙂  You don’t need all the answers now.

My only other amusing story involving police on duty was when I was stopped at a breathalyser point while driving with a straight mate. Single cop with his motorbike – I guessed that there was a large breath testing operation going on nearby and this was one of the outposts to prevent people from avoiding the main check point. My mate wound down his window and the policeman asked him to blow into the tube. Bob turned to me and murmured sotto voce “You know you really should be doing this”. The policeman who up until this point had been very authoritative and direct, struck a pose and said with a lispy affectation “Oh come now sir, you can do it”.  He was clearly either gay, or extremely gay friendly, and it wasn’t bitchy or mean spirited at all – just intentionally hilarious. Bob had trouble blowing he was laughing so hard, and we laughed all the way home.  🙂