These photos were taken nearly ten years. I was working over a hot 22yo boy named Sacha. We played a few times. I once surprised him with a gangbang, but that’s a story for another time.  🙂  Thought you might enjoy the following pics from all those years ago.  I tracked Sacha down on Facebook to ask him if I could publish these pics and the ones from the gangbang.
“By all means use any pics or vids you want I don’t mind at all!” was his response.  He has some fond memories of his gangbang which is nice to know.

As I approach my mid thirties, it is a little weird to reflect that many of the 18 year olds that I fucked when I was in my mid 20s are about to turn 30! In fact, I’ve had sex with three guys in the last three months who I first fucked when they were 18 and who turn thirty this year. I guess there’s no better tribute to my sexual prowess that they keep coming back for more!  😉

Thanks guys – you know who you are. One of them got a little embarrassed when I introduced him by saying, “You know how I keep fucking eighteen year olds? Well Ben used to be one of them – and he’s about to turn 30”.  Well, it amused me anyway. It also amused one of the current 18 year olds I play with – it kind of reassured him that our fuck buddy relationship didn’t have to end any time soon.

Anyway, in this session – the first I had with Sacha – he was blindfolded on entry. He never saw any of the session. In total darkness from beginning to the end of the session. He was tied up, blindfolded and played with in the sling. He was put into stocks, put into a sex sling and taught to suck cock with his hands secured.

At the time, one of my favourite things to do was to put a boy in a sex swing (where they sit upright off the ground), put a stainless steel toy up their ass and then add weight to it until they can’t hold it any more. What made this a fun game is that the boy tightens his ass as more weight is added – in a desperate attempt to stop it from falling out. When the weight finally becomes too much he doesn’t have time to loosen up again – so even if he tries to relax, the steel ball will rip through his clenched hole and give him a pretty amazing sensation. Intense, vicious and fun.