My love of stainless steel toys is well documented on this site. I thought you would like to know about my recent purchases.  My four latest toys are three butt plugs and a solid steel dildo. Two of the butt plugs are the same but with different jewelled ends – one in ‘diamond’ (clear) and red. The solid dildo is a good warm up to one of my favourite toys to use on boys – the Njoy Eleven. Google it if you don’t know it – a truly excellent toy.

Small stuff up with one order. The butt plug with a ring on the end was supposed to be one of two. I guess no one ever ordered two of them before. But then I guess no one else has been evil enough to realise that if you have two boys, and two plugs arranged ass to ass, with a chain between them, then you can have a tug of war….strongest ass wins. I’m really looking forward to having two boys fight it out – and see who can have the tightest ass.  😛  Stay tuned for photos and videos of that one.

And of course, I’ve stocked up on tape. All colours, all sizes. I can’t wait to wrap up some boys in this. I even got some ‘fragile’ tape – I can’t wait to see which boy gets to have it applied to their balls first….I just hope that they don’t think that because their balls are marked fragile that I’ll be gentle with them.   😉