In a previous post I talked about my experience at Fickstutenmarkt, or ‘Horse Fair’, that I attended in Berlin. The bottom boys, or Mares, arrive first and are hooded and arranged naked around a club. The tops, or Stallions, then arrive and fuck them senseless. It was without a doubt, the best night of group sex I have ever had – and I’ve had quite a bit.¬† ūüėČ
I posted a link to my experience at Fickstutenmarkt on their guest book on their web page. It has been getting a fair bit of interest. Before I went there myself I checked out the guest book and was drawn to many of the comments in English.¬† I thought you all might be interested in the following discussion I’ve been having with a Spanish mare.¬† I asked him to write up his experience, but I think the following email trail actually provides a really good insight into what he was thinking. I’m really looking forward to fucking Paco on a future trip to Fickstutenmarkt.
Hi Andrew,
My name is Paco and I live in Spain.
I have read your comments in the guestbook of Fickstutenmarkt
in Berlin. I’ve never been, and my first visit will be on Saturday June 16.
I wanted to ask, if you please, your personal opinion: I’ll be a mare, I’m¬†48 years of age, I measure 1.80 and my weight is 78 kg. I‘m in good shape and very hard, and I¬†swim two hours a day. I understand the best place in the market for a mare is the central plateau, but considering my age, I am in danger of being ignored by the stallions? That is, in your opinion would be correct to say that young mares tend to use this space?
Any suggestions you can give me I would be¬†grateful for, I’m a little bit anxious¬†of being in an unfamiliar place and blindfolded, plus I do not speak German (although I speak English well). Any information or track will help me a lot.
I thank you in advance.


Hi Paco
I’ve only been to Fickstutenmarkt once but if you are in shape you can be confident of being pounded wherever you are. You’ll have a great time – wish I was in Berlin. ūüôā ¬†the central downstairs bit is good – but really everywhere is great. Relax and take it! ūüėČ
Try and keep track of how many guys.
Let me know how it goes!
Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your reply.
I have never in a place like Fickstutenmarkt, the most I have done is being fucked 20 times sometimes in a sauna in Spain, that is why I think I can take lots of fucking. I have taken note of your advise of trying to be different from other mares, will be wearing orange trainers, since I do not have any tatoos. If you have any other tips, I shall be grateful.
May I ask where are you based?…you seem to be a very experienced top!
Best regards
I’m in Melbourne, Australia.
Have an awesome time. I’d love to hear of your experience and I’ll post it to my blog.
Are you poz or neg?
Just moan a lot – tops love to fuck really responsive bottoms. No one wants to fuck someone who doesn’t react. Not too much – but moan and groan.


Hi again Andrew,

Shame that you are so far away, your  blog is very horny, meeting you must be an experience in itself! I will do as you say, will groan and moan, I tend to do that all the time anyway, specially asking to be fucked deeper and harder. I know most tops like it  and I have never asked a top to stop they stop when they want.
Someone suggested that to be fucked 30 or 40 times these mares must be taking¬†drugs…do you agree with that statement?

Nope – quite a few mares sniff amyl, but I didn’t perceive other drug use.

They do take breaks – raise your hand if you want one – but most guys just love being used!

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for all the valuable info you are giving me, it takes a lot of the uncertainty away. I suppose that anyl, lubricant etc the mare has to keep in her socks.

Regarding being used, the mares you fucked did respond by touching you, caressing you in any way, or is the mood to just lay there and be fucked senseless? I am very tactile and like to caress the top whilst he fucks me, but would not like to do something unsuitable. You seem very observant, would value your opinion.
Thank you in advance
The stallions provide the lube – just make sure you ass is lubed at the start and you’ll be fine.
Some mares are quite tactile – and that’s ok
Just be guided by your stallion’s reactions
I’d really love you to write up your experience for soxster.

Hi Andrew.
You are the only top who has gone to the Fickstutenmarkt, with whom I have been able to make contact, so I am taking careful notes of what you tell me, thanks a lot!, I mean it.
I have contacted two Sspanish mares who have given me some tips, one of them say that I MUST get  a place in the big table if I want to get lots of cocks, so I will arrive very early to secure myself a place there, the other mare answered something very interesting, here is an extract of her reply:
“So not long ago I decided to attend as a horse. My intention was only to observe. My disappointment was great. Bottoms or mares there are all types and tastes. Most horses are active seniors. They are very old men. Guys are crazy. I just liked two or three at most between about one hundred. They are there for morbid sexual curiosity. Obviously I have never attended such parties”

What do you think?

Bizzare – that wasn’t my experience at all. Almost every guy I saw as a stallion was under 40
Have you seen the video of the session that was filmed? It is very close to what I saw – but with fewer mares and stallions
(released by Berlin Star film)

Yes, very interesting indeed, which maybe comes to show us that everyone has their own perception of things. Regardless, I am going anyway and hope to get fucked senseless :), I still can not believe that I have been so stupid not to have found out about this party before.

No I have not seen the film, have chosen not to, so to have deeper experience in the flesh, sort of speak. In your blog you mention Lab-oratory, will also try it, although your experience is as a top, will see how it goes for me.
if you can think of anything you may think it could be useful to me to know, I shall be grateful
Un beso


I’d really love you to write up your experience for soxster.

Sorry Andrew had not seen this line:   Yes, I will do that with pleasure, do I just sent you an account of how it went here by email?
Un beso

Yes that would be great – Email it to me and I’ll post it up
No problem…I have been¬†been touch with another Spanish mare, who got fucked 50 times¬†at the¬†Grand Prix!…I am green with envy!! And hopefully me too ūüôā
you you personally prefer to fuck a white hood mare or red hood one?..A friend insists that I will be fucked more with a red hood
XX Paco
From what I saw the white hooded guys got fucked more.
So you are poz?
Thank you…you have a very good blog, really; your experience at the Fickstutenmarkt should be linked to their webpage!
I have tried their FAQ but could not find this: As a mare, I have  to be willing to give my hole to any stallion who approaches me, which is fine, but when  he touches me, am I allowed to touch him back, reach for his cock and suck him..or should I wait to be invited? did any mare suck you without you asking?
You can touch and suck him but with respect

Thank you.
I always respect an active guy, as a passive I think I have to. I believe that  I can show submission by placing me with my knees on the floor between his legs and touching gently his thighs offering my mouth for him to decide when he wants to reward me letting me taste his cock. Do you think this could work at the Fickstutenmarkt?

Absolutely – that’s fine.

Thanks, I shall follow your advice then, I’ll write an account of the evening for you.

Yes please write of your experience ūüôā

I will gladly.

I have returned from Berlin today, loved the place, your account of Fickstutenmarkt was very accurate, loved every minute of it, I did not think I could be fucked that much, that my ass could take so many cocks, it made true my wildest dream. I have already booked my flights to return in October.
Thank you for your blog, funny when you write you do not know the impact you may have in others, I was lucky to come across your entry.
Un beso

Excellent – I would love it if you could write up your experience as a mare for soxster. Make sure you include how it made you feel.
Of course, I had promised it, and it is the least¬†I could do for¬†Soxster, after it helped me decide to go…You went a a top, so you can not begin to imagine the excitement lived as a mare, excitement that I also perceived in the other mares as the time for the door to let stallions in was approaching. I will do it in the next few days.
As soon as possible please – so you don’t forget the tiny details. ¬†ūüėČ
Make sure you include how you felt before, during and after. What was different to what you expected? Was it better or worse? Did you wear a red or white hood? Where were you? Did you take a break? How long did you last? How many guys?:)
Can’t wait to hear it from a mare’s perspective. ūüėČ
At one point I remember I just felt I wanted to give  myself away in a manner I had not done before, I realised that for the stallion fucking me I was no more than another hole he was fucking that night, I wanted to make him feel I was different, I wanted to be  a very welcoming hole. I felt  a cock starting going in and at the same time it was entering I was pushing me ass towards it helping but not taking control of the fuck, since I was only the mare, the cock continued to push in until it reached his full length inside, only then I relaxed, thus showing him that it was ok to to start fucking me hard if he wanted, he did he push  a bit deeper, and I gave a long groan then he came the whole way out and in a second he was back inside in the same position where he had made me groan i ensured I groaned even louder to show I was enjoying, and that I wanted more, and he did; the thrusts became harder and harder, and my enjoyment too.


Nice start. ¬†ūüôā

How many guys fucked you?


Thanks, you as an experienced¬† stallion made it clear “try to make yourself different” from other mares, and I followed that advice. ūüôā
I was counting, but stopped after 14 guys, because I saw no point as numbers do not reflect the intensity…A German guy¬†fucked me for long time, then turned me around to fuck and kiss me, and stayed with me for long time.¬†I was screaming with pleasure, he told me he would be back, and so he did, two minutes later he took me off the table and guided me outside, where there was another guy next to a sling, they placed me in the sling both fucked me in there for more than one hour
I was groaning, screaming, etc,¬†¬†I had never been fucked so much…not thought I could possible be fucked in that way. I felt great I thought to myself this is the way I want to always feel when I am being fucked, I think it is the way I always wanted to feel when I am being fucked, but had not yet experienced it

Did you see any of the guys? Did you communicate in English?
So how many do you think? Have a guess? ūüėČ
I’m so glad you had a good time.

I want every detail. ūüėČ

I’m really looking forward to posting your full experience on

Your account of the details of the event are right in every point, that is  why I decided to rely on it so much, and glad I did. Yes, mares do cheat, they can see a bit between the slots looking down, for once in my life I am fortunate to have a high nose bone, so there was a gap to see a bit. I used that trick to grab any  cock if was near my mouth to suck it again really deep to show I was a hungry mare, I think that awarded me some fucks
I think I was fucked by 20 guys, but I could be wrong, since I believe that when I was in the sling, for over one hour I was gang banged, but can not be certain, as I was swinging.  At one point my hole was being swung from one cock to another, the sling was really moving fast from left to right, and when returning it was returning to a different cock.
I am Spanish, but can speak English and French, I communicated most of the time in English, my German is non existent.
Before the door for stallions opened I chatted to 2 Spanish guys, 2 French people, one Australian one Polish, the level of excitement was tremendous. My friend who was outside queuing with other tops to get in says that the stallions behaved very cool, no chatting.

I am still drunk with the pleasure I had the week end, it will be a few days before I come back to earth I think, I lived this very intense, was very worried of not getting any action, glad I was so very wrong!
Which sling were you in? When did you give up? ūüėČ
Wish you had gotten the details of the Australian mare. ūüėČ
I am not sure which sling it was, I think there were 3 slings on the same corner, passed the bar area? I did not stop, they did, they say they needed to have a drink,¬†that they loved my ass and¬†that they’d¬† vote for me to be elected mare of the month,¬†I smiled, we exchanged emails, but a second later I couldn¬īt remember it. However they have, and have made contact. the two guys who fucked me like¬† a whore are a couple from Frankfurt

Yes but when did you go back to the mares rest area?
Red or white hood?
Tell me how you felt waiting for the first stallion?
I did not go back to the mares rest area, it was very special really.
1- The two stallions left me after fucking me to exhaustion
2- I asked to be left on sling for a little while to rest.
3- A helper came to take me off sling,  said it is not allowed for mares to stay there without a stallion to cover them
4- I was told I would be directed to the mares resting area
5- My friend, the Stallion who came with me to Berlin, saw me, and intercepted the helper, told him I was his mare, and that I would stay with him now.
6- I rested in the bar area
I wore white hood, soxster told me that it was silly to wear red hood ( I am HIV neg) when in his experience white hood mares got fucked more, another top said the same. Again this was right.
I think it would be the most difficult part to compose, to convey my feeling of deep excitement, whilst waiting for the first stallion to fuck me, I noticed that a mare was being fucked at the other side of the table, then the mare at my right, then the one on my left, a few times a hand touched my butt. I had been swaying my bum, ¬†however it must have been about 5 minutes past 7 when I noticed a finger touching my hole, I reacted immediately pushing my bum out inviting..the finger went a bit deeper, and came out…two seconds later I felt the glory of the knowing that my first cock was about to enter me, I took a deep breath but stayed quiet until the gland had pass my sphincter, then as the rod was finding his way in¬†I gave a deep groan of pleasure, pain, ecstasy, triumph….at last after so many weeks waiting I was being fucked at the Fickstutenmarkt – I was trembling.
So describe what happened when you arrived.
What happened when you left?
Describe the other participants
How did you feel on the way home?
What advice would you have for mares?
What surprised you about the evening?
Describe the club.

Do you have a pic that I could post with your soxster entry? Perhaps a nice one of your ass?

Would this one do? It has the same light intensity as the fucktable area.

Nice – check the blog during the weekend and I’ll post up your thoughts. ¬†If you remember anything else we can always add it in. ūüôā¬†

My visit to Fickstutenmarkt was on the 16th June, but really the whole process of emotions attachment started on 9th May, when just by chance I learned that such event existed; a bar in Madrid tried to copy the idea from Berlin, but of course it did not work, it lacked the organisation skills, the dedication and planning that this fair requires. However because of this, I came to know that there was a Fair in Berlin and in other places in Germany. From the minute I read the webpage I was overtaken by excitement, I thought this place existed only in my dreams of a passive guy; being in a room with other passives, waiting for a door to open for a group of active guys to come to fuck us sounded like a dream come true, a world of actives and passives having wild sex. Besides that, there is  the fact that passives are hooded, I thought gives a bit of soft domination, a situation in which a top is in control. All of this done under the safe environment of a supervised fair.
During the following 6 weeks,¬† I was in contact state of excitement…I tried to investigate as much as possible,¬†going to different forums trying to contact people who had been there before. It is strange that even people in Berlin did no know about this, however a few of the people I contacted had heard of it. Finally I got lucky, made contact with another Spanish guy who attends this event regularly, and was kind enough to offer me all¬†sort of tips and advice, what was really¬† nice was to be¬† in touch¬†with someone whose fantasy had become true, fantasies which we shared, no doubt.
All the logistics of the trip were sorted out, booking flights, transfers, hotel, etc. Arrived in Berlin on the Friday, and tried to distract myself, however I could not, that night I could hardly sleep. The following day was very long for me waiting for the time to arrive at the Kit-kat. Finally made it, I was there one hour before the doors open for mares, but  I was the second in the queue, met the Spanish guy who was really nice to me during the evening, showing me the venue, explaining what happens etc.
The door opened at 5.30, paid the ticket, a very reasonable 10 euros charge, was given the briefing, and was handed a white hood and a plastic bag to place my things,¬†I ¬†was mare number 25, this number is printed on a strap placed in your wrist and also marked on my chest and back, I went upstairs to he bar area where I had to fill in a form, and a picture¬† of me was taken from behind. The Spanish guy reserved a place at the fucktable for me, we started chatting , and one hour went really fast. At 6.30 pm we were blindfolded by the helper and 9 mares took our positions leaning against the big table..I was shaking with excitement… at 7 pm the music changed and heard the song “Buck Ditch”, which more or less tells you what is going to happen later. At 7 pm the stallions started walking around the rooms touching and checking the mares at 7.10 I¬†felt a finger touching my hole, I moved it inviting, then it was withdrawn,¬†which made me panic, but then I felt a cock finding it’s way up my hole, it was great, my very fist fuck at the Fickstutenmarkt, the evening continued in much the same way, guys coming and going guys who fucked me hard most of the time. Then another guy came who was very gentle at first but then became quite hard, we kissed for long time, fucked for over 30 minutes, finally he gave me his email address and said he would be back later, he did,¬†a few minutes later he returned and ¬†took me to the sling outside the room, there we must have spent more than one hour,¬†I took leave of my senses, I was screaming, groaning, he and his mate fucked me deep and hard..I noticed that there was a group of people watching, but the level of excitement was such that I seem to have lost consciousness I became a hole that was¬†being fucked every time harder and deeper, as the sling swung higher¬†and higher.

I have not described fully the sensation I had when I entered the club, for so many hours during the past few weeks I had tried to imagine it, helped by the many descriptions I had read, from the different forums, I knew that the venue had a door stright from the underground station, that there were 3 floors; the basement where the mares rest, and leave their clothes, the groundflloor, where there was the bar and the fucktable, the many sofas and slings where many mares get fucked, then an attic a bit darker, with another fucktable and benches/sofas, tried to take it all in
I went downstaris with my plasticibag and whilst getting changed I was trembling with ansiety, expectation I can not describe it, felt even a bit dizzy, dropped my stuff a few times on the floor etc. In the end, I took a deep breath and ¬†forced myself to calm down a bit, other mares were also getting changed, all of them very quiet, I wonder whether they were going trough the same process. ¬†I handed over my bag¬† at the cloackroom, where they read my number from my strap, and¬†marked me with the same number, with a marker, the number 25 on my chest, back and arm…now I was fully a mare, a mare at the FSM…who was getting ready to be covered that day, that is the was they¬†saw me surely, and I felt¬†good about that, my dream was starting to take shape.

I went upstairs, and did a little tour…The rest of the mares were a mixture of people, some young, some middle age some with very nice bodies even, I realised that my fears had been unfunded, I have a nice body, I am not a pretty boy nor a young one, but¬†i realised that my main asset was my defined shape, thanks to so many hours spent at the pool training; two hours a day of swimming leave a mark.¬†I quickly concluded that ¬†If the mares I saw represented the average market then I surely had a chance of being fucked at least a couple of times that evening..looked at the clock 64 minutes for the big moment.

I got fucked many times at the fucktable that night, but as explained lost count, I went in a kind of ecstasy trance, I was feeling very relaxed, happy, excited. I felt chosen each time a stallion fucked me, some of them did not stay with me for long time, but did not take that personally, remember what soxster said in his blog, not all cocks are for all holes, however, some guys did stay sometimes for 20 or 30 minutes. The whole table was screaming, groaning etc, and¬†I was not less, at first I must admit,¬†I was imitating, a few minutes later, I was just letting myself go, if I screamed loud I was being myself. ¬†I think that being blindfolded adds to the mares fantasy more that the Stallion’s I am not sure. Later my friend, the Stallion from Madrid would tell me that when he went in the venue, he was shocked, he had never seen so many asses offering themselves, got an instant erection, but as the evening went on he felt that it was too much hehehe, could not fuck all the mare, although he tried, but he said that is great for them too to fuck whoever they like.

My main fear about going to Fickstutenmarkt was the soul destruction that must entail  to leave without being fucked, because it means not to be chosen, a little bit of me was prepared to face that too, just in case, but did not want to have to face such a situation,  and was glad, very glad that things did not go that way. I was fucked most of the evening, and was taken from the table to spend nearly one hour at the sling being fucked hard by two German guys who shared me..I totally took leave of my senses, and honestly do not remember much about the details, so can not write an true account, I remember swinging on the sling screaming with pleasure being fucked very deep, I must have gone into a deep trance, gave up control, which for me is very unusual.
So are you normally always in control?

What happened when you went back to the hotel? Could you sleep? Did you lie away thinking about? Sleep a satisfied deep sleep? Will you be going to the Grand Prix?

Maybe I should define myself as a control freak, I try to control as many aspects of my life as I can, however in sex I enjoy being under control (within limits) and dominated by a top guy, even if this only entails my own feelings, ie, being on my knees in front of a guy who stand in front of me legs apart, always gives me a sense of security submission, that satisfies me deeply, specially if invited to touch his package, suck his cock etc.
I left the Fickstutenmarkt at about 11 pm, knowing that I had experienced very deep feelings, emotions, sensations, etc…that if I stayed longer I risked descending from the top of the mountain¬†I was,¬†I got changed slowly and met my friend who guided me to the door. He wanted to return to the hotel straight away, but I wanted to have a coffee, found a cafeteria which did not look too rough..(the area of Kit-kat is not the best of Berlin)..and rest,¬†we chatted for about one hour exchanging views opinions etc. I was lucky to have been with a top who could see.
Got a taxi to the hotel, I spent a long time in the shower…what else did we do that evening?…i do not remember, maybe in a few days I will, right now I do not.
I did not come down from the clouds for a few days, such was the intensity of the experience lived, in fact I do not think I have descended completely et now…I was definitely marked very deeply¬†by this experience, did not think a fantasy like this could become true, in such an intense manner
Yes I intend to return to Berlin for every Fickstutenmarkt except August…are you¬†planning to go to¬†the Grand Prix?

I’m so glad that my site encouraged you to go. ūüôā I look forward to fucking you at a future horsefair. Not sure when I’ll be there next

My top friend says he understands that the Fickstutenmarkt is such a deep experience for a passive guy because it is thought, he believes, to satisfy the fantasies of a passive guy…funny because I though it could be a top’s fantasy…what do you think?¬† Your site gave a lot of the information I wanted to have, and as you can tell took on board most of the recommendations, but my mind was already made up…I was going to Fickstutenmarkt

Well it’s my top fantasy. ūüėČ I loved it.