I have a lot of guys contact me who are beginners and want to know what a beginner session would involve.  I generally take some time to work out what sort of session they are after. Regular sex? Kinky sex? Playing with toys? Giving up control? How much experience do they have?

Beginners often make two mistakes:
– They want to try everything in their first session
– They want to start with really hardcore stuff

My advice is always to start slow. You can always get more hardcore at subsequent sessions. There isn’t any rush – enjoy each new experience and savour it. You can only try things for the first time once!  🙂

The first choice is whether to be blindfolded on arrival. Some boys love to be blindfolded and only meet me afterwards. Other wants to meet and have a drink first. Either approach is fine. It depends on how excitement the boy is prepared to accept. I respect both choices.

In most sessions, I’ll blindfold beginners during the session. I don’t use a hood or anything else that obscures their face – I want to be able to monitor their reaction to a range of things to make sure that they are having a good time. I generally strip them extremely slowly – lots of skin contact. Running my hands up inside their shirts before I remove them, caressing their bare chests or running my hands up and down their spine. I love to tease boys by putting a single finger into the waistband of their underwear and running it around their stomach. It’s fun to slowly take off their pants with your hands caressing and feeling their legs as they do.

One of my techniques is never to touch the cock of the boy. I’ll caress and play with their balls, squeeze their ass cheeks, suck on their nipples but not touch their cock. I like it when a boy starts to pre-cum before I’ve even touched his cock.

It’s fun to teach boys how to suck cock properly – because most boys suck at sucking cock. I’ll start with them being able to use their hands, and then clip their hands behind their back and teach them to suck their cock with just their mouths.

For beginners, I’ll then generally do skin games – tease them with an icecube in summer, a feather or paintbrush in winter. Sounds innocuous, but when you have been blindfolded and tied up helpless for the first time, it is a pretty mind blowing experience.

If a boy has expressed an interest in a particular fetish, I will do it, but to a lower level. For example, if a boy wants to try being mummified, and is a beginner then I’ll wrap them from the neck down. If they want to try CBT then I’ll keep it milder than normal.

Then it is generally into the sling, where I will open up the boy’s ass. If he relaxes and loosens up then I’ll consider fucking him – but if not I’ll work over his ass with toys until he blows.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But that actually takes around three hours, and is a long, sensual, drawn out process. Of course, if they want to get rougher and kinkier at subsequent sessions when there is a greater level of trust – bring it on.