My posts on Fickstutenmarkt have been getting quite a bit of attention. I thought you might like the following email exchange:

Hello,I found your blog through the official website of the horse market in Berlin. Thanks for providing such a detailed information on the party and both experiences: as a mare and a stallion.

Thanks to your blog I have just decided to go to Berlin to the next party. The flight is booked and the hotel paid for; now the excitement stars, I shake just to imagine the party.

I know you have provided a lot of info on this issue but I wanted to know your opinion about the use of condoms: I am HIV negative and I have never attended a part like this nor done anything risky and I somehow I feel like I put my well being on risk by attending this party. Should I trust the stable masters? Is there I way I can ensure that condoms are being used? Do you think this is a party that a beginner should avoid?

Thanks for all the info and help!


Hi Eric

Thanks for your email.

Everything in life carries some risk but from what I observed the party was low risk for the mares. It is really well organized and clearly they care about safe sex. If it wasn’t a safe sex party I wouldn’t have gone or stayed.

Obviously you’ll be wearing a white hood showing you are into safe sex. The mares with the red hoods (bareback) will obviously attract the stallions who want to fuck raw and so that probably reduces the risk that someone will do something stupid to you (eg. Why fuck you raw when there are other boys begging for it?).

The stable hands do take an active role in checking to make sure condoms are on and used. Because I have a large cock the condom often doesn’t roll right down to the base and so I often had the stable hands shine their torches at the ass of the boy I was fucking – which is the sign for me to pull out and show them that the condom is in place.

However, ultimately it is your responsibility. No one is going to object if you feel down to make sure that the cock in your ass has been wrapped. Make sure you feel the condom is in place. Besides, most bottom guys like feeling a cock side into their ass.

The other point to consider is that you are there to be fucked by a lot of guys. The tops are there because they want to fuck a lot of guys. They can’t blow a load in every guy or even in most guys. So the chances of a stallion blowing inside you is really small – they will want to keep fucking. So that just leaves precum to worry about.

Act appropriately and you’ll be fine.

There are risks but it’s one hell of a reward. Wiggle your ass and moan and you’ll have more than ten feet of cock in you during the night.

So tell me more about you – are you going to write a review of the party for me? Always interested in the experience of bottom boys.

Thank you for your very quick reply. I also emailed the organizers of the event and they confirm than my hands will be untied before being mounted, that makes things easier. These parties and any other encounters carry a risk, you’re right about the fact that the stallions are not there to breed people but to fuck as many as they can. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind: What was the ratio stallion/mare in the party? What kind of mares you were attracted to? What was your strategy to get the best ones?

You having a very big cock sounds interesting, where you selected mare of the party? I’m a 35 year old man from France with a wild side, I love getting fucked for a long time and I’m good at it but I’ve never done it with more than 2 people so this party blows my mind, I’m nervous already and I want to see everything that happens in the party, I will buy the DVD that is out there. I’ll be glad to share my experience with you for your website, even if it’s a negative one, which I hope is not.

Do you plan to come back here for the party anytime?


At the party I was at I’m pretty sure there were slightly more stallions than mares. I was attracted to mares who were vocal and gave a good reaction when being fucked. A stallion likes to know he is getting a reaction – nothing worse than a mare who just lays there and does nothing.

I didn’t have a strategy to get the best ones. If a mare I liked was being fucked I just came back later and fucked them then. Often it was the reaction of a mare being fucked that attracted me to them and led me to make a mental note to plough them later.

I wasn’t selected stallion of the month.

Love to hear of your experience and yes I want to come back again. Maybe in October for Hustlerball and the special party.

If you don’t mind I’ll post an edited version of your questions and my answers to – I’ll change your name.

Have an amazing time. If you need a break in the party, raise your hand and a stable helper will give you a rest in the mares rest area.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you again for such an quick response. I’m not very verbal but I’ll do my best to let myself go and moan as much as I always wanted hoping it comes out natural. Did you also prefer those mares who were pushing back and fucking themselves? I just watched a part of the video available and I saw some fist fucking happening, I wonder how a stallion get to know what the mare is into, maybe the Stable masters position the mares in different places according to their kinks?

The more I read the calmer I am about safety, I’m sure It will be a nice thrill if I really can control a bit the use of condoms. My second big fear is not to be able to endure, I’m good at getting fucked for a long time, let’s say 20-30 mins but then I need to cum and take a break, 5 mins are usually enough. Were there many mares cuming, leaving and then coming back? How was that seen by the stallions?

I look forward to share my experience with you for your website, feel free to share this also, you can use my name as long as the email is not included. Thanks and I hope we can eventually meet in one of these parties in the future.


I’m pretty sure that the guys who fisted eachother knew eachother. In one case I saw a guy being fisted and it looked like one of the stallions was either his boyfriend or fuck buddy and he was encouraging the other stallions to fist his mate.

I preferred mares who made some noise and who reacted to being fucked. Mates who helped me by spreading their legs and urging me to fuck faster. Anything other than just lying there.

Almost no one cums – stallions want to keep fucking and mares want to keep going too. Don’t blow your load – keep your hands away from your cock.

Stallions didn’t mind when mares went and rested – there are plenty of other mares to fuck. 😉

Hi Andrew,I have tried to contact other participants of these parties through their official websites but I’ve not succeeded; I have become obsessed about the party. I found myself on all four, wearing a jockstrap at the local sauna yesterday, I put some condoms on my back and waited for someone, sadly no one did, which I don’t take personal as it was such a bad day for that. I was hoping I’d test myself and use it as training.

I understand you are attracted to those mares who are active and verbal but before even touching them, what kind of mare got your attention? Did you go for the ones with round asses? Hairless holes? What kind of guys you are normally into?

Are the organizers of the party aware of the help you provide to potential attendees through your website? I’m sure they’d feature your forum thread if they knew.


If you are going to become obsessed with a party than fickstutenmarkt is a good one to be obsessed with. 😉

I’m into a wide range of guys. I really love variety. Generally prefer guys with hairless holes. I generally prefer younger guys – but that’s not what fickstutenmarkt is about. For me personally, it was about the variety. As I mentioned in a previous post, it was great to see how not every ass matched my cock – and it wasn’t always the mares you expected who were awesome fucks. I think you’ll enjoy finding how some cocks just fit perfectly and contrasting that with those that don’t.

Not sure if the organizers of fickstutenmarkt are aware of my posts – but I’d like to be independent. After all, if someone has a bad experience I’ll post that as well.

Oh and which party are you going to?

I’d love you to email me just before the party with your final thoughts (hopes and fears) and again when you leave the party. 🙂
The reality will be different to what’s in your head but I want to see what you thought.

I’ll be there in August. I’ll gladly write to you and share my thoughts, count on it!!!


Well Eric – I hope you have a great time – and we are looking forward to a full report!  🙂