I was recently asked by a guy how he should clean his ass prior to a session to make sure he was clean.  I’m probably the worst person to ask about this sort of thing – because I’m a Dom Top who doesn’t like getting fucked. Nonetheless, I’ve learnt a few things over the years.

The first rule is that you can’t rush. Take your time going to the bathroom. Take something to read. Get as much out of you as possible. For many guys with a healthy diet and the right internal layout, this is sometimes all that is required.

But for many guys – they want to be sure. And that’s when we get into douching.

Spraying water up your butt can get any lingering things out of there. But you need to be careful – it can be counter productive for beginners. If you haven’t douched before, just before you fuck isn’t the time to experiment with it. You’ll need to try it a few times. See what works for you. Everyone is different.

Many boys find that their asses are very dependent on their mood. Sometimes their butts are cooperative, sometimes not. There are so many factors at play it is hard to give advice that works for everyone.

However, if you are a beginner to anal sex look at douching as a way to get to know your ass. Enjoy the sensation of sliding that tube up inside you. Find out how much liquid you can take and how it feels. Find out how long you can keep it in for. Everyone is different. You’ll find out many flushes it will take and what technique works for you.

There are a number of different ways to inject water into your ass. Hoses with rubber sleeves that go over the tap. Bags that clip onto your shower and gravity feed the water into your ass. Steel hoses that plug into your shower fittings. Rubber bulbs with short hoses attached. There are lots of different ways and you can find the one that works for you.

If you are a young guy who lives at home with your parents and don’t want to risk your parents finding it then you can improvise. Of course most teenage boys (gay and straight) have experimented with putting stuff up their ass. A soft drink bottle with no rough edges. Removing the end from a shower hose. Never anything glass, breakable or sharp. I’m sure you’ll find something. Obviously, basic hygiene dictates that you don’t share douches unless they’ve been sterilised.

I have twin douches installed in my shower – so I’m fully prepared for three-ways. I also have a range of attachments – check out the bumpy one above. It’s actually really useful so the boy can easily work out how deep it is, count the bumps!

It is important to relax and remember it can take a while for all the water to be expelled.  I’ve had a few boys where after some anal play I’ve found a few pockets of water in their ass left over from their douche. In that circumstance it would have been probably better not to douche at all. If they had allowed more time, it would have found it’s way out before the session. If you are a beginner – don’t douche just before you run out the door.

Make sure the water is not too hot and not too cold. Leave it in and expel it and try again. Keep doing it until the water is clear. Then leave it for a while – and consider doing it again if it feels like there is still anything there.

If you aren’t used to it then it may make your ass more sensitive – exactly what you want to avoid if you are a beginner who is trying to get fucked.

I’m sure lots of guys have their own tips – and I’d like people to share them via comments.

However, the one thing to remember is that even if you do everything right there will be circumstances where things don’t go as planned and, as they say in the classics, ‘shit happens’.

The most important thing in this circumstance is to simply get past it as quickly as possible. The conversation should be as simple as:

Bottom: Damn, sorry about that.
Top: No problems – it happens
Bottom: I’ll just pop to the bathroom, give me a minute
Top: Take your time, I’ll be waiting

In this exchange above there is an apology from the bottom, reassurance from the top that they understand what happened (and that they’re not freaked out), a course of action is proposed and then accepted. That’s a really good format to follow if shit happens to you.

Don’t make a big deal of it. Don’t be a drama queen. Don’t freak out. You’ve been pooping for years and your ass wasn’t to know that you were using it in a different manner to how you’ve normally used it. It isn’t anyone’s fault. It’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal – so just chill.

Now, if your top freaks out, slap him and remind him that stuff like this happens. Then go and find a more experienced top.  😉

For some guys, if things get messy they might not feel like continuing with anal – and that’s totally fine. In that case you need to suggest a new course of action so everyone knows what the plan is. Don’t vacillate – be decisive. Options include:

– How about I go jump in the shower to clean up and you join me in there in a couple of minutes for some fun?
– I’m going to clean up – how about I meet you in the living room in five minutes so we can stroke each other while watching the new Johnny Rapid gang bang film
– After I take care of this, how about you blow a load all over my face?
– How about after I clean up, I’ll fuck the shit out of you?

Being mature and having the confidence to manage what happens when ‘shit happens’ is just as important as making sure it doesn’t happen in the first place – because nothing is fool proof. If you have an active sex life involving anal sex sooner or later it will happen.

But as I said at the start – I’m not really an expert on cleaning out ass. Do any readers have any suggestions?