I’m often surprised by the inability of people to plan sex in advance. All too often I have boys cancel plans at the last minute or fail to show up.  I find this lack of respect annoying – and I’ve learned that boys who can’t learn how to use diaries generally make lousy playmates.

It shows a particularly bizzare set of priorities that you are willing to plan who to have a drink with but aren’t going to show respect to a guy who will be putting his thick cock inside you.

I know that for a number of guys, sex depends on being horny. They are either in the mood or not. They make a time when they are feeling frisky and then loose interest later.  I totally understand that. If things change or you really aren’t in the mood, and it happens to everyone, then call and apologize and ask if you can reschedule to another time.

I was recently interested in playing with a hot boy who lives outside of Melbourne.

We had arranged a session:

Yeah I have to get my sister from the Lady Gaga concert at like 10.30 so yeah could come before
So six thirty until ten thirty on Friday?
Why not I don’t want to be to exhausted have to drive home 
You’ll be fine to drive after a three hour session. Six thirty then?
I will be there 
Might have to have a redbull before hand. After a big week
You won’t fall asleep 😉
That would be awkward
Massive toy in my arse and I feel asleep
Haha I am excited now
My arse will be tight get the amyl out
No problem 😉 
You can decide tomorrow how brave you are – and if you want to be blindfolded on arrival or not
Okay cool 
You really are a good top
Fuck I can’t wait 
Yep 😉  it is about both of us having a good time – it only works if there is a connection
Yeah hope we have a connection then
I think we will – here is the key – stay vocal. Let me know what you are feeling. Moan and groan.
Okay will do
The more you let me know what you are feeling (and not just pleasure / pain but whether you are comfortable or nervous or excited or scared)
Okay I’ll try. 

On the day we were supposed to play – I got the following messages
So turns out Gaga is tomorrow night not tonight so sorry I fucked up
I’m free tomorrow night 😉
I can be home tomorrow from five thirty

A forgivable mistake, and then this on the day.

So what’s the plan?
No plan I can’t make it tonight as have a friend birthday dinner then driving down
Not impressed that you didn’t let me know sooner
Tell you the truth I only found out about an hour ago
I’m extremely annoyed – I had rearranged my evening tonight to accommodate this. 

I wasn’t impressed at all. You’ll see that he didn’t contact me first to let me know something had come up. I had rearranged my diary to play with him. I was extremely unimpressed and basically told him to go fuck himself as I don’t screw inconsiderate boys. I also asked him not to contact me again.

There are a couple of things about his final messages that really annoyed me. First, there is no attempt to apologise for messing me around. There is no attempt to reschedule. He didn’t offer to call me later to apologise over the phone. I know there are some people who want to play with inconsiderate little boys – but I’m not one of them.

A friend of mine, who is a soxster boy, one said wisely that “Punctuality is Sexy”.  I totally agree with that. I have pretty strong ideas associated with chivalry. Treating people with respect is so important. If you want to be a regular playmate of mine – have manners or don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.