Paintbrushes are inexpensive and a lot of fun. They work better when a boy is blindfolded and work best when he is also restrained. Paintbrushes are all about creating sensations – and for something so simple they can create a wide range of them.

On a hot forty degree day (that’s 102 in the old scale), then it can be very sensual to blindfold a boy, tie him up and slowly paint him with water. The water slowly drying on his skin and then being reapplied can feel amazing. Play around with water temperature. Painting on iced water, cool water, warm water and hot water all create different sensations. The cold water warms up slowly. The hot water cools – a fan can add to the effect.

If the boy is blindfolded then he might guess it is a paintbrush but can’t be sure. It helps turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

While painting his torso, legs, arms and legs is incredibly sensual, the real fun comes when you start to play with his cock, balls and ass.

A paintbrush caressing his balls, teasing the underside of his cock head or running up and down his ass crack can amazing.

If the boy is pre-cumming hard then it is fun to get a small paint brush and tease his piss hole with it, and brush the precum over his cock head. It’s particularly fun to run it around the base of the head and paint under the ridge. Do it right and there is every chance he will precum even more!

Running a paint brush down a boy’s ass can get great results. If you use a wide brush and run it down lined up with his crack you can get a lot of stimulation with each stroke.If you are a beginner and you aren’t quite comfortable with rimming someone then this is a great way to give them a similar sensation.

When running a brush up and down their ass you can get different sensations depending on whether the brush is wet or dry and if you are using lube. It is a lot of fun to apply lube with a paint brush. Make him spread his ass cheeks while you paint his hole and watch him moan.

So don’t be cheap – run down to your local hardware store and get a pack of cheap paint brushes in various sizes and have fun!   🙂