Well it seems that the information I have been posting about Fickstutenmarkt in Berlin has been of interest to many boys – mainly mares!  I’ve discussed this amazing sex party previously – but I’ve just had another review submitted. This was actually the second time this American mare had been to Fickstutenmarkt. His first time was when Berlin Star was filming the party for the second time. The first film of Fickstutenmarkt was so good (one of my favorites) that another porn company decided to film it again earlier this year and it was that party that this mare attended. As I’m writing this, the second film by Wurst Film will be released later this year (really looking forward to it). So this mare had participated in the second filmed party, but hadn’t done a ‘real’ party…until this one!

Hey man, just read Paco’s description of FSM on June 16th. I was there also on that date!
I loved being a mare and arching my back up anticipating another cock. I could not stay for the whole event as I was in town with friends. The only word I can use to describe it, is INTENSE. I don’t think its for everyone. While the fantasy was that amazing tops were fucking you, I did sneak a peak at one stage to look around and it looked sketchy. Anyway, here’s my review, which I wrote on the plane coming home!! :)PS: this was my 2nd FSM, but really my first. I flew over to be in the movie on March 17th. It hasn’t come out yet, but I am dying to see it.

FSM – June 16th
The area is small and sweaty and erotic. Pounding aggressive techno. I arrived around 610pm already full of fellow mares. I got undressed quickly and found a position. I love doggie and the bed area is too high so I found a mattress area with seats to lean on. 7pm finally arrived and I was already hard, precumming and huffing poppers. Immediately I was entered. Some guy must have come straight from the stallion area, saw my gaping hairy hole and just stuck it in. “fuck yeah!”. I like to be verbal when getting fucked.

Next guy up was a Italian guy (I think) and he pounded me with his huge cock – he was really enjoying himself (me too). After 20 mins he shouted in my ear. “Tornerò”.
Next up a hung German. He pounded me and pounded me, pulling my cheeks apart, me arching my back as much as possible pushing my gaping hole open in his direction, his huge dick going fully deep in, filling me. He spent the most time with me and fucked me multiple times.
He asked if I needed a break. Ya!
Eventually he was sitting and i was still in the doggy position between his legs sucking him.
A hot American from san Diego (Mark, I think), came over and start feeling my hole and hairy legs; Soon he was fucking me as I was sucking the German. Mark really liked my hairy ass and pounded it good. He was working my ass-cheeks as he fucked my hole. I could tell he really liked seeing his cock going in and out of my hairy ass, crack, and hole. I really enjoyed his cock too.
Next up, another guy, plowed me and shot his load (in his condom)
At this stage, I am completely wet with sweat, the numbers on my chest and back blurred and almost washed away.
Next up this absolutely gorgeous dark, hung, very muscular, tattooed guy. A god. He wanted me to suck him. No problem. Huffed some poppers and chowed down on his cock.
My hole was now a round gaping sinkhole ready for plowing.
Someone start rubbing my legs, inserting a thumb in my hole, and then slipped on a condom and start pounding me rough, as I like it. He pulled out and another guy started fucking me immediately. The poppers making me high and wrecked.
I could only stay for 1.5hrs as I was meeting friends later. Would have loved to stay for another hour or 2 but had to go. Next time! maybe Hamburg or Amsterdam 😉
All in all, very hot but very intense and I wasn’t even in the main ‘bed’ area. Everyone who fucked me and I think it was 7, had really big dicks.
So hot offering up my hole to everyone who walked by, like a total slut….