Two really useful things to have on hand are drop sheets, that are often used for painting or home renovations, and shower curtains. Both are examples of cheap things you can buy that can really improve your sex life.

They can be used to keep things clean, and if you are doing anything with candles and wax they are a really good idea. Also for anything involving oil based lubes. If you get cheap drop sheets you can just throw them away which makes clean up a lot easier.  Because they feel so industrial, they are perfect to set a mood. If a bottom boy is being fucked on a plastic drop sheet it does make them feel quite different to being ploughed on my thousand thread count egyptian cotton sheets. The big drop sheets can be used like sheets on a bed (tucked in like a sheet) or spread out on the floor, or over anything else you are playing on.

However, in addition to keeping things clean they can also can be used for play in other ways. They a great way to get things started with mummification play. You can wrap them in a drop sheet (making sure they can breathe of course) and then apply cling wrap or tape over the top. It just makes things a little faster and gives a different sensation.

If you are ever going to use flame around plastic (eg. a candle) then you need to be REALLY careful. You don’t want accidentally set fire to someone wrapped in plastic – the results are too horrific to contemplate.

My personal preference is actually IKEA shower curtains. They are relatively inexpensive, but have a rubber feel that is just perfect. Great for wrapping up boys or protecting your bed or floor. They also are easier to fuck on than regular plastic.

Getting wax out of hair can be a time consuming task. When playing with hairy boys or when I don’t feel like a long and involved clean up process, it can be fun to cut a very small hole in the shower curtain and push the boy’s cock and balls through the hole. Keeping the hole small and tight will help keep him hard, as well as stopping wax from dripping down into his hair.

The rubber of the shower curtains is slightly elastic so that works really well.

The result of this is that the boy feels that his cock and balls are actually more exposed than if he was fully naked. He gets all warm and cozy under the rubber sheet (which does warm up nicely and is very pleasant to the touch) while his exposed cock and balls are played with, slapped, crushed, covered in wax, sounded, licked, nibbled, stretched or fondled.

Drop sheets from your hardware store and rubber shower curtains from IKEA – two valuable additions to any kinkster’s collection.

To prove this point – check out the pics below of Kristian being tormented in wax. The red IKEA shower curtain looks great – and feels great (well, it would have, if he wasn’t wrapped in cling wrap from the neck down.  This way I was able to take off the red rubber curtain after I had finished with the way and play with him in other ways without stopping to clean up.  Also worth noting is that when you use a lot of wax you can generally peel it off in one piece (assuming no hair). I enjoyed this session – as you can tell from Kristian’s face.