The chain has a long history in human restraint.  A heavy length of shiny stainless steel chain is unmistakably modern yet somehow linked to the slaves of ancient Rome, the prisoners of medieval times and the convicts of the eighteen century.

When buying chain from your local hardware store close your eyes and run it through your fingers. It should be clean and smooth and not have any sharp edges or rough patches. It is worth paying a decent amount of money for smooth chain with large links.

If you get chain with small links then you risk not being able to attach other things to it easy. Ideally you should be able to get a range of double ended clips and carabiners through it. There are so many more possibilities for chain with large links.

At most hardware stores you can buy chain by the metre. I suggest getting five or six short chains – in about one metre lengths. Make sure that every piece of chain is the same length – it makes it easier during play if you know that the chain you attach from a boy’s left ankle to his left wrist will be the same length as the other piece of chain you are attaching to from his right wrist to his right ankle.

I know that one metre might not sound like much chain, but it is almost always enough. If you need a longer piece then simply join two other pieces with a double ended clip or carabiner.

It is important to remember that you can’t cut chain in an emergency, like you can rope or plastic. Make sure you won’t have to – only use it in places where it doesn’t pose a safety hazard. You can also use ‘panic snaps’ that can be used to separate two piece of chain quickly – even if there is pressure on the chain. Beginners get into problems when they try to separate chains that are tensioned. If you have a boy hanging from his wrists you won’t be able to unclip chains without removing the tension first. With ‘panic snaps’ the chain can be parted in seconds.

Chain can be very erotic – run is over the body of the boy as you restrain him. I’m very fond of ‘accidentally’ running chain across a boy’s chest, legs, arms and stomach as I attach them to his ankle and wrist cuffs. Running a piece of chain along an ass crack can be erotic – and like all metal toys, the chain will absorb body heat.

Chain is actually one of the more expensive items sold at hardware shops – but it will last a very long time!  🙂  Have fun with it and be creative. The sound of chains is a potent one for a blindfolded boy.