I posted about the subject of enemas in the ‘shit happens’ entry.  I had the following submission from a reader about their early experiences:

After reading “shit happens” it took me back to my first sexual experience. Well, the first outside of wanking. I remember my first time douching – mind you back then I would not have called it that.  
When I was younger, we lived in a house with an older pool that had plastic pool snakes on the base of the pool, that moved around to keep the pool clean it.  Each snake was only as thick as a thumb with a round plastic nob on the end. Water gushed out of them to keep them moving around. 
I think everyone remembers the time in their life when they first find out that if you rub your dick in a certain way it feels really good . No idea what started the idea to use the pool snakes. Maybe it was running water on my foreskin that turned me on. 
Sitting on pavers next to the pool use to get too hot, so I used to use the snake to wet them down – so they were warm, but not boiling hot during summer.  With the pool snake out of the water it did not take long to find other things to do with it. 
At some point I felt would be good idea to see how much water I could fill my ass with. Or filling it and then trying to see how long could hold it there as it dripped out. Other times feeling the rush of it flowing out very quickly. I only did this for one summer, and never douched again after that year. It was not till many years later when playing with guys that even knew the word douching.