A question from a reader:

Hey Andrew, what kind of wrap do you use when you mummify a guy? Got a sub guy who wants me to do it to him 😛 And how much tape to you usually use?

Any type of cling wrap is fine – just make sure you have enough. I generally do a thin layer of tape over cling wrap – eg the strength is in the cling wrap, rather than the tape. Cling wrap is generally easier to work with than tape. Obviously never do tape onto bare skin – it can leave marks.

I don’t generally have a preference for wrap – any type of cling film should be ok. I find that shorter rolls generally work better than longer rolls. They are just easier to control.

The main risk from mummification is him falling over – have him on his knees and make sure that there are no tables or chairs near him that he could fall on. Do it on a softer surface. And never wrap a sub who is standing unless a second master is there to assist  or you have him tied up in such a way that he can’t fall over.

Have fun!

In this session the boy had cling wrap from the neck down, with a layer of black duct tape, with yellow tape highlights.  Full leather hood with breathing holes only.