Eric has sent me the details of his adventure at Fictstutenmarkt. It really is a great party and I wish I was there fucking him – along with the other mares.   🙂

Hi Andrew

This might be way too long and it’s not edited, I put this together as quickly as I could but then my english is not perfect and the style could be improved but it will give you an idea of what happened

I first learned about the Fickstutenmarkt some weeks ago when my friends offered the FSM DVD to me as a joke birthday present. I am known as the shy guy among my friends, I am sure they thought I would be shocked and I would store that video somewhere in my attic to be forgotten forever. I ran home after dining and played the video: bottoms offering themselves to men they can’t even see, being used in an almost impersonal way. I felt the urge to know more about the video/video producers and I shook with excitement when I read that FSM was a real  party I could attend! That night I went to bed in some sort of rush/thrill after booking my plane ticket and a hotel room in Berlin… If only my friends had known!

My worst fears were in relation to safe sex and how to ensure that the party was something I’d sign up to, I am not the kind of man who does exciting or risky stuff, I tried to get as much information as I could and I was able to establish communication with people who had attended the party before as mares and as stallions, they helped a lot and encouraged me to face my fears and go for it. I used to have the shivers and my legs would shake just thinking about the day. I also had been in touch with an extremely handsome bear in Berlin for a while and we had been trying to meet up but it had never been possible; when I let him know I was visiting Berlin he apologized for he had “some party” to attend  that weekend, after exchanging some emails we realized we both were attending FSM! At that point all the excitement multiplied by ten, he said he’d look for me and let me know somehow it was him fucking me; I wanked to that idea every night after that.

I grew more and more nervous as the day was closer, I started to question if a beginner like me could perform in such party, I got so worried to the point that I decided to “train”, I would ask my fuck buddies to fuck me longer, harder and more regularly. I was so anxious two days before the event that I started to feel sick and dizzy; I had some sort of mini flu. I thought I would need to cancel the whole trip, or at least the visit to the Kit Kat Klub.

Friday arrived and I went to the office, just a regular busy day at work and I didn’t think about the party the whole day; by the time I was on my way to the airport I started wondering why I didn’t feel the same level of excitement and nervousness as before, maybe it was just my natural defense against stress or I realized that the fact that I was going to Berlin didn’t mean that I had to attend the party.

It’s saturday today, I have been to Berlin before so I decided not to explore the city but rather stay in the hotel and relax; I devoted two hours of my time to slowly clean my ass and hydrate, I skip lunch as I had a very late breakfast, I put my leather boots on, long socks, a pair of jeans and I decided to start moving towards the club. As I am walking there I realize I’m on “auto mode”, no thoughts or emotions about the party, I am still hating that lack of excitement. By the time I arrive to the place there is already a line of people waiting and it’s only 5:00pm, I decide to stay near a bus stop and observe from the distance, I thought the mares would be those kinds of people who are into leather, rough, dirty and a bit creepy; instead there is a collection of nice men there: cute young boys, gym rats, bears, a pair of regular guys and a very handsome bearded blonde man who doesn’t look around and keeps his eyes down to his mobile, I think he is playing a video-game. I decide to join the queue, everybody ignores everybody, tension is in the air, two or three men walk around, some other stare at us from the bus station just as I did before. I can’t keep my eyes off that bearded guy, I can see his wonderful round ass through his shorts; people keep arriving, a cute mature man who looks very nervous tries to use a cap to hide his face as he lines up, then another guy arrives wearing short that let his strong hairy legs uncovered. I am seriously considering stepping out of the line, wait until 6:30 and participate as a stallion but one second later the doors open and the line starts moving fast, it is already late to change my mind.

I walk in, and listen to the short briefing given to a guy in french, then another guy who only speaks English by the time it is my turn I already got the point, I’m asked if I read the rules of the FSM and If I agree to get fucked by the stallions, I pay the 10EUR and cross the second door with an erection in my pants; once inside the place I can notice the sexual smell in the air, the place looks like an old factory, quite industrial, dark and loud. I am asked if I want to play safe of BB but I barely pay attention, I’m dazzled by the sexiness of that Stable helper, I reach for a white hood and I go downstairs to the area where all the mares are. Where do I get a plastic bag? I go back to the entrance to get one. Where do I deposit it? Am I supposed to keep my watch? I must be nervous because I find myself naked and I don’t remember how I did it. Did I keep my watch or not? Did I put everything inside the bag? Where are the poppers? Where is my wallet? I decide to take it easy, go back to an area where I can sit down and check everything is fine slowly. I roll the poppers in my socks, take a deep breath and hand in my bag; I am marked with the number 30 on my chest, back and right arm, that small action gives me an instant erection, I’m no more me but some sort of numbered object about to be used.

I go upstairs, signed a form with my contact information, they take a picture of me from behind and my right hand is tied up with a white lace… all the preparation process is an experience itself and it is setting the mood. I decide I’ll grab a beer and walk around but the place is not big, It’s actually quite small, or maybe I just missed something by rushing to the area with the fuck table, it must be the best place to be as it is already full I sit next to an area in a corner than conveniently has some sort of table where I can leave the lube, condoms and paper so I decide to stay. The place gets more crowded; a Latino guy who seems to be high starts talking to another guy in Spanish and then to the guy next to me, who happens to be from Poland, in front of me and on the fuck table there are two handsome men, specially that number 24, a sexy guy with a beefy ass, people just talk naturally, they all seems to be relaxed and used to it… I remain silent and can’t help notice how many cute butts are in that place, number 48 wows me, a muscular guy with the number 56 passes by, I really start wishing I was a stallion right now. Time flies, it doesn’t take long since the Stable masters start covering the mares heads with the cloth hoods, I count 15 mares in that area, I can see number 24’s round and sexy ass as he is bent over and blindfolded, I am the last one to be fixed by another cute Stable master who winks at me and gives me a piece of advice “Keep smiling, please”, he says something in German and touches my balls and cock in a friendly way. Now the stallions must be getting ready, I’m standing wondering how I will know when it is about to start, what to do if I need a break, I am sure no one gave me that info and I was too absent minded to ask for it. Thirty minutes pass and then a heavy and loud techno track starts playing, this is how you know when it starts! I bend over, I’m shaking heavily, my legs can barely stand my weight, I’m sure I’m already sweating, it’s like all those nervous and feelings I kept just came out all together and they give me an overwhelming rush; when will this shaking stop?

Within seconds some mares start to moan and shout, some stallions are already spanking some asses, it’s amazing. I am still shaking but I try to relax, I know it’s going to be a while since the first stallion mounts me, I’m at the back of a very crowded area and the stallions have to walk by very inviting and nice assess, like 24’s and my polish and Spanish neighbors. It doesn’t take long before the Polish starts to moan loudly, his stallion must have a huge cock because he seems to be enjoying it, but he is obviously in pain. Five minutes later the Spanish mare on my left is being fucked, I can’t hear him moaning but it’s obvious he is being pounded hard. After some minutes I start to believe I won’t be mounted and I’m all insecure in all fours waiting for someone, I arch my back and move my ass trying to invite someone, I feel hands touching my ass and playing a bit with it.

(1) A stallion starts playing with my ass and I moan softly, it comes out natural… almost as If I had waiting for him all my life, my legs stop shaking, I’m not nervous anymore, my only concern now is to make him wear a condom, he puts it on; I sniff poppers and I’m fucked hard, it’s cock is long and not thin, if feels great, now I’m moaning along with my fellow mares; after a while he pats my butt and leaves. This already has paid off all the efforts I did to attend the party.

I’m still on four waiting for the next stallion, I think I overdid those poppers because I’m dizzy and I suddenly remember I’ve not had lunch today. Is it too early to take a break? I have no option as another stallion makes me stand up and asks me to suck his cock, it is a normal cock and he has a nice built body, he bends me over, puts a condom on and tries to fuck me but his cock is not hard enough; I had the feeling that it was going to be a great fuck but it didn’t happen.

(2) Five seconds after he leaves another stallion comes and starts playing with my nipples, he fingers me while I do poppers again, I wanked him while he puts a condom on, what a nice cock that is… he mounts me roughly, hard and with a great rhythm. I am enjoying this so much, almost like an ectasy. I hope I can make this rough man cum; but he leaves before that happens.

Now my hood is all wet, I’m still dizzy and I need a break, the room got quiet out of the sudden, I’m sure the stallions are taking break, I can see a bit through my hood and I notice no one around me is being fucked. I’m taken to the toilet and on my way I “accidentally” touch number 24’s ass, what an incredible ass! As soon as I arrive to the toilet I take the hook out and pee, I don’t know I am not supposed to say that but I see a beefy, strong hairy stallion peeing, he seems to be shocked that I accidentally broke a rule. I put the hook on again and wait patiently, he comes back and picks me up “Do you need my help? Are you ready to be fucked again? Where do you want to go?” I asked him to take me wherever he wants hoping he would fuck me, instead he takes me “somewhere” wishes me luck and leaves, now I’m standing somewhere, I can’t lay down, I can’t bend over, I don’t know what way I’m facing but my butt is played with and I’m spanked a bit, I must be in a busy area because I feel many hands on me, but why don’t they stay and fuck me?

Another stallion comes and starts playing with my nipples, I do the same and since I’m standing up I have more freedom to touch and have a better idea of the stallion I am with; he is quite muscular, a very hard and big chest, no hair, great hard butt… I hang on to it while I deep throat him, he has a very thick cock. He moans and fucks my face for a while, then he makes me stand up and leave.

(3) A stallion covers me immediately, it only gives me time to check that he has a condom, I ask if it’s a new one and he confirms, he pounds me for a while and I start being verbal, thanking him for the good pounding, I am a quiet man, but this comes out of me and I can’t help it, I’m so loud I’m not sure people mind or are laughing, I just let myself go.

(4) I’m left there again, I really don’t know where I am and I’ve lost all sense of space and direction, I tried to touch what is around me and I notice I’m just standing next to an empty sling, I hold on to the sling and I bend over, trying to invite another stallion. A big hairy guy makes me feel his body he cuddles me, gives a massage to my shoulders, kisses my back and touches me very tenderly, it makes me shiver and moan, I think he is the daddy I saw in the toilet earlier. He is quick to get ready and fuck my ass, I don’t want him to ever stop, but eventually he does.

(5) After my second toilet break I ask a Stable master to take me to a place next to someone being fucked, the level of noise have decreased, all the moaning and shouting comes from what I think is the fuck table area; he asks me to wait for him a moment and leaves for a second; a stallion comes and takes me, he is slim and very tall, I don’t expect him to fuck me because of that, but somehow he manages to lower his pelvis and enter me from behind, it didn’t look like a big cock but it hurts, he fills me so much, his cock doesn’t go in an out so much, instead he keeps his hard rod inside and does small moves, I appreciate it that and I start getting ready be fucked harder and deeper, which comes after some minutes, he fucks me and spanks me so roughly I can just manage 4-5 minutes of it, I moved forward as a way to tell him I need some seconds, he pats my butt and leaves though.

(6) Almost immediately a guy in leather takes over, he is wearing a leather jockstrap, he is quite slim and short, he also has a curved cock, I’m not great at getting fucked by curved cocks, I’m tired of being bent over and I know he is not my type, but I signed up for this and I’m willing to be mounted by any stallion who needs my ass. He is rough, I think most of the people who go there are; his curved cock touches my prostate, his rhythm is very intense, grabs my shoulders and pushes me against his cock; that curved cock makes me have some sort of orgasm, a dry one though, never felt like this before. He must have though I came, because he pulls out and pats my butt.

(7) The stallion with the great pecs is back, he pushes me down so I suck him, I recognize his thick cock and hard ass, he uses my poppers while I deepthroat him again, he moans again while I touch his chest, just to confirm. After some minutes he grabs my hands and takes me to a sling, where I am bent over and I get his extremely thick meat, I could possibly feel every inch of his cock getting in me slowly; I am so poppered up and the feeling is almost unreal, I ask him to fuck me harder and deeper and he does, it is the best fuck of my life, that cock was made for my ass, no doubt. (8) As soon as he is out, another stallion gets inside me and I reach his cock to check that the condom is there, he does his thing for a while but at that point I’m exhausted, all sweaty and I can’t think of anything else but that big chested man with the wonderful cock, I want him to come back.

I am ready to go so I am taken to that area where the mares rest, I rarely smoke but asking for a cigarette is a great excuse to talk to a handsome mare with a bubble butt, I think he is number 48. I lost the count of the people who fingered me, spanked me, touched me, the numbers of the mares I like, the sense of the time… It’s all numbers… all I know if the number of cocks who have mounted me.

Out of the sudden I remember that my extremely handsome bear from the internet must be around looking for my ass, I don’t think he has fucked me yet. So I decide to give it another shot and ask to be taken back to the fucking area, the fuck-table is still noisy, the Stable master leaves me standing “somewhere” again and I wait there for a while, I raise my hand, I am tired and nothing happens but then I feel a pair of strong hands massaging my back, we kissed briefly and hug, I can see his cock against mine while his hands go across my back slowly. He puts a condom on and helps me get on the sling where he fucks me nicely, he starts doing it slowly, the music is still loud and aggressive, he starts fucking me at the rhythm of the music, pushing aggressively with every beat, very deep. I have been holding this for a long time and I can’t anymore, I start moving my body announcing I am about to cum, he understands it and fucks me deeper and harder till I shoot all over my belly. He helps me get on my feet and whispers in my ear “Thanks, that was a nice ride”, and it was!!! Was he number (9), I think it was number (4) fucking me for the second time.

I am taken downstairs, I notice it is 9:20, only 2:20 and it felt like like six hours. Once dressed up I am blindfolded again and taken with another mares to the bar, where I pay for the beer I drank earlier and I take a chance to sit down and have a coca cola. After some minutes I realized I’m in the middle of naked people, they are they stallions taking a break. I see two sexy men, I’m sure they are Spaniards, they both look at me and smile. Next to me there’s a cute man wearing shorts and suspenders, our eyes cross, I also see what is happening in the fucking area, I can see the stallions fucking the mares, I noticed there were way more mares than stallions that night, but this is exciting… it makes me feel like coming as a stallion next time. The bartender comes to me to inform I am not allowed to see that, I apologize and leave the party.

I leave the Kit-Kat-Klub and start walking, absent minded. It takes me about 5 minutes to realize that I don’t know which direction I’m walking so I have to use the phone to find my way. I feel like sharing the account of the night with someone but I traveled alone, for now drafting and taking notes of what happened is enough, then I go to the hotel to take a pic of my ass for soxter and take a warm shower.

Two days after the FSM and I’m still sore, my legs and butt is very sore, I still have that after-sex sensation in my asshole, a mix of pain and pleasure. I just made arrangements to go to the party on October 6th… yes, it is that good!