I’ve been emailing Eric about his adventures and I asked him if he thinks his experience at Fickstutenmarkt has changed him as a bottom, whether he met up with the guy who he was planning to meet and whether it made him a more confident fuck – this was his response:

I had never been fucked as hard as I did that night. I think the excitement made me take those cocks with no hesitation, I might be able to take cocks with a more aggressive attitude next time. I learned that giving my ass to a person I don’t necessarily fancy could be exciting too so I will open to more kinda of guys.
Sadly the guy I was expecting to meet didn’t make it to the party but he might be in the next party in October. I will be waiting for him.
The first minutes without being fucked were a confidence breaker but I don’t take it personal. Next time I will try to be fitter.
I would love to meet you in one of those parties some day

Count on it Eric – I’m looking forward to pounding you and the other mares at Fickstutenmarkt very soon.   🙂