I did a great session last week with a hot boy who really likes to play the submissive. I had a really enjoyable time working him over. The best evidence for this was that after a very full week of work, I had enough energy to work Kenan over from late Friday night until about 3am Saturday morning.  🙂

For my first session as a Soxster boy we arranged a Friday night session. I arrived outside the apartment building around 10.30pm a little anxious at what was to become of my ‘night in bondage’. Master meet me at the ground floor door to let me into the building and walked me up to his apartment. Once inside we chatted for a couple of minutes mainly about my experience/interest in ball stretching and CBT. Master confirmed the safe word and placed a leather hood over my head, from that moment onwards I was his. The hood had a small opening for the mouth and nose but rendered me blind. Master began touching my body and undressing me, pinching my nipples and pulling and slapping my cock and balls. Further restraints were applied with a collar and leather arm sleeves that covered my hands. I was briefly spanked with a leather paddle before being carried into Master’s bedroom and placed on the bed.

Master then fitted me with leather ankle straps that he used to clip my wrists to forcing me into an exposed position where he began working on my balls. The first ball torture was a series of simple stretchers he used to test me out and make me aroused (as if I wasn’t already!) Then came some more serious measures, such as wrapping my whole sack in a thin rope, pulling my balls first away from my crotch then away from each other. He left me like this for some time, occasionally grabbing and pulling at my tortured junk and hearing my quiet moans through the mask. Removing the rope was blissfully painful as Master pulled on a loose cord and unraveled the giant knot in one quick and aggressive movement.

Next up was the hogtie, a special favorite position of mine. Master fitted my balls with a large stretcher that he tied to my ankles, rolled me onto my front and secured my arms in position with additional rope. More rope was fixed to my collar to keep my head in a slightly raised and alert state. The beauty of a hogtie is usually in the length a boi is kept in it, and I believe Master kept me bound up for long enough to make myself completely uncomfortable and for him to become keen to move onto the next restraint.

This restraint was mummification, something I had only experienced once before some time ago so when I realised what he was doing I became extremely keen to behave and follow through with it. As the cling wrap was applied I started to calm myself and prepare to become totally still and paralyzed. Master asked me what my favorite colour was, which is red and I imagine he used that information to decide which tape to use as the top layer of my bounds. The whole mummification process seemed to take no more than 10 minutes and when Master was finished he showed off his handy work via a camera phone linkup with one of his future slaves.

I was then left in the quiet room completely immobilized for half an hour.

Master returned and began playing with my crotch. He cut away at the wrappings, just enough to expose my cock and balls, which he pulled out to the surface. I was then treated to a sounding experience, again something I had done in the past but not for some time. The sounds seem to travel down my cock relatively smoothly and Master tested a variety of sounds on me including one with a large ball at the start that pushed its way in pulling at my shaft all the way to the base of my cock.

The final CBT for the night was having candle wax dripped mercilessly over my exposed cock and balls while I was still completely immobilized from the mummification. I had played with wax many times in the past but was never game enough to try it on my junk, tonight my fear was being faced and I was surprised how well I was coping with the hot liquid that was being poured onto my balls. Through will power I resisted all urges to scream out.

I was then released from the tape and cling wrap and treated to providing Master with a blow job. His thick cock filled my mouth as I choked on the base of it. I was then placed in a sling, wrists restrained to the chains hanging at one end, legs placed in leather straps hanging from the other. Master then put me through a series of warm up penetrations with his fingers and a stainless steel plug. I can’t remember the first penetration from Master’s cock as I was on the sexual high of my life via a large hit of amyl. His thick cock ploughed me mercilessly, slipping out occasionally only to be pushed back in. I loved the total vulnerable the sling put me in, lying there exposed, arms restrained with this giant of a man forcing himself in and out of my arse. The sex was rough but consistent, so I fell into the rhythm of it after a while. Different position were tried before Master gave up on the sling all together
instead fucking me dog style on his bed.

After he cum we laid cuddling on his bed, and began to talk, introducing ourselves to one