William’s first session with me was incredible. In fact, it was one of the best first time sessions ever.  I’ll give you my view on the session in another post soon, but I thought it was useful to let William’s account to stand alone.  I’ll let his words paint a picture before I post the actual photo and videos. William was blindfolded the entire session….so this explanation, rather than the pics, is the best representation of his experience.

What an experience! Below is the account of the night and the man that changed my life.

After catching the train in to Flinders Street I walk up to Andrew’s place. I’d thought I would be wracked with nerves by this point but for the entire trip I was nothing but excited. Maybe it was being forced to wait so long for this that buy the time it had finally come around, I was way beyond being nervous. I felt ready for this.

I’d been told to text when out the front, which I did. Waiting at the front door, his response instructed me to go to a side entrance, which had been propped open. I was told to put on the blindfold and wait.  I hadn’t even got in the door and already my expectations were being confounded. As if I was going to be able to just walk through the front door!

I entered the stairwell and saw a thick blindfold on the ground in front of me. The excitement was almost impossible to contain. This was so much better than I thought. As instructed, I quickly texted that I was in the building, put on the blindfold and waited.

Shortly after I heard him coming down the stairs. Slow, deliberate, almost drawn out to heighten my immense anticipation. I thought of saying something but held off. He said nothing either. I expected him to grab me but instead I felt a slow caress of my body, exploring me with his fingertips. I knew there would be times over the next few hours when I would feel some serious force but to start off with such a gentle manner, it made me want to submit all the more to this man.

Slowly he began to undress me, piece by piece.  With each garment he’d spin me around (with more force this time) run his hands across my body, lean in so I could breath him in. His heavy breathing in my ear excited me greatly. I could tell already I was so into this. He put his hands on my neck, they felt big, strong and left me with no uncertainty, I had no means of escape.

With every item of clothing removed, my skin became more exposed to the cold of the stairwell. I could smell the damp, concrete musk of the place. It felt industrial, impersonal and so damn sexy.

When he got to my boots he spoke the first words “kick them off”. I was so hard. I flicked off my boots quickly and got down to my socks and a jock that I had been instructed to wear. He handed me a hood, told me to count to 50 and go up the stairwell to his apartment. He said only two boys had ever been busted naked at this point – given the numbers he had played with, I assumed that was a very low strike rate. I would be allowed to keep my jock on but if he had told me to take it off right then, I don’t doubt for a second I’d have marched up to his apartment naked. Sure there was a chance I’d be busted like that but I didn’t care. Even when I got to his floor and heard people talking – I went straight into the corridor (clear) and up to his door. Being in a public place and so naked felt amazing. I knew no one was watching but I couldn’t help imagining they were. Is this what it would feel like to be paraded, blindfolded and naked in front of a room of people. I registered the thought and my commitment to, one day, find out.

I put the blindfold and hood on, knocked, it opened and he pulled me in.

There would be countless little moments that bond in the brain more than others that night. That’s the way memories work. A simple moment around which we establish our meaning. Crossing that threshold was, however, the single most important. How long had I dreamed of this moment? How many terrible decision had I avoided by not pursuing it until now? Even at this most uncertain of moments, I was so confident that this was exactly where I should be and with exactly the right person that I entered that room still not with the slightest trepidation. I could not get in there fast enough. I knew that by crossing that doorway I was entering into an unknown space, physically of course, but also mentally. This was pure exploration for explorations own sake. I didn’t know where it would end up but of course that’s what makes it exploration!

It was hot with the hood on and my breathing was still heavy from the stairs. I stood there while he took pictures – the sound of a camera would be pretty frequent as the night went on. I knew he was looking at me, assessing me. I really wished I’d hit the gym a bit before this – something to work on should the training continue.

I had long leather sleeves, ankle straps and a collar put on. None of this was rushed though. Everything was methodical, precise, drawn out so that with every new act my anticipation grew more and more. I badly needed to reposition my hard dick in my jock but with my hands now covered and tied behind my back, that would have to wait.

Still not knowing what to expect I suddenly I heard an electric buzzing sound. Again – totally taken by surprise. He asked if I remembered the Van Der Graaf generators of high school and I knew I was going to get zapped. Not being able to see, my imagination raced. The charge seemed to come from gloves he was wearing, first little tiny prickles but eventually more intense bursts.

By this stage I realized this to be the longest I had ever been vision deprived. As his electric touch ran across my body I began to assemble a mental picture of what was going on. With my vision gone my other sense where filling in the blanks. I pictures those incredible gloves brushing my balls and dick just moment before they did. The exquisite torture of it was far more than I could have imagined and much more intense.

My nipples are extremely sensitive, which I have always loved. Yet now that sensitivity was almost agony. I writhed a bit at he sent more electricity across them. It was incredible and I loved it but I was sure there would only be so much of this I could take. My whole body was worked on too, cock and balls naturally, but while the tip of my knob was equally intense – the nipples were the killer and I’m sure he knew that.

Perhaps he sensed I’d not be able to take much more and said I had to stay completely still for ten full seconds of pure nipple shocking. If I squirmed we’d start again. I braced myself and waited. As soon as he began it was pure hell but the most exciting hell I could fathom. Although not being able to see anything my field of vision was filled with bright white light as the agony of that charge gripped me. Nine, Ten – finally I’d made it only to hear the words “I lied” and he continued. Bastard! Unfortunately that was all I could take and I pulled away. I could hear him chuckle – that made me smile too. Particularly as I was rewarded with a ‘good boy’. A simple praise but one that made me as hard as ever to hear it from his lips.

He unlocked my arms and spun me around. Facing away from him he embraced me from behind. He rested his head on top of mine. I knew he was a big guy but this simple act proved he was so much bigger than me, I was completely at his mercy. I felt enveloped by him, consumed. Every part of me was being taken over and it was the most willing of conquests.

He turned me again and his lips were so close to mine. I felt something brush my mouth, Could that have been his tongue? God, I hoped so. I’ve always been a massive fan of passionate kissing. The thought of opening up and letting tongues and lips connect and explore is such a heightening of intimacy. Yet how could I begin to expect that here? I was a slave and he my master. I didn’t know how these things worked by I imagined intimate kissing was off the books. The thought crushed me a little. Still I had other things to concentrate on and I was determined to impress him in any way I could.

He asked me what I was what I was feeling. Excited I said. He told me to put my arms around his neck as he lifted me up.  It seemed effortless. More proof of his size over me. I hooked my legs around his waste as he carried me further into the apartment. Being carried by him felt great. He was in charge. Strong , capable, confident. All the sort of things I would need from someone before I could feel comfortable submitting completely. I suppose the reality is I was assessing him as well as the other way around. I wanted to submit and be owned. While I hate to let him know this (sorry Sir) but he was on trial a bit too. Yet as I clung to him, wrapped around his frame and being – I felt all resolve melt. It felt right. A protector? I guess a bit. Certainly for the next few hours and that felt amazing.

I was put down on a mattress of some kind. On my back with my legs bent and my arse exposed. I was expecting something punishing. What I got was a gentle caress of his stubble across my balls. It was perfect. He stroked me and soothed me. Again I knew I could expect a lot more severe treatment later but to have him pleasure me so early on was a gift. It calmed me and made me want his force so much more.

He’d been fingering my arse a bit as he carried me over but now I was treated to a few sharp smacks. Legs, arse, and even a few taps across the balls. It felt like he was using paddles. Like table tennis rackets with the handle removed and strapped to his hands. One felt like rubber the other was a fluffy cloth. I’d get a hard smack then a soothing rub with the fluffy side. The smacks on the arse hurt but I had to take them, I wanted to take them. Some more pictures of course before he ordered me to stand.

I followed him to the middle of the room and was told to kneel. Finally I would get to taste his cock. He’d showed me picture of it before and I knew I wanted it badly. With my hands still tied behind my back I had to rely just on my mouth to suck him. The first time my tongue ran across his knob will be with me forever. He was only semi-hard so his foreskin was largely covering the knob with just the piss-slit and surrounding tip exposed. I’ve never wanted anything so badly. I love sucking cock and always have. Arse, balls, nipples are all great but nothing comes close to working a man’s cock and to have this one on the end of my tongue was a real honour. I ran my tongue between his piss-slit – already a bit sticky and sweet with the promise of so much more.

I have always been moderately versatile but my choice was always submissive. I think the thing that makes me so certain of this is my feeling towards cock. To worship a cock is to submit before the very embodiment of masculine power. Yet it’s not just the embodiment of that power but the implement of that power’s assertion. Many gay guys talk of cock size and it’s important to a bottom. I knew this man before me had so many of the characteristics that made me bend my will to his but to finally discover he also had the most enormous dick I’d ever come across just sealed the whole deal.

His balls were bigger than I thought and I hungrily licked his sack. Long strokes with my tongue. I could tell he liked it. I’d be searching tonight for ways to please him. Those little things that every man has. The little chinks in the armor that disable through total pleasure. I was happy to have found one.

He told me to explore the side of his cock to accurately gauge its width. I took my time. Exploring every inch of both his cock and balls. Being cut myself, it is always a real pleasure to suck an uncut man but you never really know the exact sensation that are feeling. He offered invaluable advice on his foreskin. Gently I chewed the end of it. Not being able to see his foreskin and knob was a bit frustrating. I decided should there be other times we play I would spend some time between his legs playing with and examining that foreskin.

My hands were unclipped and he told me to grab the base of his dick and slide my hand up to bunch the foreskin at the top. Suck it all, then slowly nibble towards the end. He told me to be a little harder. I assumed it was quite sensitive and didn’t want to bite too much. I was very pleased to have learnt a new technique. Just one step in my training, I hope.

He told me to feel my balls. It was a strange sensation. Through the leather sleeves my balls felt very strange. The combined sensation of feeling someone else’s balls and having someone else feel mine.

I could have sucked him much longer but I was moved on. Again picked up and carried into another room. I knelt on the mattress and after he’d disappeared for a bit he returned and started binding me in cling-wrap. I’d seen pictures on soxster of boys wrapped up. It’s not something I’d really thought about doing before but I was eager to feel the full sensation of it.

Methodically he wrapped me tight. I could quickly tell this would be a strong bond and instantly began to feel very warm. I was kneeling on the mattress by this stage and he wrapped me from shoulders all the way to my knees.

He asked me my favourite colour. I answered honestly that I didn’t have one. Maybe the boy picking a colour was part of his turn-on. I hoped my non-response didn’t disappoint him but I couldn’t just lie. Before I embarked on my little excursion that night I committed that I would be 100 per cent honest about everything I felt. I didn’t have a favourite colour so admitted it. He decided on a purple green combo. I thought to myself that sounded like the worst colour combination I could think of but I guess we weren’t picking a living room pattern so maybe purple and green was perfect?

The sound of the duct tape unraveling around me was so familiar but never in a setting like this. As Sir pointed out, I would never hear that sound again without thinking of this moment. Packing moving boxes from now on just got a little sexier.

I was tightly bound now and he helped me on my back as he bound my legs. I was completely immobilized. If I was helpless before – that feeling was now utterly complete. Through the tape he played with my nipples and slapped my dick and balls – I loved it!

He moved away and I could hear him assembling things around me. The clang of metal, the sound of a box of matches, some sort of structure being constructed above me. More photos and eventually he lay down beside me.

Having him lie there was surprisingly tender. He stroked my hair, teased my earlobes with his tongue and spoke softly to me. He was encouraging and I again thanked him for everything so far.

He then went about cutting the tape away around my nipples, cock and balls. Exposing them but leaving all else bound. While I couldn’t see it – I loved the thought of how it must look.

He moved to my other side and asked my to smell something. I suppose I assumed it would be amyl. Like many gay guys I’ve done amyl before. While I love the intense sexual openness it fosters, I choose to do it very infrequently. But I was certainly prepared to tonight. The only thing is, this was not amyl. He asked if recognized the scent. Methylated spirits I asked? No, alcohol wipes. “And what do you think they would be for”. He knew I was instantly aware of exactly what they were for!

In the past week or so I’ve spoken of so many fantasies with Knight. One of the things I’ve always wanted to try was sounding. While I’d never done it before, the idea of it turned me on a lot! A combination of the medicalisation of sex and the mechanics of your dick itself being fucked. Well, it all sounded pretty awesome to me. However, I was told that would have to wait we would not be doing that on my first session.

So as he took my dick and gentle wiped the head of me penis with an alcohol wipe it dawned on me that I was about to be sounded for the first time. I’m not certain what my reaction was but I suspect it was very enthusiastic!

I was incredible hard by now and as the metal rod entered my knob I just fell back in ecstasy. The feeling was better than I could have imagined. Once past the head it was more a feeling of pressure than anything else. But he slowly slid back and forth and my moaning must have left him in no doubt just how much I was loving every second of it.

I mentioned earlier that I had given up on being kissed. However, at that moment I had to taste his lips. To feel his hot, wet tongue enter my mouth and fill me. I apologized for my impending request and begged him to kiss me. There was no response other than the continued sliding of the metal rod in and out of my cock. Then a hand slid behind my head, and I felt the presence of his face close to mine – all the time the slow rhythmic sliding of the sound. Better than I could have imagined, his tongue parted my lips forcibly and his mouth covered mine. I strained my neck to get more of his mouth, his tongue, his breath. For a few moments nothing in life could have been better. That kiss and embrace all the while feeling the sliding of that metal rod. My master had given me the most incredible gift. I held on to that moment as long as I could.

After the first sound I was told we would try a larger one. He asked me if a minded having my piss slit stretched – I said definitely not and he could stretch it as much as he wanted. For the next short while we played with other sounds of different sizes and shapes. Each one was better than the last and if I had any doubt before over whether or not sounding was for me, all doubt was now long gone.

After such an experience I was eager to find out what was next. Hearing a box of matches left me fairly certain of hot wax. I’d seen some of the pictures on soxster of the hot wax and I have to admit it did not do a lot for me. I was here to try everything he offered and would try this but in the back of my mind was the conviction of not wanting to feel the burning sensation at all, let alone on my balls and dick.

So I steeled my resolve to endure this and imagined getting through it. Of course that is until that first drop of wax hit and splattered across my balls. I’d expected a burning feeling and while it burnt for the briefest of moments, it instantly was replaced by an absence of feeling just as great. The quick succession of these tiny drops of intense feeling blew my mind. I think I started moaning but I’m sure I begged for more. This was better than anything I could have predicted. I begged him to pour a steady flow on the underside of my balls – he did so and my moaning grew. If liquid pleasure was possible then it was this. Like pouring ecstasy itself across my most sexual body parts. The stream moved up across my balls and up my shaft. If I thought the area beneath the balls was amazing, it was only because I hadn’t experienced wax on my knob yet. That blew what was left of my mind into utter bliss.

I still had a sound inserted down the length of my fully erect shaft and taped in place. As the wax hit my knob right at the entry of the sound it was like an orgasm. Hard to explain? Definitely. The closest I can come is it’s like you’re about to orgasm but in the certainly of not cumming. I was gripped by the thought of my dick bonding to the sound through wax but it was more than imagery that made this so intense. Each drop of stinging wax on the underside of my knob was the definition of sublime. It’s hard not to carry on about it because it felt like nothing I could have ever imagined. It is no exaggeration to say I felt I was being transported to another place. I wanted that feeling forever.

I’m sure I begged Master to keep pouring it on, I can’t really remember but eventually when he did stop I felt exhausted. The combination of the sounding and wax had been so unexpectedly extraordinary that only at the end did I realize I must have spent the past half hour or so with pure adrenalin racing through me. Even if I hadn’t been completely bound, I doubt I would have been able to move.

It’s possible he sensed my condition because Master left me lying there for a bit. Maybe 15 minutes? I’m not sure but it was enough relax and take it all in.  I could hear him again in another room. Knowing he was going about doing things while I just lay there felt good.

The time had come to release me from my bonds. Starting from my feet I felt the plastic cling give way as he opened it up with scissors. His hand was between me and the blade so I knew I would not be cut. With each inch the plastic sprung open and a cold rush covered my sweat soaked body. When completely undone he blew all over me. I tingled with the breeze.

Then the words I hoped would come: “So, you ready to be fucked?”.

Above me he began to assemble what I assumed to be a sling. Of course I’d seen my share of pornos so I got the gist of a sling. I’d never really ever thought I’d be fucked in one though. To not really be given a choice was a great feeling. I was very excited.

He ordered me to stand up and lifted me into the sling. My ankles were put in stirrups and my wrist tied above me. Everything about the position and setup was so sexual. My arse was completely exposed and the focus now of everything. Up until now it had been the rest of my body but this, it felt, was the main act. This was why we were here. This is what he wanted and I knew he was going to take it.

There was a squirt of lube across my balls, which slowly trickled down over my arsehole. It’s been about 18 months since I was last fucked so I was a bit anxious that I would need a bit of loosening. I did not.

I finger slid inside me and he asked if I’d ever had my prostate massaged. It was the first time and felt incredible. He had to stop though. It felt too good and I warned him any more of that and we’d have a cum issue to deal with. He promptly left the room and came back with a ball stretcher. The mere threat of cum had alerted him to the need of some ball pressure to keep me in control.

Before I knew it he has several fingers in me and I wanted more. His comment? “You are so ready to be fucked”. While I was really happy that he felt so confident I could take him – I was a little put out that I was not really tight. How could I be in anyway loose after so long without anal sex? Sure I’d been playing with a butt plug for a coupe of days earlier in the week in preparation but would that have made such a difference?

He asked me if I’d ever had a stainless steel toy up me. I hadn’t but I was about to. A thick rod with a sphere on the end quickly pressed up against my hole. It was cold and my arse willingly opened for it. He slid it in and my moans left him in no doubt again of just how much I wanted more.

He said his favourite was next, ‘the juicer’. It went in and as he turned it around inside me it quickly became my favourite too. The twisted shape stroked and slid along the inside of my arse in a way that drew even louder moans than before. My arse had never felt so good.

But we both knew what I wanted, what I needed and fortunately I was about to get it.

I’d wanted him inside me since the moment we started exchanging comments. The ideas of my master as far within me as possible felt right. To have him ball-deep in my arse was the ultimate expression of his ownership. As I was pretty well lubed and loosened he could go to town and he sure did. He held nothing back, nor did I want him to. Without warning he put an amyl soaked mask over my mouth and nose. I breathed in and as ordered, held it. After a few seconds I exhaled and the rush began.

My mind was away and I wanted him harder, faster deeper than I ever thought I could take. Just when I thought it was as good as it could get I felt the hot sting of wax splash across my balls. He fucked harder and harder as he poured wax across my chest, dick, balls and over my arse. I imagined his cock sliding back and forward, each thrust cementing his ownership of me.

After some time he pulled out, and went off to grab something. He clipped a leather device over my balls and connected it to the sling. Holding onto handles I could feel the pressure of the sling stretch my balls back. I could feel the whole underside of my balls spread and exposed. He started pounding again. I wanted everything he could take but wondered how much longer I would be able to endure it. He was not gentle but I needed him to have no mercy.

We went at it for sometime but I’m sure it was probably not as long as it felt. Who knows? I totally lost track of all time. Eventually he unhooked me and I got down off the sling. Neither had cum but that didn’t seem important. My arse felt destroyed but awesome. I had taken my master and I was proud.

He led me back to the living room (I think) and lay back and commanded me to pleasure him. I’d asked him earlier if he would cum and I was given a choice either I get his cum or I get to cum. It was an easy decision. I wanted his.

Thinking about cum has been one of my earliest desires. I’ve always loved it. The idea of this thick, hot burst of juice coming from deep inside a man and exploding out to be drank and savoured has always appealed. It’s like the essence of male sex and incredibly hot. So I started licking and sucking him again, hoping that he would burst.

What I didn’t expect was him to order me back up on my hands and knees for more fucking. There’d be no sling this time. Another casual squirt of lube across my hole and he ploughed right back in again. Where as before I was surprised at being loose – this felt the opposite. Maybe it was the position but on all fours I really felt the immense size of my master inside me.

He continued fucking hard, ordering me on my back and through a series of positions. Several pounded my prostate hard and I felt I was close to not being able to take much more. As an incredible blessing he ordered me up, he lay back and commanded I ride him.

Riding a top has always been my favourite position. You have complete control of the cock, its direction depth and movement. For an active bottom like me it’s bliss. So I rode my master with a lot of enthusiasm. Grinding, moaning, writhing as I worked him inside me in exactly each direction I chose. I could have stayed that way for a while.

Eventually I was ordered up again and he moved to another chair. I was instructed to kneel before him and make him cum. Being between his legs and working his cock and balls with mouth and hands felt perfect. I could imagine myself many nights doing that exact thing to him. When about to blow he asked if wanted it? “Yes, Sir”, the instant reply. Then from that massive, beautiful knob shot my ultimate reward. I asked if it was ok to lick him clean, “you may”, and I made sure none of him went to waste. He tasted perfect there was a lot there but I’m greedy and was disappointed when it was all gone.

Lying back between his legs he stroked my hair and again told me “good boy”. I really did feel like it. It had been over four hours of the most intense sexual experience of my life. It was way more than I could have ever imagined it being.

I really wanted to take my blindfold of and meet him but he wouldn’t let me. “next time, slave”. I duly accepted his wishes and he said I would need a shower though. He led me to the bathroom, closed me in and I showered myself clean. After toweling and putting my blindfold back on he helped me dress and told me how much he enjoyed the night. He said there would definitely be a repeat performance though as I had much yet to learn.

I could not have been more proud and content and as I was led from the apartment and sent on my way – I felt like the happiest boy in the world. I had been given an experience I would carry for the rest of my life and it was a revelation.

To my new master I say thank you and until next time!