If you haven’t read William’s account of his first session make sure you read it first. His write up was excellent.

It was a pretty extraordinary first session. In many ways he reminded me of Sissyboy – the same desire to serve, the desire to please were all there. But it was different in one critical respect – he begged to taste my mouth. I don’t normally kiss slaves. I’ll bite their nipples or ear lobes, rub my tounge down their neck, but these are all things to show control. William is just so damn cute I couldn’t resist satisfying his desires by teasing his lips with my tongue before making out with him (while sounding his cock or tormenting him in other ways, naturally).

He got a couple of things wrong in his explanation – perfectly understandable as he was blindfolded. When he came in through the door and I was shocking him with electricity I was actually wearing a device tucked into my belt that energized me. There were no special gloves, what he was feeling was the sparks arcing from my bare hands onto his body. This sort of play is actually awesome for me as I get a really strong idea of what he is feeling – because I can feel it as well. I prefer it to using violet wands as it gives me a better connection with the boy (although violet wands are fun too and I have have one – with many attachments).

At one point he stumbled forward and his head was in danger of colliding with my chest. I grabbed his arms to energize him as well. Even though he was blindfolded I didn’t want to get the electro near his eyes accidentally. By grabbing him there is no arc and therefore no sensation. Another time his cock swung around and touched the front of my underwear – and I felt the tip of my own cock being electrified. Ouchy, but awesome as I knew with the blindfold it would feel way more intense for him.

When I was slapping his ass it was a simple leather paddle – with a wooden handle – with plain leather on one side and fur on the other.  A classic.  🙂

The ‘juicer’ is the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 – a truely amazing butt plug:

He also had the Njoy Eleven up him – the thinner end, but still a decent sized toy:

Njoy do some great toys.

The sounds were a variety of shapes and sizes and he took them really well.  🙂

I think William didn’t understand just how perfect a sling is for fucking. He was disappointed he was loose, but was VERY tight when I fucked him doggy style. Different positions have different reactions – and I look forward to documenting how William copes with all of them. William certainly isn’t loose – that’s just what happens to boys when you put them in a sling and ply them with amyl.

My only disappointment about the session was that because William is a beginner, he probably won’t fully appreciate how awesome and rare that level of connection and intensity in a session is.

As a further test of his devotion, I sms’d him on Monday and instructed him to send me a picture of his cock with soxster.com printed on it in pen within 45 minutes. He barely took ten minutes. He’s a very good boy.  The previous pics I posted of him showed he had an awesome ass – but his cock is very impressive as well.  It was a lot of fun to torment and play with and I’m looking forward to regularly working it over.