Candle wax is fun.  During William’s first session he was mummified with cling wrap and tape. I had a long sound inserted into his cock and held in place with tape. I then applied candle wax. This was a night of firsts for him – first time mummified, first time sounded and first time with wax.  He was surprised that the wax didn’t burn. The key to this is only to use white wax as it has the coolest melting temperature and to make sure your drip it from around a metre in the air.  As the wax falls it cools – and because it gains speed it then spreads out to cover a greater area on impact. This reduces the chance of burning the cock or balls.

One of the tricks is that it is better to use MORE wax rather than less wax. Once it has formed a solid piece, you can actually lift it off and avoid having too many pieces of wax lying around as you go onto the next activity. These are stills from the video that was taken during his first session. It’s worth seeing.   😉