A question from a reader:

I notice you write about a lot of topics so I was wondering if you ever thought about writing something on how to have a stronger tighter ass hole… do you have any information about it?

You probably don’t want advice on this from a hung top like myself.  When you have a thick cock then you spend a large amount of time working to loosen up boys. I’ll talk about some of the tricks for that in a future post.  From my perspective I’m not interested in having a boy with a tight ass. I’m interested in a boy who knows how to control his ass muscles.

I want a boy who can be loose when I want him loose and tight when I want him tight. There are boys who I have fisted who can be some of the tightest fucks. I know of one fistee who has such ass control he can crush the cocks of people fucking him and make them cry out in pain.

I think I’ve described previously one of my favorite games where I put a metal probe with a small head up someone’s ass and then attach weights to it until the boy can’t hold it anymore and it rips through their ring.  Seems like a good idea to me if you want to strengthen your ass.

All asses are different. Recently I played with a boy whose ring was really long – about an inch from the entrance until his cavern. Different to most – but really just on a spectrum (that you need a speculum to study).

If you want a tight ass then you can always just leave it alone. No toys or fucking for a few months and you’ll tighten back up naturally. Doesn’t sound much like fun though, does it?

Practice with big toys to stretch your ass. Use small toys and weights to practice holding things in tightly.

I’m not saying these techniques will definitely make your ass tighter. There are no peer reviewed journal articles that I’ve published to support my conclusions. But I can tell you that they are a lot of fun!

Try and get yourself loose for entry and then tighten up for the fuck that follows. Ask your top what he wants and try to deliver.