Pegs can be a lot of fun.

You can attach them to pretty much any part of the body – and create a range of sensations. It is worth remembering that not all pegs are created equal – there are different sizes, shapes, materials and tensions.  Try a few different kinds and experiment.

Play with care. Here’s a test – put the peg on your bottom lip. If it really hurts, don’t put it on anything sensitive.

Wooden pegs tend to grip better and feel better for the submissive. Far more elemental and interesting than plastic.

So when you go shopping for pegs don’t be afraid to get a range of them. See what works well. They aren’t expensive and you can afford to shop around.

The other thing you can do is to attach string to the pegs – and pull on the string to pull them off his body.  While removing one peg hurts, the sensation of removing a dozen really is quite exquisite. You can pull them off slowly or fast. You can also get a flogger or whip and flick them off.

All good bondage is creative.  Combining pegs and string with a weight can be very entertaining. You might set a the boy into a stress position, such as having stand on his toes. You can set it so that if he relaxes, a rope on his collar will pull tight and tip a weight off a table, that is attached to string that is attached to the pegs on his body. The anticipation will drive him nuts.

Imagine that moment when the boy knows his legs are about to give out, triggering the fall of the weight that will rip the 50 pegs on his body off in less than two seconds.

Don’t leave pegs on for too long. And remember that when they come off, the skin will be sensitive – make the most of it. When the pegs come off do something – lick, kiss, nibble, slap, tease, rub, caress….whatever works!   🙂