I think it’s time to finally document one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. It doesn’t involve nudity. It doesn’t involve obscenity. It took place in broad daylight. And I’ll remember it forever.

It must have been about ten years ago, when I was in my mid 20s. It was a weekend summer day that was on the cusp of being hot, and I was catching the train to visit friends. It was one of the older trains where you could open the windows. All the windows in the train were down and the warmth of the day was being carried into the carriage by the breeze as the train traveled down the line.

On these trains, there were places where there were seats in a row against the window and in those seats were three young people traveling together.

They couldn’t have been more than about fifteen or sixteen. The first was a dark haired young man who was incredibly good looking. He clearly had a high level of self confidence. Slightly cocky but not in an annoying way.  Well dressed, perfect skin and a killer smile. Dressed in slacks and shoes, rather than jeans and runners. One of those self assured young guys that other young guys want to be and young women want to date.

Next to him was a very attractive young woman. Blond and also well dressed. She was laughing with him and clearly having a great time. Significant amounts of flirting.

Next there was a sandy haired young man who was clearly a bit of a follower. Not as self assured as the other guy. Well dressed but looking slightly awkward. Having a good time too – but feeling like a bit of a third wheel in the situation.

The dark haired boy and the blond girl were clearly getting more and more flirty and were now ignoring the sandy haired boy. Not deliberately – they were just focused on each other. They started to kiss and make out, and the sandy haired boy just looked forlornly out the window.

And then it happened. The dark haired boy put his arm behind the blond girl as they made out. They were facing each other…but his arm extended along window of the train and ended up behind the forlorn boy.

His arm was still for a while, and then the dark haired boy started feeling the other boy’s neck. Teasing it with his fingers, stroking it, caressing it – all while he continued to kiss the blond girl.

It was incredible to watch – one guy flirting with another in a really physical, personal and intimate way while he kissed a girl.

This seemed to go on for ages, but it probably wasn’t more than a few minutes, when the sandy haired boy also stretched out his arm along the train, so his arm was parallel with the arm of the other boy – and he started teasing back again. Up until this point it could have been possible for the dark haired boy to have been doing this behind his girlfriend’s back (literally!). But now it was really clear – she knew exactly what was going on.

This continued. The sandy haired boy stared straight ahead, and it was only through close observation that I had realized what was going on. Other people in the train were clueless.

It was blindingly obvious what was going to happen next…the three of them were on their way back to one of their houses, and it was clear that sex was on the agenda. A threesome was in their very immediate future.

This continued for four or five stations. Finally, the train pulled into Ivanhoe and they got up and moved to the door.  For those of you unfamiliar with Melbourne, Ivanhoe is a good suburb with lots of private schools, private school boys, large houses and a generally high level of affluence.  Somehow the thought that three private school kids were going home to a large home to fuck just made it far more erotic and sensual. This wasn’t going to be a quick muck around in the back of a car – it was going to be a long session.

They got off the train and had to walk along the platform, past my train window to exit the station. No longer shy to look at them out of the corner of my eye, I looked right at them. I locked eyes with the girl, and nodded my head to her, indicating “I tip my hat to you, well done”. She smiled and bowed her head for a second, the international symbol for acknowledgement and accepting the compliment.

I’ve thought about that day for a while. Were they going to take turns on her? Was the dark haired boy going to top both of them? Was it just fun? Were they friends? Did other people know? Did the boys end up gay? Had this happened before? Did it happen again?  I’ll never know.

I think the one thing that did stay with me was a sense not to waste opportunities.  Seeing people around ten years younger than myself going home to have amazing sex kind of reminded me that it’s important to open yourself up to these sorts of experiences.  I had a sense from watching this trio that I made have wasted the sexuality of my teenage years to an extent. I resolved not to waste the rest of my twenties. And I didn’t.

And of course it kind of reminds me of this scene from Risky Business…..