Up at Noosa, in the State of Queensland, there is a well known nudist beach named Alexandra Bay, known by locals as A-Bay. It is a fair walk from Noosa – around three kilometers. There isn’t any water available there – so you have make sure you take plenty for your hike in and out, and your day in the dunes.

It is quite remote. There are no lifeguards. No facilities. The beach is longer than you can imagine, with the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing onto the sand. With the exception of a few pacific islands, there isn’t anything between A-Bay and the East Coast of the United States, around seven thousand miles away.

The southern end is straight and the northern end is gay. You can expect to see a lot of naked men hanging out on beach towels at the northern end.  You get all kinds – twinks, muscle boys, hotties, locals, Aussies, tourists. The number of people vary by season and day of the week. People drive up from Brisbane on the weekends adding to the numbers.  There is lots of action in the dunes behind the beach.

I was once up there on holidays with some friends, some straight and some gay, and as we walked down the beach a man walked past us in the other direction with a massive prince albert piercing in his cock. One of my friends whispered “did you see that?” and I said “well, if you want a closer look then I’m sure he wouldn’t mind”, I pretended to turn around to call him back and my friend punched me.

Soxster has done some shoots up at Noosa but never at A-Bay. But we spent many of our days off there to relax.

There was one funny incident when Jacksin Stone got stung by a small jelly fish while walking naked in the shallows (that’s not the funny bit). He sat down, naked, by the side of the ocean to examine his foot. Within seconds men appeared from nowhere to make sure the hot naked boy was ok (that’s the funny bit).  Seeing one of my favorite twinks surrounded by muscle boys, bears, gym bunnies and hotties – most of whom were naked, and all of whom were anxious to help, was quite an interesting sight.  Jacksin was totally fine.  🙂

I absolutely recommend A-Bay.  🙂

And there is always the Nude Olympics: