William had never been to a sauna or sex club before….so I thought it was time for him to experience one. He knew we had a session planned. He didn’t know where. I thought you might like to see his instructions. He was really nervous – but he followed the instructions perfectly and the session was great.


Welcome to your adventure.

As instructed you will need a bag with a change of clothes that you don’t mind if you get dirty, fifty dollars, your green jock strap, a spare jock strap, the hood and the blindfold.  And of course your phone.

Tonight you will travel to 10 Peel Street Collingwood. The entry is a subtle door way. When you enter go up the stairs to the first level, the entry is through the door to your left.

You will find yourself at a reception desk. Pay the standard entry fee. You will need to sign an entry form – sign the name William Conquor. No one uses their real name. After you pay you will be buzzed into the club.  You may be asked if you want to cloak any valuables – you won’t need to.

You will find yourself in a lounge area with a pool table and computers. Walk straight ahead and you will pass through a cinema room (playing legitimate films – not porn).

You will find yourself at a stair case at the back of the building. Go up one level. The bathrooms are near the stair case. Go into the toilet.

In a cubical strip naked apart from your shoes, socks, the green jock strap and your leather hood which you should put on. Put everything else into your bag except your phone and blindfold which you should hold in your hand.

After you leave the bathroom slowly climb the stairs to the very top level – which is known as the loft level.

There are six private rooms up there. Walk slowly along the loft level – look around. Locate Room Five. Put the blindfold on over your hood, knock on the door of room five and I will open the door and bring you inside.

Keep your phone with you at all times in your hand. Move slowly through the club – it is dimly lit and I don’t want you to trip or fall.

Enjoy the experience. You’ll be wearing more than you do in the showers at the gym. No one will recognize you or care. I’ll be the only one fucking you tonight.

As discussed, the night will end at my place.

You are going to have an experience. Enjoy it.


Here are some photos of the private room I booked. It comes a sling, overhead bars to suspend boys from, a padded wall, a wash basin and a roller door that can be raised to let other people look into the room.  I’ll let you know what happened in a future post…