When I was 22 I made my first trip to Amsterdam. A really amazing city. Beautiful. Relaxed. Interesting. A city with bikes on dykes, rather than the other way around.

It was 1998 and Amsterdam had legal prostitution. There were windows with girls in them in the red light district. Seeing these half naked girls really reinforced my sexual preference as being into men.  The sight of half naked women was doing nothing for me at all.  However, the sight of all this sex on show made me want to do something sexual.

I was a pretty innocent guy and  I daringly decided to drop by the BlueBoy – a complex that included a bar, adult cinema, adult book shop and a male brothel.  It was pure curiosity.

I sat at the bar, drinking three dollar Pepsis (which was expensive back then!) and trying to work out how it all worked. The barman was lovely and answered a lot of questions.

As I was sitting there, a young shaggy haired Canadian walked up and asked if they had any positions available – he was applying to be an escort.

He was cute but to my untrained eyes looked a little bit drug fucked. He was a brunette but with light hair. Pale skin. Good looking. Great cheek bones and defined facial features. Very mellow. I would have done him in a second.

They decided to interview him at the bar – the same bar I was sitting at. I was sitting at one bar stool, there was an empty stool to my right and he was at the next one – being interviewed across the bar.

He was 22 – the same age as me.  But as the interview continued I quickly became aware of the massive gulf existing between our respective sexual experiences. Mine was limited to hurried fondling and inexperienced blow jobs. The interviewer asked detailed questions about what he did, didn’t do and what he preferred. There were discussions of bondage, fisting, topping, bottoming, sounding. His work as a prostitute in Canada and in Europe. Spanking, rope work, threesomes and moresomes.

There may have only been one stool separating us, but there was a wealth of sexual experience between our two lives. It was incredibly interesting, very sexy and profoundly depressing how little sex I  had experienced.

Can you guess why they didn’t hire him? It wasn’t that he wasn’t pretty enough, or experienced enough. He just didn’t have an EEC Passport.  If he had been French or Czech there would have been no problems. They offered to refer clients to him for offsite work – for a referral fee – but couldn’t have him on the premises.  I knew the sex industry was legal in Amsterdam but to see a practical demonstration in front of me about how this was a legitimate business was a real eye opener.

Afterwards, I wandered into the adult cinema where two working boys were sitting at the front just chatting – using it as a place to chill out. When I walked in they saw me and politely exited.

Later the barman asked the working boys who would give me a tour of the private room. When no one volunteered, a young czech boy drew the short straw and pouted in front of his colleagues at being picked. However, once we were alone together he was very nice and friendly. He showed me the various rooms, including the bdsm room. He picked up a massive dildo and waggled it at me to demonstrate the absurdity of such a large size. We both giggled. I think he was enjoying showing off for another young guy.

He explained the pricing. It was certainly something within my budget. But as I hadn’t yet been all the way with a guy I didn’t feel I was yet ready to deal with a professional. They suggested I come back that evening – and I said I would think about it really seriously –  but I didn’t go back then, and I haven’t been back since.

I took a few things away from that experience. First was a desire to have more sex – at that point I hadn’t even gone all the way way. Second, it reinforced the sex industry as a legitimate business.

I have no idea if the Blue Boy is still open, but I found the following review online.

Blue Boy Club, Where Fantasies Do Cum True

by Vidkid Timo
Windmills, wooden clogs, tulips, legalized drugs and the tale of a little boy’s finger plugging a hole in a dike. Before visiting the Netherlands, those images came to mind when I thought of Holland. Having now enjoyed two trips to the Dutch capitol city, those colorful visions pale in comparison to a single and memorable attraction . . . the Blue Boy Club!
Just a minutes’ walk from Amsterdam’s central train station is the Why Not Bar. It bestows a warm, welcome aura of comfort on all who enter. But the main difference between it and other friendly pubs throughout the European world is that sitting above it is a brothel.
The Blue Boy Club is the largest and oldest brothel in Amsterdam and is the only one that doesn’t require patrons to ring a bell for admittance. Since prostitution is legal in this fabled city, the Club is a legitimate enterprise. In its thirty-year history, five owners have prospered. The current proprietor is Cal, a personable and exceptionally accommodating American. If you have the good fortune to pay a visit, by all means tell him that Vidkid Timo sent ya!
As one might hope, the Blue Boy Club offers a delectable choice of cute guys for hire. They range in age from eighteen to thirty, represent multiple nationalities, vary from twink to muscle and have distinctive and alluring personalities. All are certified to be sexually healthy, of course. The Club provides a well-equipped S&M room, replete with leather sling, sanitized “toys” and red lighting. Live sex shows are a featured attraction which include fucking, sucking and dildo play. Another service is the very erotic “Thai Massage” in which two or more boys rub their naked bodies against you in a room that has a shower large enough for uninhibited wet play. Most of the client guest rooms resemble those of any modest hotel.
Your visit begins with a flight of narrow stairs and piped-in music that draws you through a winding blue hallway leading to the bar. There you’ll find a number of the boys chatting or playing video games. If they’re engaged in conversation, it may be that they’re negotiating with a prospective client, so it’s a good idea to wait until they’re done before you approach them. If none seem to be immediately available, ask the bartender for a menu. Yes, there really is a directory of boys and services! It includes pictures of most of the guys and contains enough information for you to make your decision.
Once you set your sights on a particular guy, you’ll want to talk with him about what you’d enjoy doing and what you’d expect from your time together. Each has his own personal preferences and limitations, and they’ll be very forthright about whether or not they can accommodate you. While many are versatile, some are strictly tops, others are committed bottoms. You also have the option of hiring two or more guys for the same session. Almost any sexual experience is available, though perhaps not with the exact person you’ve selected. It’s very much a matter of personal taste . . . yours and the callboy’s.
After you’ve made your decision, you tell the bartender who you’d like to hire and for how long. He’ll collect the fee and give a key to the boy you’ve chosen. Then, you and your dream date will steal off to a private room and explore your fantasies! The process is just that simple and a whole lot more fun. It’s important to remember to treat your hired boy with respect . . . and don’t forget to tip him!
It’s quite acceptable to visit and enjoy the Why Not Bar and/or the Blue Boy Club without hiring a prostitute. Both are extremely pleasant places to relax, enjoy a drink and talk. Check out their web site (www.whynot.nl) for more information, pictures of some of the boys, directions, prices and current exchange rates. They can even help you plan your trip to Amsterdam. The next time your travels take you to or near Holland, I highly recommend that you plan a visit to the Why Not Bar and the Blue Boy Club. I assure you that they’re well worth the trip!

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