This is Jack.  He is 22 and a delightful red haired cub who lives in Melbourne. He has been interested in the bear community from a young age and we first met when he was 18. For many years  he was the founder and regular host on ‘The Cubby House’ – a radio show on JOY-FM (Melbourne’s gay and lesbian radio station). He is currently the submissive in a long distance relationship with a master living in San Francisco.  He came over to have some photos taken and have an interview that I’ll be posting pics and segments from his interview in sections over the next few weeks.


You are currently in a master/sub relationship but you use the designation ‘Pup’. Why ‘Pup’?

Well I suppose that’s because it’s a bit of a term of endearment in a number of ways. The word, name or title of ‘Slave’ is very harsh term. whereas Pup has a lot more positive associations. It’s a recognition of inexperience, of youth, of exuberance but also of submission as well.

So who chose the term Pup?

It was a bit of a collaborative thing. Master was thinking of things to call me. At one point he called me pup and I said I liked it and it sort of stuck. That would have been in March 2012

So you think a Pup is more playful than a regular submissive. When you are together, how submisive are you?

Quite! We don’t actually spend a great deal of time together in person but we do find that when we are together it is balancing act in a number of ways. My master isn’t particularly out about his role as a master with his peers, so in a lot of ways there are lot of subtle codes that go on between us in public, where we know what’s going on, but others don’t necessarily do. When we are alone together, then yeah, I get very submissive – he pushes me really deep into my sub space

So describe how sub-space feels for you?

It’s sort of a euphoric feeling in a lot of ways, it’s about removing everything extraneous from one’s perceptions. and having a very laser like focus on your feelings for your master and wanting to satisfy your master in every way. I wouldn’t say it’s a dissolving of self, but it can feel a little close to that.

So do you see it as you becoming a better person, or as you becoming something that’s better for your master?

I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive from each other. I believe that I’m a better person in my service to my master. The better I can serve him, the better the person I can be 

You are in a long distance relationship, do you think its easier to be in master/pup long distance relationship than a long distant relationship.

I think that in a lot of ways, our relationship is a bit of an undiscovered territory at the moment in relation to a lot of things. Long distance relationships are one thing, and sado-machocistic power play relationships are a bit of a different thing. We are discovering what works for us and for the moment we’re quite happy despite the difference. 

Do you think the distance adds an extra element to you being submissive? You can’t play with him all the time, you can’t get sexual pleasure from him all the time. Is pledging your allegiance to someone so far away add an extra element to your submissive side?

I think that it certainly drives me a little bit further. As far as the distance goes in our relationship, we don’t necessarily consider it to be dead time. We both know what we want for ourselves and what we want in the coming years. We both have goals we want to reach by the time we are able to be together on a permanent basis, we both want to be in a position where we can be happy for ourselves.

Do you consider yourself to be more of a sexual person or more of a sensual person?

I’m definitely much more of a sensual person. In a lot of ways before I discovered the submissive side of myself I wouldn’t have said I was much of a sexual person at all. But in a lot of ways my master does bring out my sexual side. There are quite a few times where I crave to suck his nipples, or suck his cock, or…sorry I’m blushing at the moment just thinking about it! For what it’s worth he has a very nice cock

Our readers  will be glad to hear it – can you describe it?

Well it’s long…he describes it as being the width of a red bull can, it has a large head with a little brown freckle on the top, on the head. It’s a force to be reckoned with. 

You consider yourself a submissive. Are you also a bottom?

I consider myself to be a bottom, yeah. But I haven’t really explored very much of the anal play side of things as much as I could have. It is something I want to explore but I think its something I haven’t ventured into so far. I don’t think that there is a dominant or top bone in my body

You have a number of body piercings, is that something you did for your master, or something you did for you?

It’s an interesting thing. Before we were in a relationship, I knew there were certain things I knew my master liked in a person. And in an attempt to get his attention I got a few of these piercing of my own free will. As our relationship has evolved they have become symbols of my servitude. I have a Prince Albert that is at a zero gauge. As his pup there are a number of ways I am to present myself, and compose myself. I am always to wear my collar at all times, not that I could take it off anyway, its locked up with a metal chain. I can’t cut my beard – that is to be left to grow.