I got the following email from a fan of soxster who was interested in a particular shoot…


Hi – how are you?
Just a brief note to let you know that I love reading your blog – the detail is brilliant.
I was wondering whether you know what the guys were wearing in your post dated 19 Sep 12 and entitled “Inappropriate Jokes” – both are hot.
Have a great weekend.

Hi there
Thanks for your question – the top was wearing rubber shorts.  I’m not sure what the btm was wearing (brand wise), but I’ve got plenty more pics and videos of that shoot so I’ll try and find some pics that show the brand. The orange trunks certainly showed off his ass really well. You’re into sports gear like that?

Thanks for replying.
Yeah was mainly referring to the btm’s gear – so incredibly hot – I want them.
Definitely like getting into some compression shorts or tights – balls tied up and busted. Like being used 🙂 The best kind of scene for me is where I walk away with sore balls, a red raw ass, an aching hole and a face plastered in cum.
Pics of me attached.

Nice pics. I’ll do a post with some pics of the orange shorts from the shoot.
Can I include your pics and your question in the post?
Yeah that’s ok. 
Thanks again for checking this out for me.


I love getting fan mail – especially when they include hot pics.  I’ll have to ask him to come and do a shoot for the site.  I think I can design a session with him wearing a leather hood that will include pics of tormented balls, a red ass and abused hole. If he is wearing a hood I’ll have to have the cum over his chest rather than face, but if he is gagged he shouldn’t object to that too loudly.

I think that his email deserves a reward so here are some more pics of those orange shorts.   🙂  I couldn’t decide which ones to post – so I’ve posted quite a few.  🙂