A sub has submitted the following experience – hope you enjoy it.

Tom and I had played a few times and were really getting into each other when he casually mentioned that he liked to be in control.  A few weeks after that, we talked on the phone and agreed to get together one Tuesday night.  I told him to come over and just come on in, he would know what to do.  At the appointed hour I heard a car in the driveway and my heart started racing.  I was feeling the excitement I always feel when I am giving over control to someone else.  I had turned down all the lights in the house and when he came through the door it took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the low light level.  I was naked on my knees on the floor wearing nothing but a collar and leash, my head was bowed.  I knew exactly when he saw me because he let out this long breath and said, “My my what do we have here?”

He walked around me, I kept my eyes down, my heart was pounding.  I had no idea how the idea would be received or what he might do.  He had always been kind and gentle before, even for such a big and hairy man, but I also know things change when men see another man helpless.  He pulled up the leash and mashed my face into the crotch of his jeans, rubbed my face in it.  He was already starting to get hard.  He pulled me up by the chin and kissed me hard on the mouth.  I whispered that all my BDSM gear was laid out upstairs.  He pushed me back down on hands and knees and started for the stairs, pulling not so gently on my leash.  It was obvious that I was to keep up with him.

We got to the master bedroom and there on my four poster bed was rope, dildos, cock rings, clothes pegs, blindfolds, restraints, and a riding crop.  He told me to apply the cuffs to my wrists and ankles.  He would slap me with the riding crop and tell me to hurry up.  He tied me to the bed face down and started working on my back, ass and back of legs with the riding crop until I was a nice shade of red and my skin was tingling.  He needed some rest so he came around in front of me and shoved his uncut cock on my mouth and started a furious facefuck.  When he was satisfied of his erection he went back between my legs and selected a dildo.  My big purple one that vibrates!  He lubed it a little and started stuffing it in my ass.  He turned on the vibrator and worked it in and out the whole 7 inch length.  It was painful at first but as I began to relax, it felt good.  He shoved it in all the way while he applied a little lube to himself.  He suddenly pulled the dildo out and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow.  He was really turned on at this point.  He went balls deep for a while until I could hear his breathing change.  He pulled out, he did not want to cum in me, he wanted to cum on me.  He slapped my ass and then turned me over so I was face up.  He took a length of rope and tied it tight around my cock and balls, going around each several times until it was very tight and constricting.  That was when he turned his attention to my nipples, which are very sensitive.  He started with the riding crop and focused his blows on my nipples until they were on fire. Occasionally he would take a slap at my hard cock and balls which were now turning purple from the binding.  He put some pegs on my cock head and some down the underside of the shaft and around my nipples.  He was enjoying using the riding crop on my chest and abdomen.  Then, without warning, he started slapping the pegs on my nipples.  I don’t know how many there were, but he slapped until they all pinched off.  My nipples were hurting beyond what I ever thought I could endure.  He straddled me and began sucking them, then biting them.  I was squirming and pleading with him to stop.  That was obviously the wrong thing to do. He just chuckled and said, “I guess we will see just how much they can stand.”  He was pinching and twisting them and would reach behind him to slap at the pegs on my cock.  He could not see them so he was just slapping wildly, sometimes hitting the pegs, sometimes my tied up cock and sometimes he would hit me square on the balls.  I was in so much pain, and he was loving it.  After a few minutes I was reduced to crying and begging.  This really turned him on and he slid up and lifted my head and shoved his cock in my mouth.  He was so hard and forceful I was gagging on his cock.  He was moaning and I could tell he was close.  He pulled out and came on my mouth and chest.  He rubbed it around while he let his breathing slow down.  We relaxed a few minutes, I was spent.  Then he said we were almost through.  He sat in the chair next to my bed and ordered me to jerk off for him.  I was so sore that I was not sure I could do it.  He still had the riding crop in his hand and ordered me close to him, “Stand front and centre!”  I started rubbing my sore cock and it started to respond, I was pretty turned on, too.  He would reach out and slap my balls and then my nipples and laugh when I would cry out.  It did not take long and I was ready to bust a nut.  I sprayed my cum on his hairy chest and was ready to collapse.  He took me to the shower where I washed him all over to remove the sweat and cum from his hairy body.

I will never forget that night with Tom, he took me to a new level of fear and endurance.  I have had other BDSM experiences, but none so intense. I am still looking.