As I mentioned in a previous post, is back in Europe in October. By coincidence, Alex was on the same flight I was. I decided it was only appropriate that he help relax me prior to my 14 hour flight from Australia to my stop over city. It’s about 24 hours from Melbourne to Europe and I generally stop over on the way for a day or two. Alex was also heading for Europe but connecting straight through with a four hour connection (total travel time of more than 26 hours) – further proof of his masochistic tendencies. Here is Alex’s account of our first face to face meeting. He is an interesting guy who I am looking forward to tormenting again in the future.


The world is a small place. Travel means that as long you are willing to be processed for a long period of time, you can take your life anywhere. 24 hours of flying to Melboure is one such example. Even before going to visit my Master for the first time this week, I found out just how small the world really is. He was going to be on the same flight as me leaving Melbourne.

From the moment I left his flat, got dressed in the stairwell and headed out I knew that within a few days he would no longer be a voice, a strong hand, a smell, a presence – he would be a real person. I knew from the moment he pushed me agains the wall of the stairwell and started to pull off my clothes that he was taller than me and probably stronger. It is strange that even when you can’t see a person, you can sense their stature and I knew from the strength with which he moved, pushed, pulled and flipped me that he was tall with a substantive stature.

From the moment I left his apartment block my imagination started to fill the gap. I hadn’t felt it but thought he would have a good head of hair. I imagined some facial hair, strong structure to his face, large hands. It went without saying that he was tall. I knew that it would only be a few days until all the gaps were filled. Did it matter, not really. His voice was in my head and I knew on hearing it I would always respond, comply and obey. He told me that it would feel different after I saw him. That it will never feel the same as it did when he controlled, restrained, and touched me anonymously.

We would meet at the airport. I was able to take him into the Business Class lounge so hopefully that would get his flight off to a good start. He said he wanted to meet me there. I would help him relax. I would pleasure him with my mouth while he waited to give him the best chance of relaxing on the flight. My mind was buzzing – I was going to see him, fill the gaps. However, to do so also meant taking a risk. Even though he had told me how this would happen in an online message, it quickly translated into my head through his voice as if he had said it to me directly. The words continually ringing – you will pleasure me with your mouth. The words captured something I was dedicated to doing – but how. My rationale brain couldn’t work out how it would be done and how without beng caught. I feared the consequences of doing it but the reality is I feared the consequences of not doing it more. I wanted to demonstrate my willingness to do what he needed, what he demanded. This would test whether my commitment was thin or substantive.

I would go to the airport and he would message me when he got to the lounge. I checked in and started to walk towards international departures. Then a sound jumped straight through the crowd and into my head. It was his voice – I didn’t have to see him to know it – I hadn’t seen him before and knew it instantly. I also knew because one short flash of his voice connected straight with my head and my groin. I knew it was him. I kept walking and gave a brief look to the left. One quick glance from him locked firmly with my eyes -briefly- it was confirmed and I felt my stomach buzzing in anticipation.

I had to wait upstairs for a while. All this time I knew what he looked like and wanted to know more. In that brief glance I had committed. If he decided I was to pleasure him then I would, regardless of the risk. He would manage the risk and I had to trust him.

His message came. Another flip of my stomach. No turning back. I met him outside and quickly connected with him. We found a quiet spot (in a very busy business class lounge) to talk. The conversation flipped between information about each other, background, work etc then reflections on our first, anonymous meeting. It was clear from the conversation that he had barely started introducing me to what he had decided I needed. Even if I let my imagination drift widely, I don’t think I will ever be able to anticipate what will happen. The combination of what my head wanted to happen and the reality that I wouldn’t know until it happened was incredibly erotic. The thing I was clear about – I wanted- I needed to let myself go with him and let him decide on destination and journey. I would have to give a lot back but in connecting with and trusting him, I knew that ever deeper areas of my mind and imagination would be explored.

He signalled me to go with him to the toilet. My heart was pounding but my groin was buzzing. How was this going to work? The place was heaving. There was no way we would be able to do it. I would try but he looked determined. He was. We went into the toilets. He signalled me into a cubicle. He came in after me and locked the door. He stared at me and grabbed my groin firmly. He loosened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled down his pants and his cock and balls fell out. They fell rather than slipped because of their size. His cock was lomg and thick even when soft. I rubbed my hands on it and it responded. My head started to imagine being fucked my it. I realised I needed to do some work before then! I put my mouth towards it, hesitant at first but he just pushed it in. Before long the tip of his cock pushed to the back of my throat. In, out. Slow and deep then fast. It tasted manly and I loved the taste. I licked it, tasted it, nuzzled it. I pulled away and he wanked it quickly. I pulled on his balls. Harder- he instructed. I complied and pulled them hard and down. I kept my mouth close, his body and face telling me it wouldn’t be long now. He pushed my head towards him and thrust his cock to the back of my throat again. I felt his load shoot. I swallowed it hungrily like I had been waiting to be fed for a long time. I kept my mouth on it making sure that I could have and take every drop. As I stopped, one final burst came out. I made sure I had it.

We stood up and he kissed me hard. We quickly pulled our jeans up and the reality hit. How were we going to get out? Footsteps from outside the cubical became hard and constant but from where they were coming was not clear. Careful listening – it was clear someone was waiting. Only one choice – go for it. He unlocked the door and left. I slammed the door shut and locked it again. Inevitably the man outside tried to get in. Count to five, unlock, head down and out. Before I knew it I was flying through the lounge towards the exit. My exit was marked by an incredibly mischievous grin that was fixed on my face.

I went downstairs and waited for him. He came and within seconds we were chatting again as normal deciding when to board. Well Done he said. Praise and affirmation that secured me going further with him in the future as, when and how he decides. I know what I need but I know from only two short meetings that he gets me, can see in me and it excites me greatly to think how far he may be able to take me.

I would offer you a mint – he said – but I want the taste of my cock and cum to stay with you for as long as possible during the flight. That is what I wanted. It was a taste I wanted to linger and recall. Through both of these experiences he had programmed feelings and sensations into me which he knows I will tap into and focus on in the time between now and the next time I am in Melbourne. Each time I think of them and tune in my mind – and groin- he knows that he is controlling me still. He decided what I would experience-what I would feel and therefore what I would recall. I am therefore a slave by distance learning until I see him next – with plenty of coursework to reflect on in the meantime. I hope he can give me some tasks to focus on in the meantime.

We talked about the difference between trust and risk mitigation. For this sort of activity to work the slave must demonstrate trust in their Master but they must never feel guilty or difficult about mitigating their risk. Risk cannot and should not be removed – that would render the experiences false and shallow. However a slave must feel free to mitigate the risk to the extent that enables them to let go and commit.

What was my risk mitigation? Put simply it is him. I know he understands me and is interested in revealing more to me. I know that any risks involved in anything I do with him will be mitigated by the fact that he is the one leading me through it. I have misjudged that before with someone but recognised why and what to look for. This is why i am so confident in him. On that basis I will give him my full trust, something which I hope will be a small token of appreciation for what he has done and will do for me.

November can’t come quickly enough but patience is a vital quality….