This week I visited Collared – a kink night in London that is held twice a month at The Underground – a London venue that hosts a lot of fetish events. It is a very short walk from Kings Cross / St Pancras.

Collared is a fun, non threatening evening that is perfect for bdsm beginners. It is held in a small basement space with a bar. The event has a DJ and a few colored lights but the decor is definitely basic with a sort of ‘abandoned cellar’ motif’ being given additional authenticity by the fact that’s probably what it was. It’s very small – by the standards of Australian clubs anyway. But that does give it a sense of intimacy.

When you arrive at the club you come down a staircase and reach the cloakroom where you pay your entry fee and cloak as much or as little as you want depending on your level of personal daring. Participants were dressed in a variety of ways ranging from normal casual street clothes to boots and nothing else. There were more people dressed in casual than were nude or in kink gear but there was enough variety so that no one would feel out of place with whatever they chose. If you are a beginner and considering going to Collared then you might want to go wearing normal clothes and then decide later if you want to cloak more items and get down to your underwear, or even go for a more adventurous look.

Some guys were in leather harnesses, some were in underwear that ranged from cute to almost none existent and some in more specific fetish gear. I spoke with a lovely kitty and spent some time patting him while we watched the other patrons. The kitty was wearing a back cat suit with a tail – unfortunately not one that was attached to a butt plug. It really is so much more fun when the puppy or kitty has a tail lodged in their ass as they know they have to behave or suffer their hole being abused.

People stand around, chat and talk, and watch people get worked over. It’s very social. There is a wheel that people can spin to be subjected to various kinks or win a free drink. The vibe is a bit like a group of guys playing truth or dare. A guy spins the wheel and everyone else watches and smiles as he has pegs applied to his body, weights attached to his balls, gets paddled or has wax dripped over him.

I think the key way to describe Collared is that it is exhibitionistic, voyeuristic, kinky and playful rather than sexual and hardcore.

I had a really nice time. The guys were friendly and approachable. I spent a bit of time chatting with a guy and his pup who are boyfriends as well as kinksters. They were a very cute and affectionate couple who I would love to get in front of cameras sometime.

There was also a boy with a blue star tattooed on his chest who was tied down and had wax dripped on him. I was told that a boy with blue hair who was helping to torment him was his boyfriend – another cute couple I would like to film a scene with.

I was a little concerned with some of the wax play I saw. If you are going to let wax pool in a tea candle then you need to be very careful to pour it very slowly (so there is only a thin steam of wax) and from quite high above the boy so it can cool on the way down. There were a few instances where I thought a little more wax was being applied considerably faster than seemed prudent.

There wasn’t a lot of sex going on, but some light hearted games and fun. This isn’t the sort of evening where you should expect to cum. It’s about having fun. Similar to the New York Bondage Club in that respect – orgasm certainly isn’t a key goal of most participants.

There is a dark(ish) room but there wasn’t any serious sex going on in there. It isn’t very private and it isn’t very dark so don’t raise your expectations too high.

Definitely a night worth going to and something I would put in my calendar if I lived in London.

So if you are in London and interested in kink then it is well worth a look. You’ll meet some nice guys, it isn’t threatening and is a lot of fun. Don’t expect to cum and you’ll have a great evening.