I decided to document my experience at Hustlaball in Berlin – and here it is. I thought about adding the pics to this post but better to get a sense of the event first before you see it in graphic detail.

Arrived 8:20pm
Line up for coat check. I’ve decided on jeans and a new blue leather harness that I bought today. I’m keeping my checked shirt on over the harness, partially unbuttoned, while I sus out the place. Plus it’s also quite cold. I left the leather shorts in my bag – if I get daring then I’ll change into them later.

Now have a map of the complex. This is clearly very well organized. The venue is also far larger than I ever expected. Clearly Fictstutenmarkt only uses a tiny percentage of the club.

You can tell that this is an international event rather than one aimed at Germans. No sign of the awards ceremony that was advertised to start at eight pm. Germans aren’t known for this level of laxness. I’m a traditionalist – if an event is supposed to start at eight then it should start 8:05 on the dot.

Most people have their shirts on. I suspect that will change as the evening goes on. It’s getting warmer in here as more people arrive.

Just watched a cameraman get his white balance off the singlet of a random hot boy in the crowd. Well I guess it saves having to remember to bring a piece of paper.

Awards are underway. It amuses me to hear Spencer Reed use the phase “it gives me great pleasure to accept this award” when accepting the award for best top. Tee hee.

Wurstfilm wins best group scene for Fickstutenmarkt. I wonder how many people in the room were in the film. It was filmed right in this venue.

It’s like a high school awards night. A lot of fun but not very organized. The awards are going very quickly – acceptance speeches are fast. Academy Awards could learn a thing or two. Should also mention that all awards and acceptance speeches are in English. The hosts are British and American.

Awards are finished. Good fun. Cazzo, the Wurstfilm of Fickstutenmarkt and Lucas Entertainment were big winners. A surprisingly sincere speech by the person awarding the achievement award which was won by one of the hosts – Michael.

Introduction to Pam Ann’s set – a fellow Melbournian. She has come a long way from performing with drag queens at DT’s in Melbourne. Her back up dancers perform but no sign of her.

Pam’s cabin crew just threw a toy bear at me – should I take it as a sign? No sign of Pam.

Wandering around – this place is huge. Really surprising. Pool is actually large and looks inviting.

Just found the part of the club they we used for Fictstutenmarkt – it’s less than a quarter of the total space. It’s actually feeling really empty in here.

Ok, more like a sixth of the club – this place goes on and on. It’s weird seeing the spaces used for Fickstutenmarkt without upturned asses waiting for cock – but still the night is young. There is confetti all over the floor which confused me until I realized it was probably so that people don’t trip over on the black floors.

Wandered into one of the dark rooms and the fucking has commenced. One boy taking it in the sling like a champ. Tactical error on my part – the uv lights are making parts of my shirt light up like a Xmas tree.

No one really in the second dark room – people wandering in and out but no one stays. The night is young – no one wants to fuck too soon. There are signs at the entrance to the dark rooms – no cameras and no long hair. Or does that mean no girls?

I’m relaxing in a deck chair by the pool. Watching two skin heads blow each other by the pool. Is it rude to watch? Is it rude to ignore? As there appears to be a bit of a break in proceedings until the shows begin I’m going to take the load off my feet for a while and watch the passing parade of boys.

Guys in front of me in sports gear – one guy is licking the other’s sneakers (trainers if you are British). Definitely some foot fetishists here tonight. Impressed with the variety of clothes. From underwear to sports kit to leather to skin head to jeans/t-shirt to very erotic underwear.

Idea – suspend two boys by their wrists and ankles from the roof but suspend them with their wrists together – so as they move they move the other. Could look awesome over a dance floor. Something to investigate.

Having a cola at one of the bars down in the basement level – which I think is the mare’s rest area during fickstutenmarkt. Afri cola – which I had last time I was here for Fickstutenmarkt. More people are arriving. More dancing. I like the different zones that you can gravitate to depending on your mood.

Lots of guys getting blown in the dark room – no fucking at the moment.So many steep stairs and low ceilings. If I drink too much I’m sure to either fall or smash my head by forgetting to duck. Disadvantages of being over 2m tall. Saw someone nearly take a tumble on the stairs.

I tempted fate and I lost. Ironically I just banged my head on the ceiling as I went down the stairway – distracted by a hot boy in red jocks. Some guys being fucked in the sling. Dance floors getting really crowded now.

Twink in white shorts just jumped into the pool – spraying everyone at the other end with water. Cute.

Porn film being made at the pool. Some good domination and bdsm. Crowd gathers to watch.

Go into dark room to find it really busy. Lots of guys wanting to get their cocks sucked but very few boys on their knees. See two hot boys who obviously know each other kissing while leaning forward so guys can fuck them from behind. I take a turn at one of their asses but I’m too tall to fuck him properly so I stand aside and let the next guy take his turn. I’m the only guy I see who was wearing a condom which is a real worry. Lots of condoms being given away upstairs. They really need some downstairs in buckets with glow sticks in them.

Main stage – waiting for Pam Ann and watch two strippers with mirrored helmets.

They weren’t just strippers – they ended up sucking, fucking (with condoms), fisting and eating whipped cream off each other – will have to check out junior fetish.com later (printed on their chests).

Great five way on stage with piss, flogging, sucking and the amazing young British guy with the great body from the awards show. The guy in front of me had his cock out and we ended up slowly jerking each other as we watched. A third guy then joined in. Only one other person around us noticed as we are crammed in pretty tight.

This next sex show has a plot. People praying to a man with a crown on thorns. It looks like they are going to try and make Jesus cry for daddy with wax and gut punching.

Jesus has been been flogged and now dildoed. Here come the nipple clips. And the anal balls.

Jesus has been fucked with a cross and now cum is being injected into his ass. Substituting cum for wine – I like it. Now being drilled with a dildo.

Having some difficulty getting more than one candle into Jesus’s ass. So they just pour on more wax.

Guys fucking raw on the dance floor next to me. Plenty of guys on the dance floor bent over and being taken from both ends. Was about to stick my cock in a hot mouth when I realized I was dangerously close to blowing my load. Zipped up and precame massively but didn’t orgasm. Lucky!

Taking a break from the main stage. To the pool.

Boy from previous four way being filmed at the pool is still being abused in bondage.

Dark room so packed it is hard to do anything. Surprising shortage of suckers – very few guys on their knees.

Went to other dark room. Concerned about the amount of bareback sex. On guy has his ass covered with crisico – which provided a white target in a darkened room. Line up of guys fucking him. Mental note: invent Crisco with glow under uv. Hottest scene was three boys kissing while a third blew them – there was a real sensuality to it. Just watching.

Naked boys in pool – surprised it took this long.

Main stage – more acts. Black guy with an awesome ass takes the stage.

Forgot to make notes as I was watching some pretty great acts. It’s not what they are doing that makes it hot but rather the passion with which they are doing it. Another great performance by the young British guy with an amazing body. The drag queen stage manager has a clock she holds up when they are near time. Everyone is going over time so clearly they are getting into it.

Amazing bdsm display – even I’m impressed. From the team from bound gods. The asian master who appears in many of their videos is being a bit of a bastard to the camera crew and helpers. Save it for the sub, bitch!

Crossing the line in terms viciousness – the btm boy will be feeling that tomorrow.

Wander off to find new things to look at.

I wandered in the red oval room downstairs. There is a tiny dance floor, a bar that isn’t too loud with stools at the bar, and this red room. There is a group of about five guys going for it. One black guy is being fucked while the rest explore various combinations of oral sex and fondling. I like this room and the mood. It isn’t crowded like the dark rooms and the group of men are clearly in the mood to take their time and make eye contact while they fuck. You are still fucking strangers but in a less anonymous way.

A group comes in and I see them open a small dark glass vial with a dropper. I initially think its amyl but they mix it with water and drink it and I realize it is probably GBH. There were signs at the entrance warning against using it.

I sit on the red couch that entirely circles the room and I pop out my cock and watch the action on the other side of the room – which is only about three meters away as it’s a very small space.

The guy fucking the black guy bent over the couch has his legs leaning against the single table in the middle of the room. The table rocks in time with his fucking and a bottle falls off the table. A cute boy and I pull the table towards us to save the rest of the glassware.

Eventually I stand up and jerk off in earnest. A new group of guys enter the room. A dark haired guy with light stubble starts to jerk my cock. I play with his and he drops to his knees and sucks me – and does it well.

There are four of us now. I’m not in the mood to suck so I’m fondling all four cocks while two of them blow me. One of the guys is really hot. A blond guy with a great chest and a massive cock. It isn’t just the way he looks – he is giving off an energy that is very sexy. He doesn’t fondle the other cocks – he grabs them with enthusiasm and a touch of aggression. This is a guy who is having a good time and knows what he wants. Very attractive.

A thin tall blond guy who has a long thin cock that seems to suit him exactly gasps to my right. I feel wetness on my side and I realize that he is blowing his load over me – from quite a distance. Definitely a shooter rather then a dribbler and it’s a big load.

Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly quickly, I’m very close. I have a fleeting thought of saving it but it is actually the hot blond boy with the massive cock that is nearly as large as mine to my left that sends me over the edge. It’s the total package of his looks, cock and attitude. It’s weird that I’m focusing on him rather than the boy grooving on my cock but his energy is amazing.

I groan and moan to let them know it’s close and to give the dark haired boy licking my head a chance to back away if he wants. All of them focus on my cock and I know I’m the centre of attention for as long as it takes me to cum.

He opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue and I blow a load all over his mouth, tongue and chest. He tastes it, savours it, and then discreetly spits it onto the floor. I’m secretly pleased about that – he seems to be taking a safe approach (and yes I know research shows swallowing is relatively safe for HIV – not sure about other STIs though).

I nod appreciatively, slap the boys on the back and smile, then zip up and head to the nearby bar for another drink.

Holy fuck balls. The bondage scene is still going. The kid is suspended.

Boys in the pool frolicking – its so hot in here it’s very tempting to join them. You don’t normally think of German as a camp language – but I just passed a group of leather boys who would make you rethink that!

I pass security frisking someone for GBH.

Popped my head inside dark room which is now airless and amyl filled. Crammed to capacity.

Second larger dark room also packed. Each dark room only has one entrance and frankly it feels a little unsafe. Danger is an aphrodisiac. The dark rooms are underground spaces with one entrance/exit. Fire death traps.

Time to go – I’ve never had massive stamina at these things – the cloak room is massive – covering a massive tented overflow area

On the U-Bahn going back to the hotel. Bless Berlin and its 24/7 public transport network. Didn’t see Pam Ann – hmm did I miss her or didnt she perform. The date for the 2013 ball has been set….

And that’s how it happened! I have some more thoughts in retrospect but I’ll save them for another post! 🙂