When I was in Berlin earlier this year I visited Sling King and purchased a large amount gear – including another two slings. After I left I got an apologetic phone call letting me know that as I had arranged for them to post the gear to me, they shouldn’t have charged me tax. They offered to credit my account but I decided to have them post me a blue leather sling pillow instead. It was very ethical of them to get in touch with me – and so I returned to their store for more shopping on this trip. Seven hundred euros later and I have a new sling and various sling implements on their way to me. I really recommend them (and I’m not getting any benefits from writing this). I really love their padded sling ankle straps – incredibly comfortable for the boy in the sling. Plus it gives me another opportunity to post a photo of their car again. I look forward to showing you various boys in the gear I purchased.