It always impresses me how well Germans speak English. It impresses me even more when they switch from German to English mid-fuck when you politely explain to them you can’t understand them. When a boy is being fucked it is often hard to tell purely from the tone of his voice if the word he is moaning means harder or slower.

I was in Frankfurt for a single night before my flight home to Australia and I decided to check out a local sauna. I picked Club Sauna Amsterdam as it was close to my hotel. Why is a sauna in Frankfurt named after an entirely different city? No idea.

It was a little hard to find – it’s on a residential street and I walked past it twice in the rain.

Four levels, two dry saunas and a very large wet sauna. The overall impression is that of a sauna that is clean and well maintained. Friendly guy with great English on the front desk as well.

Definitely an older crowd the night I was there. I arrived only about two hours before closing time and most of the patrons were upwards of forty.

However, there was this one very cute boy who I made eye contact with before I had even had a chance to have a shower.

He gave me a knowing look and I followed him from the basement to the top floor where I found him in a room lying back on his towel stroking himself. I locked the door and stood beside the bed and removed my towel. He stroked my cock, and I grabbed his.

I started to stroke his cock and balls, and gradually started stroking the area under his balls. He spread his legs further apart to encourage me. He took my hardening cock into my mouth as I started to finger him.

His moaning intensified as I worked a single finger into his ass and started stroking his prostate. I applied some real pressure to make sure he was really feeling it.

I looked around the room and didn’t see any readily accessible condoms or lube. Dammit.

He swung around so that he was on his back, lying across the bed. I stood between his legs – our cocks practically touching. He was jerking off in such a way that his cock was rubbing against my balls.

Not a word had been spoken.

I motioned for him to play with my balls and finally I blew a load over his chest. I smiled my thanks and went for a shower.

Walking back to my hotel it was still raining and the city was all slick and shiny. Only one night in Frankfurt but I definitely connected with the city.