When I was in my early 20s I was living in another city and I did a few three-ways with a guy named Jamie. He was in his late twenties and we preferred to play with younger guys.

He was over at my house one evening and we were chatting online when we came across a cute 19yo who said he might be up for some fun.  We invited him over but he said he preferred us to come to him. We decided to head over there.

We got to the apartment tower and buzzed and buzzed but he didn’t answer. We assumed he had changed his mind. It was only as we were leaving that we realized we had been buzzing the right apartment number but at the wrong building! (it was in a complex with a number of different towers, an admirable idea but annoying in practice).  We quickly headed over to the correct building and buzzed and he came straight down to meet us.

Nineteen, blond with blue eyes, wearing a blue shirt that he knew would show off his eyes. He was absolutely stunning and absolutely horny.

Jamie and I managed to restrain ourselves from fucking him in the lift on the way up to the apartment. It was in a tall building, right on the river with a fantastic view. We must have been up on about the twentieth floor.

We put some porn on but it was soon forgotten as Jamie and I both concentrated on the hot blond teenager. We all got naked and we quickly ended up with the blond teen standing between the two of us who were sitting on the floor.

“Do you want the front or the back?” Jamie asked.

Back then I hadn’t yet learned to appreciate the awesomeness of a  nineteen year old butt so I elected to suck his cock. He stood there – legs slightly apart – as we attacked his cock and ass. He had his hands on my shoulders as we savored him.

His cock was uncut and perfectly formed. Not too large, certainly not too small, just a perfectly formed teenage cock that was absolutely rigid.

After about five minutes, James pulled his head out from between the stunning ass cheeks and asked if I wanted to swap. I was so turned on I said yes and found myself facing a wet teenage ass.

I had rimmed before but this was the first time I really let myself go and enjoy it. It was awesome. Smooth, lickable and I knew that before too long my cock would be sliding into this tight hole.

I had brought some toys with me. I pulled a stainless steel probe out of my bag and started rubbing it up and down his ass. He reached back to feel it and said “Don’t bother with that, just fuck me”.

He lay on the carpet on his back and as I fed him my cock, Jamie spread his legs and started rub lube over his cock and the waiting ass.

This was a kid who was used to being fucked. He wanted it and he wanted it now.

James pushed into him and gradually picked up the pace to a hard rough fuck. The kid really enjoyed it. He did the little gasp and moan thing that boys who are really turned on make. Jamie fucked him for a solid fifteen minutes.

It was time for me to take my turn at his ass. I fingered his hole – it was hot and wet and open. I slid my cock in and he flinched. Even though he had just been well fucked by Jamie he winced as my thick cock stretched his ass even wider.

“Hang on a sec” he said, as my cock slid all the way in. I held still as he wiggled on my cock getting used to it. For a few minutes I enjoyed the sensation of his ass contracting and relaxing on my thick rod as he adjusted to girth. He pushed experimentally against me and gave me the go ahead. I started to fuck him slow and gradually picked up the pace.

Using him on the rough carpet make it all feel more intense. It meant that when fucking him I was able to build up to the point where I was slamming him really hard – with no bed to soften or absorb the impact of my thrusts.

In the middle of power fucking him I heard cheering. It was coming from the adjacent apartment tower. I realized that with the blinds open it was possible that we had been spotted. It is a testament to the hotness of the boy that I realized that we might have an audience but that I didn’t care – I fucked on. To this day I don’t know if they were cheering us or something else.

I won’t describe the various positions that we found ourselves in over the next hour and a half. Suffice it to say  that Jamie and I didn’t play with each other but focused on the blond teen. Every position generally involved a cock in his ass and mouth. Spit roasting him on his hands and knees, fucking him on his back while slapping a cock against his lips or him riding one of us while the other stood and fed his cock between the twink’s lips.  There were very few moments where he wasn’t being used at both ends.

Eventually Jamie and I blew massive loads over the blond, teen twink as he jerked himself off.

We all jumped into the shower together and washed the exhausted twink – massaging his front and back. We got out of the shower just before his flatmate came home with his boyfriend. They were a bit amused to see us naked on the floor of the lounge room in towels.

One of them went to the kitchen to get a pair of tongs – which I couldn’t work out until he used them to pick up the condoms strewn over the lounge room floor.

So why do I still remember that night clearly? After-all, it was more than a decade ago. A couple of reasons:
– he was insanely hot
– it was one of the first times I really enjoyed rimming
– the view was amazing (I’m talking about the view from the apartment)
– he was a young guy without any sexual hang ups.
– the camaraderie with Jamie

It’s a great memory.   🙂