More correspondence from our bi Danish boy, Christian. You might recall from a previous post that he is a young guy in a relationship with a girl, but he dreams of getting fucked by guys.   His response to my previous post below!  🙂


Hi 🙂

I’m sorry that it took so long for me to reply. The exam went OK I think. No grade yet. But the main reason for the long wait is that I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject and how I feel.

I’m sure it’s not a compromise from my side to be with men instead of women. It’s a definite turn-on for me. Remember that I’ve performed oral already 🙂

About the couple I can’t just watch – I’ve already asked :p – they have said that if I decide to come to them they will make sure that I get fucked good, hard and long. Because I’ve held them off for so long. That turns me on a lot! But at the same time scares me a bit. Because my self-perception will definitely chance from that point.

When considering sex with men ofc I have to be clear of what I seek and don’t lead them on to think that there’s a chance for a romantic relationship. I know how hurting that can be.

You wrote that I don’t seek to suck a lot of cock, but that’s a fantasy with modifications. I fantasize about sucking lots of different cocks, but in a domination relationship, where I’m eg. rented out

Regarding taking cock I’m pretty confident that my ass can take a good cock. It might hurt a bit in the start. But that’s normal I guess?

At the moment it’s still definitely a fantasy only and as you said I’m not in a hurry. I will act on my urges when time is right. When that is I don’t know yet. But I’m almost positive that it will happen!

And of course I’m not ready for FSM but it’s an ultimate fantasy for me to participate as a mare. Total submission to men.

I will for sure write to you to arrange a meeting if I ever get to Australia 🙂

I hope my answer is adequate. I’m very happy about your response to my mail. Much more thorough than I would have ever imagined 🙂 I would be happy to write with you some more and reply if there’s something I haven’t answered 🙂


It’s normal for it to hurt a bit, but it shouldn’t be excruciating if you’ve trained your ass properly with toys. I think Soxster readers would enjoy seeing you train your ass with toys. So we would like to see some pics of various things up your twinky Danish butt. 😉

You didn’t mention what scenario you think it most likely. Do you think it’s going to be getting fucked a few times a year? 😉

I think you should be very honest with the couple and see if they will agree to taking it slow with you – at least at first.

So keep stretching that hole and preparing your boy pussy so that is it ready for cock. You’ll know when the time is right. Play safe and pick the right guy or guys to play with. You can only get fucked for the first time once, so make it a good one!

Wish we had talked more before I was in Europe – I would have popped by to pop your cherry.  😉

So let’s see some pics of your cock and butt. 😉


I think my ass is okay trained 🙂 I don’t have any big toys at the moment though. But toys + fingers is pretty good too.

I don’t have too much time on my own, but will take some pictures the next time I get the chance. When I get home from work I will send you some that I’ve already taken.

By the way, I think it’s a shame that your readers can’t comment on your blog. What’s the reason for that?

The scenario of getting fucked a few times a year is probably the most likely to happen. But I still fantasize about getting fucked a lot. But fantasy and reality is not the same I know. I’ve promised my self though, that if I should get single again (even though I don’t plan for that to happen) I will try to spend my time with men exclusively. No dating or flirting with women at all for a set period. Like 6 months. If I miss women after that period it’s ok for me to be with women again. If I don’t really miss it the period should be extended. Cock for a year should help me figure out what I feel I think. Maybe a stupid idea, but it will definitely test myself.

Regarding the couple, I am very honest with them. I think they know most of what I’ve told you. They will of course take it slow first, but they will make sure I will feel -very- used when I leave their
apartment. It’s not like I agree for a date and then blow them off. I’ve been super horny a few times where I’ve been aching for their cocks, but then they haven’t been online. At some time the timing is

I keep stretching my hole. If not for cock yet, then just for my own pleasure.

of course I will play safe, but oral is without condom. I want the taste of cock!

I know that the first time for me have to be with the couple tag-teaming my ass. They can’t wait to break me in, and I can’t wait to feel them fill me up.

But yea. I should have met with you. Too bad. I’m kind of a pussy too, because Denmark is kind of a small community. You never know when you meet someone you know. Hehe.

But as I said I will send you a few pics 🙂


Well on behalf of Soxster’s viewers – we’d love to see those pics!