A good friend of mine has found himself a totally adorable boyfriend. They are such a cute couple and I dream of the day they agree to do a scene for Soxster. However, they have been havingsome interesting sexual adventures recently. My friend has always been an expert cock sucking submissive, and his boyfriend Edward has always been the dominant…until last week….

Here is Edward’s adventure….where he discovered something new.


All right, let me set the scene for you. I am 21-year-old guy who prides himself on being open sexually and exploring. I love to learn all about sexuality all the little facets and nooks n crannies. Having always thought myself a top I tend to get off a lot more on being a Dom. I love collaring a guy up and making him do whatever I tell him to do to perfection. I want Obedience. Recently the love of my life decided that he wanted to try puppy/sub play, so as a top that gets off on Domming every now and then I was ecstatic at the idea of treating him like my slave. We went to a Bunnings after work one day last week and bought a leather studded collar, a length of chain, some little odds and ends and a doggy bone. I had a semi hard cock while we were picking up our items so as soon as we got in the car I put the collar on him and said ‘Drive me home, Pup’ ‘Yes, Sir’ he answered. 

Making him drive me home while I sat there in gloating silence having a smoke and denying him a cigarette gave me a massive power rush. It made me feel in control and frankly turned me on a fucking lot. Anyway I sent him on a few errands when we got home, in his collar of course, while I put on my steel caps, jeans and wife-beater, to look a little rougher and meaner. One of his errands was to pick up a cheap cat of nine-tails to lightly punish him with if he disobeyed. So for that afternoon I got him to do various tasks about the apartment and instructed him when and how he could play with himself, all the while making me rock hard and leak pre-cum like a tap from the power rush I was getting. Closer towards midnight we decided that we wanted to go to a sauna so we disbanded the play for the night and would resume the following day.

The next day all I wanted was for work to be finished, as soon as I woke up all I wanted to do was go home and chain my boy up to make him service my every will again. To feel the power again would have been amazing. But the tables got turned on me later that afternoon. I came home, did my usual drop my shit, strip off my clothes etc. Then my boy slapped the collar on me. He told me ‘Go sit in your bed boy’. I was fucking livid, I wanted to yell at him ‘Don’t you fucking speak to me like that!’ But I didn’t. Something instantly came over me and I felt compelled to do exactly as I was told. I don’t know what it was I didn’t have a sub bone in my body. So I went and sat on the rug I had laid out on the floor for him the previous day and I shut my mouth.

He stayed silent for a long time and sat on the couch opposite me masturbating and flirting with guys on his phone. I couldn’t say anything. I physically couldn’t, I just knew that pup knows his place and he doesn’t speak unless spoken to. After a while he says to me ‘Get dressed, Pup’ ‘Yes, Owner’ I reply. I quickly pull on the clothes nearest to me while Owner attaches a chain to my collar. ‘Now’ Owner tells me ‘You are going to walk to the car and wait for me understood?’ I froze. To do so I had to walk past all of our neighbours’ houses in our apartment block and it was only just getting dark out. I was terrified that they would see me; I wanted to call stop to the role-play! ‘Yes, Owner’ very timidly, my whole body frozen stiff, I walked down to the car with my head bent low not looking either way just down at the ground. I was compelled to do everything but why? What I was doing was totally against everything I had ever thought I could handle or want to do. I didn’t think I had a sub will. But there I was walking past my neighbours with a collar on. 

Owner came up to the car and told me to jump in the back. He proceeded to take me for a drive around our suburb. On our way around he spotted a cat on the side of the road so he stopped next to it. ‘What do pup’s do when they see cats?’ Owner asked me. I knew what he wanted me to do. I went bright red and replied ‘I can’t’. He yelled at me this time ‘Bark at that cat pup!’ So I stuck my head out the window and barked at the cat on the side of the road. I felt humiliated. People had seen me stick my collared neck out of the back window and bark at a cat. But I was beginning to realize I loved it.

So a few hours of us at home goes by with Owner flirting with guys online and me getting to lick his balls the entire time, receiving a slap to the back of the head when I tried to suck on his cock. I hadn’t been told I was allowed to so I was to be punished. ‘Alright pup put on pants and a shirt and go stand by the car’ Owner says to me again, by now it was late at night probably about 11pm. So yet again I timidly shuffle to the car and wait for him to open the door for me. We drove around for a few minutes until we stopped behind a pub. Owner got out of the car; pup had forgotten to put shoes on and realised he also had to hop out. ‘Stick close to me pup’ Owner told me. All I was wearing were blue torn jeans, a black faded shirt that said ‘Smile if your Gay’ on it, my collar attached to a chain and black leather cuffs. I was instantly terrified, we were in a busy part of our suburb on a busy night. I was starting to feel physically ill. I wanted to run back to safety and be done with this role-play. But I felt too compelled to do as I was told, it didn’t cross my mind that I could stop the role-play and be done with it and go home. All I knew was I was Pup and Pup does as he is told.

We came to a side door of the pub where the residents that live above enter and exit and I hid in the little alcove. A big group of straight guys started yelling obscenities at me calling me a ‘Little pussy faggot boy’ and ‘Cum slut’ and that they should bash me. I was shitting myself, fucking terrified. But they got bored very quickly and moved on. Soon a big American Daddy type came down and let us into the building and up to the elevator, where a young woman proceeded to taunt me from behind. I was so angry at her and wanted to yell but I wasn’t allowed to retaliate. Pup had to stand there with his head down and behave. I was terrified and angry but I didn’t care because I was being a good boy and doing as I was told perfectly.

So now we come to Daddy’s apartment, beautiful apartment that overlooks the CBD, kind of jealous of it actually. Owner instructs Pup to get naked as soon as I walk through the door, so I do. I stand there naked with my hands by my sides and my head bowed so Daddy can get a good look at what he is allowed to use. “He is well trained’ Daddy said to Owner ‘I need to piss, be back in a sec’ he disappeared through a wood panel door in the next room. My mind was blank at this point. All I knew was that Owner wanted me to do exactly as Daddy told me, and I really really wanted to. I wanted to do anything. I was feeling dirty, obedient, useless, trash. I wanted to be used and tossed aside. I wanted to be an object. ‘Go in there and lick the piss off of his cock pup’ Owner told me. He undid my chain and I walked on all fours into the bathroom. Daddy had stripped down and I could see he was all muscle, fat and fur, just how I like my men.

I wanted to be totally owned by this man. He smiled and turned to me, holding his soft cock out still dripping piss for me to clean up. I lapped it up like it was an oasis in the middle of the desert, I was instantly rock hard and went to touch my cock. I received a slap to the back of the head ‘No pup!’ Owner told me sternly ‘you don’t play with yourself unless granted permission!’ I pulled my hands away and began sucking on Daddy’s cock like my life depended on it. I felt like it was my goal in life to make his cock feel good, like that was all I was useful for. I was fucking loving it. He wasn’t much of a shower but fuck he grew a fair bit in my mouth, soon he was face fucking me, digging his fingers into the back of my head and not letting me up for air. Normally this would shit me and I would get really annoyed, but I wanted it, I wanted to be owned! 

I was leaking pre-cum so fast there was a stream of it from the tip of my cock down to the white-tiled floor, I was moaning like a slut and I am a very non-verbal person when I’m being sexy. I didn’t care that my legs were numb and that my knees were on fire from kneeling on tiles, I didn’t care that my throat and mouth were hurting from sucking so hard. The collar had an effect on me where all I wanted was to service. I wanted to be a good boy. Daddy soon started to make familiar grunting sounds that every man can recognize and I blew him even harder, I yearned for his cum in my mouth. I wanted it so much! I was soon rewarded with a giant warm load of cum filling my mouth and leaking down my chin, I sucked harder, I wanted more. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and squeezed the last of his cum to the tip of his cock, wiping it on my lips and watching me lick it off in ecstasy. ‘Good Boy’ Daddy told me ‘I want to see both of you next Thursday’.

Owner had been taking pictures the whole time and recording video. We went down to the car and he took off my collar and cuffs, instantly like a switch had been flicked I was me again. ‘How did you enjoy that babe?’ my love asked me. ‘I fucking loved it’ I replied ‘Now let’s go home I want a smoke and to watch those videos.’

End of Day 1


I’ve been told a  bit about what happened in Day 2 – and trust me, it only gets better!  🙂  So get your ass onto your computer Edward Wakefield, and tell us what happened!