I really enjoyed the first installment of Edward’s story. I had no idea that he was becoming such a good little sub boy. I’d like to assure all soxster.com readers that this is absolutely true.  🙂  They are an adorable couple and now I want more than ever for them to come and do a really intense shoot. Plus I think that I really need to work over Edward’s cute hole – it’s pretty inexperienced, but I like that.  🙂  Here is Part 2.


So the weekend passed fairly uneventfully for us, went to the beach etc. Monday came around and I had the day off. I was asleep when Owner left but he had left the collar on the kitchen bench for me on his way out to go to work. Around 9am I woke up and soon received a phone call from Owner instructing me to put my collar on and send a photo via txt to prove it. Putting the collar on I instantly went back into sub mode. After sending the photo I got a call back telling me that the house was to be cleaned immaculately and that all the washing was to be done by the time Owner got home. Immediately I set out to my chores and I scrubbed the house top to bottom, everything was perfectly clean and organized and all of the washing was washed, dried and put away. Around 2pm I received another phone call “I’m on my way home Pup, I expect you to be sitting on your mat naked in the middle of the floor with a blindfold on facing away from the front door’ “Yes Owner’ I hadn’t been wearing clothes all day, Pup doesn’t need them unless he is told to wear them. I fetched the blacked out aviator goggles from the sex toy cupboard, chained myself down and sat on my mat, waiting.

About 20 minutes passed and I heard a key in the front door, I hadn’t moved this entire time but now I was quivering with excitement and anticipation. The door opened and I was practically wetting myself by now, not being able to see a thing, not being allowed to move, not knowing what I was about to be asked to do. I heard footsteps move in front of me. ‘Take my shoes off Pup’ fumbling blindly I removed Owners shoes. ‘Now take off my socks’ off they came as well. ‘Now’ he said ‘unbutton my pants Pup’ I started to unbutton Owners pants and I could feel myself starting to get hard, I was fumbling with the buttons my hands were shaking so hard. I awkwardly pulled them off of his legs, as I still couldn’t see. ‘And my underwear’ I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and was instantly rock-hard; my heart began pounding out of my chest. I had undressed this man a thousand times before but never had it been this sensual or exciting, it was like I was undressing him for the first time again. He pushed my hands down and moved closer, sticking his rigid, sweaty uncut cock right under my nose and held it there. I didn’t move a muscle. I hadn’t been asked to do anything and I knew he was just teasing me. He rubbed his fat knob across my top lip, dragging it from one side of my face to the other. I was almost hyperventilating at how excited and turned on I was, I wanted to suck it so badly. He pushed my head down between his legs and into the heavenly divines that was his sweaty balls. ‘Get a good hard sniff of them Pup’ I breathed in deep practically gasping for their scent ‘Owner has been at work all day sweating up a nice treat for you’ I lavished in the warm heaviness of his balls against my cheek. ‘Now lick just the tip of my cock’ carefully I stuck out my tongue making sure it was only the tip that I licked and nothing more, I did not want to upset owner. I could taste a slight salty mix of pre-cum and sweat; I lapped it all for I was worth. ‘Sit on your mat Pup’ he pushed me away and went and sat down on the couch. I was tossed aside like a used cum rag, and I was loving it. He sat there for about 20 minutes idly jerking away and smoking while I sat on my mat patiently. “Blindfold on Pup and sit facing away from the door’ I obliged and waited patiently. I had started to quake with anticipation again, I was excited at Owner treating me like this. I could hear Owner moving about putting clothes on and then the door opened and closed. I was alone. Where had he gone? What was he doing? I thought to myself that I could take a sneaky peek out from under my blindfold. NO! I told myself. Pup is a well-behaved boy. Very soon the door opened again but I could hear 2 sets of footsteps this time, and the second set sounded very heavy. I felt a sharp slap to the back of my head ‘Sit up straight pup we have a visitor!’ Owner barked at me, I sat up as straight as I could. “Oh, he is well trained’ I heard a deep voice comment. I started to quiver again. I felt the heavy footsteps move around me and in front of me, and then heard a zipper being pulled down. Without realizing I already had my head slightly tilted back and my mouth slightly open. I felt a warm fat knob press against my lips, and my cock began to stiffen. I began servicing this stranger for all I was worth, feeling his cock fatten in my mouth and his hands grasp the back of my head. I had no idea who this was, but I was fucking loving having this big cock in my mouth, feeling it swell and push against the back of my throat. I grabbed his thick furry legs and began to pull his cock harder into my mouth, letting him know he could treat me rougher. He fucked my face for a while then he pulled out and began jerking off. ‘Open wide Pup’ Owner told me. “Do you want this load Boy?’ the strange man asked. ‘Yes please Sir’ I begged, I almost cried it out I wanted it so much ‘Feed me your load Sir, I want your cum!’ I forced his cock back into my mouth and felt him unload, spurt after spurt. Satisfied I had serviced him but not satisfied with my fill of cum I sat back down and bowed my head to the floor. ’Thankyou for your load Sir’ He ruffled my hair ‘Good Pup’ I heard him pull up his zipper and leave.

‘Okay Pup blindfold off’ Owner told me. I looked around and he was already sitting on the couch with 2 smokes rolled. ‘As a reward Pup gets to have a smoke with Owner’. I sat on the floor in front of Owner and took a good drag, tasting both cum and smoke in my mouth, still shaking and hard with excitement. Owner turned his phone to me and showed me a photo of a massive set of muscled shoulders covered in tattoos with the by-line ‘Greek Daddy’ above it. ‘That’s who you just serviced Pup, but you don’t get to see his face, ever.’ To this day I still haven’t. ‘Thankyou Owner, Pup loves doing as he is told to do’ I responded. I felt used. I later found out this man was just driving through the area and wanted to dump his load into some sluts open maw, and that happened to be my eager servicing maw. Once I had finished my smoke I went and sat back on my mat, still chained up.

Sitting on my mat I had time to contemplate how horny I was and how much subbing and servicing random men made me feel like a useless slut. And that fact was just turning me on even more. This occurred three more times with one of the guys leaving because they smelt Amyl and couldn’t keep hard and another blowing in less than a minute. Then the fifth one came around. The usual deal, I sit on my mat blindfolded and wait. Owner returned and I could hear heavy breathing behind him. I instantly knew he had invited scum over, but Pup still does as he is told. Needless to say when this Scum pressed his cock against Pups lips it was very good. He had a long thick cock and a giant pair of balls to go with it. “Blindfold off pup’ this man wheezed at me. So I took it off. I looked up at this balding, lanky, potbellied man with a weirdly put together face and it disgusted me. But for some reason Pup was still hard and leaking pre-cum and willing to service this man. “Is he allowed to kiss?’ the scummy man asked Owner. ‘He will do whatever you tell him’ Owner replied. I could
see now that Owner had his phone out and was videotaping and photographing everything that had been happening that afternoon, to document how much of a useless faggot Pup really was. The man leant forward and began to awkwardly kiss me, so I kissed him back teaching him properly how to kiss not just mashing his pursed lips into my mouth. He stood back up and began to ruthlessly jam his big fat cock into my mouth, making me gag loving it even more. Just as I was getting into a rhythm I felt this warm salty taste in my mouth. ‘Oh I just came’ he said, I felt slightly annoyed that his cumming was such a non-event. ‘I can go again’ and he jammed his still hard cock back into my mouth, catching me by surprise. I mouth fucked him like I hadn’t mouth fucked before and he came twice more, this ugly awkward man was really starting to turn me on. He plonked himself down on the couch and beckoned me over. He pulled my head back onto his cock and came a further 2 times, fuck this man could cum, I wanted to jerk off and cum all over his legs while I was kneeling at his feet to show him I could shoot bigger and better loads. But Pup had not been allowed to touch himself all afternoon and this was no exception. He would be punished greatly for cumming. The scummy man stood up and without a word got dressed and left. I was rewarded with another smoke.

Another hour or so passed and I was sitting on my mat rigidly, not moving. Behaving myself perfectly. I was awaiting the next man to come along and dump his warm salty load into my eager slut mouth. I wanted to be a slut. I wanted to be a whore. I was turning into a filthy cum-dumpster. I wanted to be trash. Owner looked at me and sighed ‘I think that’s all there is for tonight I’m afraid Pup’ ‘Alright Owner.’ I replied standing up and removing my collar ‘Pink Flamingo* Babe, I want to see all these videos and photos’

*Pink Flamingo is our code word that we use when we are ending the role-play for whatever reason.