Research indicates that a certain food can reduce a woman’s sex drive by about 80%. It’s called wedding cake.

Are we really sure we want marriage equality for gay couples?  😉

There have been regular rallies for marriage equality in Melbourne. I was wondering why they were happening so often – and then I realised that it’s just a perfect excuse for a lot of guys to meet.  A perfect event – you get to meet people and go for a walk. If someone is willing to march in a rally they are probably out (which avoids meeting a boy with coming out issues), they are probably interested in having a long term relationship and they are probably politically aware.  In other words, lots and lots of hot adorkable boys.

There are some totally adorable boys there. I remember once I was catching a train and I ran into this adorable 18yo who clearly was having a great day. We got talking and he was so excited because he had been to a rally and met an adorable guy and they ended up going out for coffee. Ah, young love. 🙂

So if you are single – get yourself along to a marriage equality rally.  🙂