I did a session with a boy last night that was quite a bit different to what I normally do. He was a cute 21yo asian kid who loves daddy-son role play. What made it interesting was that he wasn’t very verbal at all. He had this tendency during the session of becoming very insular and unresponsive.

Essentially he was playing the role of a very scared and submissive child who was almost in denial about what was happening. It makes perfect sense from a role play perspective but it meant that I had to work really hard to see if he was enjoying certain activities. I also wasn’t entirely comfortable with it – as I really prefer the boys who submit to me to be submitting willingly (eg. “I am choosing to submit to you”).

He arrived and went through the usual ritual I use with a lot of new subs. I blindfolded him and dragged him indoors. He was actually shaking a little so I took some extra time to calm him down and stripped him a little more slowly and carefully than normal. He also had the worst balance of any boy I’ve ever played with and had an alarming tendency to sway and buckle at the knees. It took me a few minutes to realise that for him this was part of the role play.

After he was stripped naked I added a fur lined collar and wrist cuffs. After more caressing and teasing, I wrapped his arms around my neck lifted him off the ground and carried him into the next room. I think that in that moment, with his arms around my neck, his legs around my waist and his face buried in my chest hair that he truly began to feel like I was his daddy.

I established my credentials as his daddy by resting my chin on his head, spinning him around and putting him in a head lock and doing other things that established how much bigger than him that I was.

I put him on his knees, sat back in my arm chair, and told him to find my cock and suck it. Arms outstretched he made his way towards me and located my legs and then my cock. He was taken back by its size – and that was when I had a semi. His mouth and hands soon had me cock hard. I taught him a few cock sucking techniques while he blew me. As I instructed him on how to treat my cock and balls we discussed his previous sexual experiences. How he lost his virginity, his adventures in the sauna and why he liked daddies.

He had a particularly good technique for playing with my balls – firm pressure that was almost perfect. Bonus marks.

I put on a leather harness and told him that it was so that I could pull and push him around more easily – and pulled him towards me to demonstrate. He almost toppled over as I pulled him against my body.

I guided him to my bedroom where his training continued. Tied spreadeagled to my bed as I attached pegs to his body. Wrapped in cling wrap so he was mummified. Leaving him to relax in the wrap as his core body temperature rose and I removed his cock from the wrapping and teased it back to a hard on.

It was finally time to get the boy into the sling. I lifted him up and lay him back into the sling. That moment when a boy has to lie back not being absolutely sure that there is something behind him is indeed a moment of trust.  I put his hands into the restraints, legs into the stirrups and admired him. I turned on an overhead video camera to record his reaction.

I poured amyl into a gas mask and he took long breaths as I slipped on a glove and went to work opening up his ass. One finger was taken with ease. A really obvious prostate made stimulating it easier. Two fingers were a little harder, but I worked over his butt until I was able to get all four fingers and thumb into his ass. I rubbered up my cock and started stroking it up and down his ass…and started to push…his moaning and groaning intensified and right when I felt his ass open up and my cock start to slide…..RED!

Safeword used – session ended. He lay there as I untied all the leather gear. The harness, the collar, the restraints…..all of it came off until he was lying there in the sling ready to take off the blindfold and leave.