Leo Bloom: We might have a position for you.
Max Bialystock: As a matter of fact, we might have several positions for you……God bless Sweden

What’s looser than badly put together IKEA furniture and more safety conscious than Volvo? The Swedish bottom boy I fisted this week.  😉

I normally fist younger, more inexperienced boys so it was a lot of fun to really go to town on guy in his early forties who could take it well. I think in many ways my experience with beginners means that I am often able to take experienced bottoms a lot further than they expect. I asked him to write up his experience…and here it is. Photos to follow.  I’m quite proud of the fact he came four times in less than three hours.

My experience with Andrew

I like your profile and I think my hands would really enjoy meeting your ass. I have a range of slings and I love to fist

This was his first correspondence with me, and oh, boy, did he meet his pledges. I have to confess he is one of the best fisters I ever had a session with and the experience with him has to be one of the five most memorable experiences in my fisting life (18 years).

However, I have to confess that I had at first my reservations about him – no his own pictures in his profile, very little written about himself.

But it was all splashed after I met him and saw his room with a sling. If you are after a guy with the looks and six-pack of Brad Pitt (and I am certainly not), you will not be satisfied.

However, if you are after an experienced fister who loves arse play you will find your match – not to mention his big fat cock.

I did feel uneasy at first, as I always play safe sex, and his original intention was to blind-fold me at the door: was he going to use gloves or was he going to use clean toys when playing with my arse?, were just some of the thoughts that were crossing my mind. As I try not to expect anything when meeting someone for the first time, I did not have any expectations to start with- however he envisaged all my dreams. However, after coming to his apartment he was really nice and asked me which mask I would like to chose. I have chosen the one which covers only front of your face with eyes and nose open.

I like chemmed sex, as it is then when I am more relaxed, and my hole gets really loose, so I can get double fisted and fisted to the elbow, however usually never take them when I meet somebody for the first time. So this time after asking him for the preference (as to have a good session it has to be mutual satisfaction and trust in both partners), I came to his place sober. And then after seeing his big paws my initial feeling was – I do not think I would be able to take it.

However, very soon he crushed all my anxieties- after giving me mask filled with amyl to sniff in, he started playing with my arse, fingering it at first and then putting big toys in. You could really tell that he enjoys what he is doing, as much as I did – which makes chemistry between two even stronger.

I love a nipple play, and oh boy, did he played with them – 10 minutes after putting pegs on them he started pouring hot wax twisting them real hard – I never have done that before and have to say it seemed to be very painful, but thankfully, I persevered and did not say RED as that would mean the end of our session.

This was done after he started to fist my arse, so the pain of either was slightly lessened but overall experience was elevated to a new, to me before unknown level.

His fists were ploughing my hole real hard, rotating inside then pistol fisting me – I was moaning so loud that at some stage I had to put the hand over my mouth. Then he started shoving these really big and fat toys in my arse – I think the big black dildo with huge mushroom head has to be the fattest ever dildo I got in inside, and I did not think I could take it- however his skillful hands have opened me up so much that at some stage he was putting its head in my arse then suddenly pulling it out then doing it all over again. The pleasure was immense… And there was another new thing he did to me, as I had a constant erection throughout the play- he put cathode through my penis which remained hard on for most of the play. It was not painful but I felt discomfort at first which was easily re-done by him ploughing my hole even harder.  With fisting continued, I came four times in the two and a half hour of our play – the last time when I was sucking him off and was bouncing on the big blue butt plug. His cum tasted sweet, I loved it as it splashed down my throat.

The three things I  liked most about Andrew: he is a great fister (really knows how to fist and loves doing it), and there is no danger of getting hurt – as even after two and a half hours of very intense arse play my hole still was not sore (which reminds me of experience in Zürich with these two very good looking young guys who came to my hotel room and shoved their both fists inside my arse, without any previous play and as I started to bleed I asked them to stop and to leave) – I was sore for two weeks after that experience and could hardly walk, yet alone get fisted- on my holiday in Switzerland and Northern Italy. So no matter how someone is good looking, has a nice body and big cock – which were the attributes of the Swiss couple, if they do not know how to use arse there is no point of playing)

He is very trustworthy person (he put the condoms on all of the toys he was plowing my hole with, and following the end of our session, they were placed in the bathroom tub (with hot water and the detergent), and after they were all washed- they were put on the black mat beneath to dry and he will rewash them again. This excludes any possibility of getting any kind of STIs (I know that as I just completed my Masters degree in sexual health), and thirdly he was not disengaged of continuing play after I had a bit of blood (just stopped for few minutes), and a bit of scat on his gloves (I did not have anything to eat in two days- to be sure I was clean – but as he said: shit happens) – he is a true cavalier. On my way out we kissed and hugged.

So I will strongly recommend Andrew to every hungry fisting bottom or a guy who is willing to experiment with SM/BD experience and any young top who like to learn the art of fisting.

And I have to confess one more thing: I came again for the fifth time three hours later at home while watching one of his blogs where he was dildoing this guy with two big dildoes, and while I was bouncing on my two smaller dildoes – I came again.

Oh, boy, do I want to have this experience again!!!!