I chat with a lot of interesting people online and recently I’ve been chatting to a closeted bi boy in his mid 20s who refers to himself as fag boy. We’ve been talking about his desire to be dominated. He lives outside of Melbourne so I suspect we won’t meet for a while as he will need to find a good excuse to come to the city to play with me. He seems like an interesting guy who is pretty clear on what he wants in terms of BDSM play. He hasn’t ever been fucked though – so I’m looking forward to working him up to that.

He mentioned his first time, and I asked him to write it up. Here it is for your enjoyment. This story begged the question whether or not he was into being dominated by guys before his first time, or whether his first time shaped his sexuality. We discussed it and it appears that he was into it well before the following occurred….


I first met Joel at a school mentor program. Year 9 boys at our all boys school would mentor Year 7 boys to help them integrate into high school life. We immediately became friends as we shared quite a number of similar interests like drama and getting outdoors and, as it turned out, boys.Over the next 3 years we became close mates and would hang out together. When I was 18 years old, I was a rower for my school and Joel was 16 year old boy with dirty blond hair, blue eyes and a slim gymnast physique. We would spend days driving around the countryside chilling out. One day when we were exploring a lookout near Dalesford I decided to challenging him to a game of Nervous (Nervous is a game where you try and put the other person in uncomfortable positions till one person does not want to continue the game)Joel went first and took off my shirt and asked the question. Nervous? I answered with a proud NO as the cool summer breeze ran over my body and my nipples went hard.  I then told Joel to take off his shirt and take his pants off.  To see his perfectly toned and hairless body standing there in his tight briefs was amazing – he looked like a real jungle boy. This continued until both of us were nude – and hiding in the bushes at a public lookout thinking what we could to make the other lose the game. We were both highly competitive teenage boys who would do anything to win the game.

Joel then thought he would win by telling me to kiss him. I immediately went in and started kissing him on the mouth. He was one of the best kissers in the world and I felt totally under his spell with his soft lips against mine and his smooth tongue in my mouth.

It was safe to say the Game was over in a draw. Because we were both so horny that we just started playing with each other as we kissed – to feel Joel’s hand on my cock was something that I will not forget any time soon as it was the first time another boy had played with my dick besides me. I slowly made my way down to his smooth body to place my lips around his 6 inch shaved smooth uncut cock and eagerly began to suck his cock like on the many gay porn videos that I had watched before this moment – hoping that his hard sweaty cock was getting the correct treatment.

It was then his turn to suck me and to look down at this boy with his lips around my cock and his mouth doing its best work left me in a sense of euphoria and almost ready to cum. I can’t remember exactly how long we sucked each others cocks and played with each others bodies for but it felt like ages. After he finished sucking me for the last time I asked Joel if he wanted to CUM in my mouth he eagerly said yes as I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it as he wanked over my mouth it was quite a strange feeling knowing what was about to happen I didn’t know whether to suck or swallow and if I was going to like what was about to happen. The only thing I was sure of was that Joel was soon going to emptying his balls into my eagerly awaiting mouth and that was it.When Joel blew into my mouth it was not what I was expecting. How fast it shot into my mouth and how surprisingly tasty it was with a very unique salty taste. I never go a choice on if I was going to spit or swallow in the end because I instantly drank every drop of his amazing cum. It was the first and best tasting load I have ever had in my life. I felt so good afterwards because I had sucked my dream boys cock and drank his beautiful cum that I wanted to return the favour. I asked him if he wanted my load and his response was “no you don’t get to cum” this was the first time that I was being controlled and I loved the feeling of being told what to do.After that we both put our clothing back on and I drove us home we decided that our little adventurers would be more exciting now we knew each others secret and they were nearly every time we could get away with it being just the two of us whether it be watching a 9am movie at the local cinema, random drives or weekends away camping. Whenever we were alone together we would suck each other off and Joel would get to cum in my mouth, on my face or on my chest and I would not get the same privilege.

One day I accidentally blew in his mouth while he sucked me. His response was to empty the contents of his mouth into mine and make me wait until he had cummed in my mouth before I was allowed to swallow both our loads – this was slightly humiliating as I had to sit there with a limp cock and a mouth full of my own cum while I waited for Joel to finish himself over my open mouth. but left me feeling so good about myself that I wanted to cum in his mouth more just to have the punishment.Unfortunately, after 2 years Joel and myself went our separate ways as neither of us felt that we could continue with our friendship and fuck buddy relationship as it was becoming more of a romantic relationship and for two boys who were not out yet that was a very daunting and scary thing to deal with.
We don’t speak anymore but I often check his Facebook and Twitter to see how he is going. He is out now and has a super-hot boyfriend named Nick. They look happy and I’m glad he is happy and so am I.
Sometimes I wish I could catch up with him for a beer and see how he is going but I’m not sure that he would want to see me because after all I think I hurt him more then he hurt me.