Last month I received a phone call at 1.17am from a twenty year old in some distress. Two days before he had done a session with two tops who love wrapping up boys in duct tape. He had a great time with them  and they had put him into chastity for three days until their next session.

However, there was a problem. His foreskin had become inflamed and he was in considerable pain. The pain was increasing and there was no chance of sleep.  He was tired and emotional, and wanted my advice.

I asked if he could break the lock or the cage but it turned out to be a metal lock on a metal chasity device. Definitely a top of the line model. I have to get one of these:—male-chastity-device-p3269.aspx

I asked all the logical questions. Could he break the lock? Did he have access to bolt cutters? Could he slip his dick and balls out with lube? Nope – he was pretty much screwed.

I calmly explained that he had two choices – call them and drive over there to be released, or pop into the emergency department of the Alfred Hospital.

He started to cry – an inconsolable sobbing. I’ve learned with this boy that it is better to let him get it out of his system. If you try and make him feel better he will argue with you, point out all the reasons his life is crap, and essentially drive himself deeper into despair in some twisted way to prove he was right to be sad in the first place.  The best thing to do is actually resist the overwhelming urge to try and make him feel better with every fiber of your being – because he will calm down quicker that way.

I sighed and waited for him to finish crying before I once again calmly outlined his options.

Eventually he calmed down, called them, went over and had it taken off. Obviously, they would have preferred not to be woken up, but I’m sure they understood.

I think there are some valuable lessons here.

I never send a boy home in a chastity device unless he has some way of getting it off in an emergency.  That can involve using a plastic lock that can be broken if required, a combination lock, a plastic cock cage that can be cut or broken, or giving him a spare key.

One of my favorite methods is to drip wax over a boy, put the key down on him, cover it with more wax and then peel it off his body and mould it into a ball. The boy takes the ball of wax home and has to avoid breaking it to release the embedded key.

Another technique I’ve used is to put the key in a glass jar and super glue the lid closed. Only way to get the key out is to smash the jar – and to a committed slave that sound of breaking glass will be a clear sound of failure.

It is also important for tops who put boys in chastity to make it clear that if anything goes wrong, day or night, they can call them for advice. Establish that expectation up front. It shows you care.

So think ahead and play safe.

My personal view is that there is no fun in putting a boy in chastity for more than three days as he might get used to it.  Everyone is different but some boys in long term chastity report feeling calm. What’s the point? 😉