I thought it might be worth reflecting on that moment when you release a boy from mummification. During the time when he is wrapped, his body temperature will start to rise. In the same way that people get into hot Japanese baths to create a feeling of euphoria, the same thing will occur during an extended mummification session. For boys who are able to get into ‘sub-space’ they will feel warm, safe, protected, euphoric – and then these sensations can be toyed with by cutting a hole in the wrap and teasing or tormenting his cock, balls, nipples, etc.

The moment when the wrap comes off can be a revelation. I try to cut through the wrap while leaving it in place, so the sensation of it being removed and the cool air rushing in can happen all at once. This skin will be damp with sweat and even the slightest breeze or gently blowing over his body can create the most amazing sensations. I generally unwrap them and leave them for a few minutes to enjoy the sensation of being ‘reborn’.