I’m playing with a boy soon whose ass is definitely ready to take a fist. We got soooo close to getting my fist into his eighteen year old ass during our last session that I’m pretty sure that the next session will be where it finally happens.

I thought a brief post on a first fist might be appropriate. I tender the following advice for your information and comment. If any fisting bottoms want to share their first experience, please get in touch!  🙂

Advice for boys being fisted: After the widest part of the hand gets past your ring, the whole hand will slide into your ass relatively easily.  This is the point where it won’t hurt anymore, but it is an entirely different sensation that you’ll need to get used to. Because it is such a different feeling you’ll need to be ready for it and realise in advance that it won’t feel painful. You go from a point where the fist is almost stationary and you are both working together to fight for every millimeter of stretch, to where the fist starts to suddenly start to move in, going faster and faster as it enters and your hole locks into place around his wrist. So when that slide commences – and you feel movement – its time to relax. Victory is yours – it’s the sign your ass has passed the widest point and you are about to achieve your goal. Don’t freak out. Your first thought may be “is there room in my ass for that hand”. There is definitely room in your ass. Trust, relax, enjoy and communicate. Don’t try to do too much the first time. You might want to consider stroking so that you blow your load as he withdraws his hand.

Don’t push it, don’t rush it. Take it slow. Enjoy the process.

Key points:

– When you feel the hand start to move into you when it passes the widest point, it will feel weird and unexpected – but everything is fine

– There is room for his hand in your ass

– What goes up, must come down, and what goes in, must come out. It won’t hurt as much coming out as it did going in.