Thomas is 21 and a truly amazing guy. He is currently living overseas and I’m missing him considerably more than I thought I would (which was a lot to begin with). He hadn’t been to a gay sauna before – and when he told me what happened his first time, I begged him to write it up – and here it is. I can’t wait for him to come home to Australia so I can spend more time with this very special guy.
Here’s my account of when I went to a gay bath house for the first time.  For those who know me, they know that I’ll hit a point where I won’t want to be touched anymore, surprisingly it didn’t happen, I mean I got bored with some of the guys but, I never reached that point where I didn’t want anything to happen anymore…
I’d gotten a message from a friend, Ray, who lived nearby about going to a gay sauna for some fun, having never been I jumped at the chance.  He quickly wrote down some directions to it and we got into his car to go downtown.  We followed the directions and ended up at the wrong place, apparently there’s more than one place with the same name in the area.  We ended up at a skeezy looking hotel just on the outskirts of Orlando.
After walking around the hotel, finding out that it’s not the place we wanted to be at, I searched for and typed the address into my phone’s GPS.  We finally got there, and headed inside.  I was feeling a mix of excited and nervous at the same time, I didn’t quite know what to expect inside.  People actually buy memberships to this place and regularly go. It felt rather disturbing that they’d do that…
We payed our $27 entrance fee, 10 for the entry, and 17 for the locker… Hell, Australian saunas are cheaper!  Both of us stripped down and wrapped our towels around our waists. We headed into the main area of the building, a causal area for chilling and watching TV, a Gym, that of course was dead at 1am,  a small break area with vending machines, a large area with about private 30 rooms.
Further around the back is where more of the action happened, in the sauna, steam room, and outside either by or in the pool/spa or in the maze.  Ray and I headed to the steam room first, we instantly drew a crowd, a group of four or five guys came in and started to watch us.  The youngest of the guys with a thick eight inch dick, and a tattoo on his shoulder, came over to play with my woody as he called it.  He sucked it for a while then worked his way down to my “bullseye” (yet another euphemism he used).  A shorter second guy who was high on poppers came to join in.  I blew him a for a bit then he tried to fuck me, but I told him no, clearly the top side of me was more present that night, it’s amazing how pushy guys can be sometimes.  More of the guys were going for me over Ray.  The combination of steam and the guys poppers lingering in the air started to make me dizzy and feel ill, so I decided to head outside.
Ray and I wandered around outside and decided to recline by the pool.  We had a different guy with another eight inch cock come over to play with us. Once again the guy with the poppers found us, and the young guy with the thick cock from earlier joined us as well.  An older gentlemen waltzed over and stood near us for a moment just watching us playing with himself.  It was creepy this old man watching us.  After about twenty minutes he got brave enough to come blow me, which was amazing, I almost blew my load down his throat.  I had to pull him off me before I did though, there was a hot twink that I wanted to shoot all over.
After more wandering around I ventured into the maze and found a dark curtained off area, there were tons of guys in there, all standing around the edges jerking themselves with no one really doing anything, how pathetic I thought to myself.  After I walked in, the young guy with the tattoo started making out with me and kissing my neck, for which I have developed, I guess, quite a fetish for, whilst another guy, whom I didn’t see, was chewing my foreskin and devouring my dick.
I left and returned to the steam room to find a gorgeous otter waiting for someone to come plow him, I began force feeding him my cock, which he seemed to enjoy thoroughly, it’s amazing how crazy some guys get with very little oxygen.  This guy was amazing in every way, from the way he skilfully deep throated me, to way that he ate out my hole, I could have spent the entire night with him.
Ray and I, after losing each other earlier in the maze, finally found each other by the showers. We sat in the sauna for a bit, until we saw the cute twink we both wanted go into the steam room. We followed him in and  found him on his knees servicing the otter, this was our chance. Ray and I joined in and were soon joined by two others, and his tattooed friend. The space we were occupying was about three by five feet. Having been building a huge load over the course of the night I was the first to blow. It hit the cute twinky bottom in the face, this made him even more hungry for cock, he sucked the last remnants out of me before turning his attention to the rest of the group.  His tattooed friend started making out with me shortly after he blew his load. Ray was the last to blow after grinding up against the twink, honestly it was the hottest thing I’ve seen.
Everyone had started to loose heat and were just relaxing up against the wall watching Ray and this cum slut go for it. Finally after ten minutes of them writhing all over the bench, Ray came, all over the twinks chest and stomach.  Everyone quickly disbanded in search of more action, or in mine and Ray’s case, to head home.  We showered, and used the toilets where we ran into the guy with the tattoo and the twink we just blew our loads on.  The four of us got to talking and I walked away with a phone number.   😀 The drive home was a nice one.