There have been a number of times over the years where I have found myself in extremely hedonistic environments. Orgies, parties, group sex, kink nights, porn sets, to mention just a few.

The danger of those situations is that you tend to forget consequences and live for the moment. I’m someone who prides himself on remaining in control, and I haven’t had any slip ups, but not everyone has been as lucky.

When I was at Hustlaball in Berlin I was in the middle of the dance floor watching the models suck, fuck and fist on stage. There were guys all around me sucking cock on their knees and quite a few guys having bareback sex.

I wonder how many of them were caught up in the moment and regretted not having safe sex in the morning (and for the rest of their lives).

I guess the key for organizers is to make it as easy as possible to do the right thing.

When I travel overseas it always disturbs me how poorly other countries promote safe sex at saunas, parties, orgies or sex on site premises.

I’ve been to a number of parties in Australia where they do things like apply double sided tape to the walls so that you can stick condoms on – ready to be ripped off when required. Or dark rooms where they’ll have a bucket of condoms and lube with a couple of glow sticks thrown in so you can easily find them in a darkened room.

They were giving out condoms at Hustlaball as you entered the dark room but there weren’t any in the dark room themselves.

Someone I know who works in STD prevention in Melbourne once told me that they try to get condoms and lube within three steps in any area where people might be having sex.

Because Australia is so good at stuff like this it actually can put Aussies in danger when they travel because they assume that condoms and lube will be provided at these kinds of locations. It shocks many of us when venues don’t provide condoms and lube.

So for event organizers around the world, and this includes small private orgies in private homes, here are my suggestions:

– Use double sided tape to put condoms everywhere. Color coordinate and make it part of the decor for the event. Silver condoms arranged on black double sided tape looks great!

– Use buckets of condoms and glow sticks to make it as easy as possible to find them

– Don’t just hand people a condom and a sachet of lube as they enter, give them a handful.

There are some great ways to make safe sex a fun part of events. Play safe and fuck your brains out.