Question: What does Götterdämmerung, an opera from Wagner’s Ring Cycle, have in common with the three-way I had with two eighteen year olds this month?
Answer: They both go for about seven hours and require an interval and a dinner break.

I’d been talking to Riley for a few weeks online, and we had skyped a few times, but the boy who walked through the door was far more stunning than I could have imagined. He is an eighteen year old surfer boy with an amazing body and the cutest smile.

We sat and talked about Soxster and some of the sessions I had done and filmed before. I showed him some films of previous sessions and explained a bit about the models. His pants had a definite bulge to them but in these circumstance I don’t like to rush the guys. I was waiting for him to make the first move. After a few more video clips and talking he gave me a plaintive look that just implied “can we start – I’m eighteen and I’m really fucking horny”. I asked him if he was ready to begin and when he said he was I stood him up and popped the blindfold over his head.

I moved him to the middle of the room and placed his hands by his side and started to run my fingers over his t-shirt and arms. I was getting him used to being touched. He shivered slightly at the extreme sensuality of being caressed all over while being unable to see. When it was time to continue I positioned his hands over his head and started to gently lift his t-shirt up his torso, caressing his body as I went. There was that awkward moment where you have to get his shirt over his nose while making sure the blindfold doesn’t get dislodged.

I walked behind him and put him in a headlock while resting my chin on his head. This emphasized my height, towering almost a foot above him. It also meant he realized that he was pretty powerless in my hands.

I wrapped his arms loosely around my neck, reached down under his legs and lifted him into the air. He wasn’t expecting this and wrapped his arms around my neck and clung to my chest like a toddler. I carried him to the door of my apartment and pushed him up against the door and let his feet fall to the ground.

I ran the furry side of my fur lined collar up his torso, teasing him with the sensations. He gasped as the thin strip of fur wrapped around his neck and was buckled into place. I placed the leather harness over his head and buckled it in place, his first time in a harness.

I grabbed him by the harness and pulled him towards me and he gasped as he realized how much control the harness gave him.

Kissing is something that I normally don’t do with subs. Sometimes it changes the dynamic. I always test a boy to see if that’s what he wants from his master. I decided to tease him. Over the next ten minutes I randomly brushed my lips over his face as I continued to tease his body. Each time his lips parted in anticipation – only for me to ignore them. I turned up the teasing another notch – flicking my tongue across his lips. He opened his mouth and let his tongue escape his lips searching for mine but each time my mouth was long gone to somewhere else on his body.

My gauntlets are long leather sleeves that cover from your finger tips to your shoulders. I positioned his arm so I could sheath it in one swift moment. I buckled it into place and then did it again on the other side. I ran my hands over his body and clips the gauntlets behind his back. Another level of helplessness and submission reached.

Finally it was time to make out properly. I grabbed his shoulders and threw him back again the wall and held him there, I pushed my body hard up against his, wrapped my hands around his neck and made out with him fast and furious while he stood helpless with his arms clipped behind his back. His mouth was soft, hot and willing – our tongues raped eachother’s mouths.

I pushed him onto his knees and sat back in a bucket chair. “Suck me” I ordered gently but firmly. He reached out his leather encased hands and connected with one of my knees. Feeling his way down my leg he found my crotch and cock which was sporting a semi erection. He took it in his mouth and I hardened. As the girth increased and increased he started to realize what a massively thick cock I had. He had an awesome mouth but needed to work on other skills – learning how to vary pace and play with his partner’s balls. Under my tutorage his skills significantly improved.

I guided him to the bedroom, walking him over the mess of electric cables connected to the lights and cameras that were ready to record his session. I threw him on the bed and pinned his arms down.

I told him to close his eyes and pulled off the blindfold and put the hood over his head. I repositioned the blindfold over the eye holes of the hood. He was now ready to have his session filmed.

I pulled him onto his knees and told him to straighten his back. I positioned him with his arms by his sides still in the gauntlets. His ankle cuffs clipped together. I tied a length of blue rope to his right gauntlet and threaded it behind his back to the left one. I threaded it through the eyelet and back to the right one. After a few minutes there was a thick braid of rope behind his back preventing him from reaching around to the front.

I fetched the roll of cling wrap from the shelf and positioned it near his head. I knew that as I pulled the wrap off the roll it would tell him what was going to happen. As expected the sound caused him to shudder. Probably a combination of excitement, nerves and antipation.

I started with his chest. Layer upon layer of clear cling wrap encircled his torso. As the layers built and built his balance began to suffer. I needed to keep one hand on him to stop him toppling over. I wrapped him from his neck to below his balls and then laid him down on his back. I held his legs, still cuffed together at the ankles, in the air as I wrapped his legs down to his socks. I like boys in little white socks so I decided they were staying on.

By now he was safely wrapped up. I decided not to apply a layer of tape as I wanted to see his hot body writhe under the cling film. I teased him for a while. Running my hands over his body. Kissing his lips. Reminding him he was helpless.

I waited for him to relax. The heat of the being mummified in plastic raises the body temperature of the boy inside. In the same way that being in a hot Japanese bath can raise your temperature to create a mild euphoria the wrap does the same thing.

I very carefully made a small hole in the plastic and pulled his balls through. I teased them. There is nothing like a boy being helpless and realizing that even if he could manage to escape there is no way to do it fast enough to stop me from slapping, biting or otherwise tormenting them. I gently squeezed his balls to let him know that for the duration of the session they were mine to play with.

He shivered when he heard me strike a match. I dripped the wax from high above him onto his balls. He responded with moans and groans. He learnt the lesson that once wax has fallen on your skin it spreads and cools – creating a layer that protects you from further wax.

I took out the sounds and selected a thin one – but not so thin that there was a danger of scratching or hurting the inside of his cock. I opened a new tube of sterile lube and squeezed a little onto his cling wrap covered stomach. I ripped open an alcohol wipe and sterilised the sound (that had already been boiled). I repeated this (safety first) and waved the sound in the air like a wand to dry the alcohol. I eased it into his cock and slowly fucked him with it. More wax followed.

When you wind rope around someone’s balls and then pull that rope it makes their balls thrash around a pretty violent manner providing a really intense experience.

Eventually it was time to release him. I slowly the wrap from his toes to his neck and peeled back the plastic. As he lay on the bed, feeling the cool air drift over his body I prepared the sling for the next phase of play. The base of the sling was already clipped to the roof hooks. I stood on the bed to clip the last two hooks into place – and deliberately dragged the cold chain over his body before clipping it into place. I gently dragged his legs around so they were hanging off the bed and grabbed his chest harness.

I pulled him off the bed until we were standing face to face. We made out while we played with eachother’s cocks. I then picked him up and lowered him back into the sling. It’s a real moment of trust, they feel themselves being lent backwards further and further until their back hits the flimsy leather straps that eventually take their weight.

It was his first time in a sling. I haven’t yet met a boy who doesn’t, upon being put into the sling for the first time try to move their ass further up. For the record, your ass should be just hanging over the end of the sling – the perfect position to take a toy or my hard cock.

I don’t normally tie boys into the sling their first time but this kid was ready for advanced stuff. I put his hands on my blue grips and fastened the cuff around his wrists. His legs went into the padded leg stirrups.

He moved around slightly – experimenting with the level of movement available to him and seeing how the sling responded. “Is this the sling you showed me on Skype?” He asked, obviously trying to picture what he looked like. It was my favourite sling – black leather cargo net sling, blue leather pillow, black & blue leather wrist cuffs and ankle stirrups.

I left him hanging there, building the anticipation, while I prepared my implements.

I went to the bathroom and soaked the end of a hand towel in very hot water. It cooled as I walked back to the bedroom, where I ran it up and down his ass to make it perfectly clean. I dried his ass and sat crossed legged on the floor. I spread his cheek and there was his teenage hole almost perfectly at the right height. He had obviously tried shaving his own ass and had done an almost flawless job. Just five hairs had escaped the blade – and they were right against his hole – exactly where you don’t want to be shaving. Let this be a lesson to get a friend to shave your butt for you.

I flicked my tongue over his hole and he shuddered. He has been rimmed before but never when so helpless. I did all the things i like to do to tight young holes. Light flicking of my tongue across his hole. Long strokes up and down his crack. Lapping at his teen butt hole. Finally I buried my tongue as far as it would go into him and fucked him with my tongue. I set the sling swinging back and forwards and buried my tongue in his ass each time he swung back onto my face.

I wiped off my face and focused the video camera – one over the sling giving an overview and the other pointing at his ass. I put on gloves and poured a lot of lube over his balls which then slowly ran down over his hole. I made sure his ass was well coated and rubbed my fingers into his crack to coat them. I pushed a single finger into his ass. The rimming and his previous experience had done the trick – he was open and my finger slid in with little resistance. I curled my finger and found his prostrate.

Riley is a pretty sexually advanced for a eighteen (and two weeks) year old. He had been practicing opening his hole since he was sixteen. Like most teenage boys he had put some things up his ass – but unlike other guys he was ambitious and used a bowling pin. It took him over a year to stretch his young hole to the point where he could ease it inside. But his efforts had paid off. At seventeen he participated in a orgy at a city hotel where all eight other guys, the oldest being 24, had fucked him. That night he was even able to take a guy with the largest cock he had ever seen before or since.

I love dedicated boys who have taken the time and effort to open themselves up. Riley’s practice has two implications. First, he is able to take some big toys up his ass and I suspect will reach the level of anal accomplishment that only a few teens i have met have been able to achieve. Second, it means that his default position for ass play is sitting on large things. This isn’t something we have taken advantage of yet but it’s only a matter of time before you’ll find me lying on my back with him lowering himself onto my fist.

Despite his experience with being fucked, both one on one and in an orgy with eight other guys under 24, no one had ever taken the time to find and massage his prostate. He had a small but very obvious prostate. I gently stroked it and then applied more pressure. Riley went rigid in the sling and started shallow breathing. He trashed his head and I decided to check he was feeling ecstasy rather than pain. He quickly confirmed he was loving it – despite looking like he was being electrocuted (and I know that look well). He uttered a phrase that he would use over and over again, “Oh wow…holy fuck…that’s a-mazing”.

It was obvious that this was an ass that could take a real stretching.

He took a hit of amyl – and it was a bit much for him. Being used to small cautious hits from a bottle the sensations of the amyl rush were a bit much for him. Having a massive amyl hit while blindfolded in a sling and moving like you are on a ship heaving in heavy seas can be a bit disorientating and overwhelming. I gave him a while to breathe it out and then went back to the ass stretching.

For serious ass stretchers there are certain toys that are well known. Universal standards. He took Rambone with no problems at all. BAM took a bit of effort but I eventually eased it into his ass. He liked the stainless steel toys, including the Njoy Eleven which slipped up his teen butt perfectly and looked awesome.

At one point he said that it was feeling amazing and apologized for not being hard. I grabbed his rigid cock that was tipped with precum. He laughed and said that he must have been concentrating on his hole so much he didn’t realize he was hard.
“You could drive nails with that fucker” I laughed.
“I must have been too focused on my hole” he replied with a smile.
“I know I was”, I grinned.

I continued to stretch his ass wider and wider. The Njoy eleven looked awesome and he responded really well to it. So smooth – the metal warmed up perfectly in his ass.

I eased BAM into his ass. I told him to feel his butt.He let go of the leather loop he was clinging to and reached down to his ass and his fingers wrapped around BAM buried in his hole. If he wasn’t wearing a blindfold I’m sure that his eyes would have gone wide at how stretched he was. “Oh my god” he said. “That’s a-mazing!”.

I made him keep his fingers there as I started to push the toy in and out of his ass, so he could feel just how open his teenage hole had become. At one point I pulled it entirely out of his ass and he fondled the top marvelling at its size before I eased it back into his boy butt.

He needed to pee. I took off the blindfold and he was momentarily blinded by the lights focused on the sling. I helped him out, by holding onto his harness and sent him to the bathroom.

When he got back in the sling I left the blindfold off. He worked out that he could see what was happening to his ass by looking at the screen on the video camera hanging from the overhead boom. He looked up curiously and with rapt fascination as various toys were worked into his ass.

It was time to see if he was ready for more. More toys. More lube on his ass and my fingers crept slowly into his butt. My hand sank deeper into his ass. It opened up perfectly and let me slowly slide in. No significant pressure, a gentle easing inside. And then just as my hand passed the widest point, he broke the spell and asked to take a five minute break. I nodded ok and started sliding it out. But in my head I was thinking “but…’s so fucking close!”.

My fist got so close. Riley actually thought he had taken it – it sure looks like it on the video (what he was watching). But it didn’t quite lock into place. He didn’t experience the sensation as the ass passes the widest point and then slides in, and the ring locks around my wrist.

We took a break and relaxed. I texted Grayson to confirm he wasn’t attending as we hadn’t heard from him. He replied almost immediately to say he was on the train on the way in. Riley and I relaxed and waited for him to get to my house. We watched some more of my home made porn

I’m not sure what Grayson thought when he walked in the door. I put on a robe to answer the door but it must have been pretty obvious that I wasn’t wearing anything other than a leather harness. By this stage Riley was wearing a collar, harness and ankle cuffs.

As I’ve said before, Grayson is fucking adorable. Long rock star hair, a breathless way of speaking that’s incredibly endearing and a smooth torso. You just want to snuggle his brains out.

Grayson found himself in one of those situations where it’s hard to work out what’s more embarrassing – getting naked with everyone else or being the odd one out wearing clothes. He made the right decision and stripped – pausing to show off his disturbingly hot Batman underwear – and we headed for the bedroom. Grayson watched as Riley climbed into the sling and I gloved up.

I worked over Riley=’s ass in the sling but it was getting tighter which is normal if you play and take a break.

After a lot more ass play, it was time for a break. We decided to head out to dinner and go to a fetish store. Neither of them had been to a gay sex shop before. Grayson had been to a straight sex shop and reassured Riley “it’s only weird for the first two minutes”. We headed out to Manhaus and Eagle Leather – the only two decent gay sex shops in Melbourne.

Manhaus is bright and airy. Well lit and decorated. Clothing to the left and sex toys to the right. The guys really liked it. It’s very friendly. They particularly loved the fact there was a couch and a tv that was showing the movie Despicable Me. In fact as we left they commented how they were expecting a decor more similar to a dungeon and that they were kind of expecting the sound of water dripping. Instead they got well designed and cartoons.

By chance a friend of mine was in Manhaus and the boys rather shyly said hi. I think it was a bit of a mental shift to adjust to the fact that a sex shop could be a friendly, social environment. The fact the guy behind the counter greeted me warmly also emphasised to me that I spend way too much money there.

We headed a few doors down to Eagle Leather. I could see Riley was intensely curious about nipple clips so I picked out a set to use on him later.

We headed back to manhaus and I stocked up on Crisco. You can’t get Crisco easily in Australia. When Costco opened in Australia a few years back I thought this might be the opportunity to get it cheaply but alas they don’t stick it. Instead they stocked a fuck load of cranberry juice that was piled in pallets to the ceiling that no one bought (it’s not popular in Australia).

When we got back home after dinner we stripped off – round two.

Grayson went to use the douche in my shower – a shower shot. It was his first time so we discussed it before he gave it a go. When he was finished I headed to the bathroom. As I came back into the room, Grayson was sitting on a stool sucking Riley’s cock. It was only then that i realised that it was Grayson’s first three-way. I stood next to Riley and Grayson reached up to feel my cock. He sucked Riley’s cock and then moved across to mine and back to Riley’s. I loved the feel of Grayson’s long hair falling forward onto my crotch and cock as he sucked me. I alternated between making out with Riley and watching Grayson.

I realises he would have never would have had two cocks in his mouth at the same time. We urged him to give it a go. Sucking on two cocks at once isn’t that practical really – but it is definitely something you need to try and then jerk off thinking about afterwards.

Grayson shyly if I could rim him. He jumped into the sling and I rubbed his ass with a wet towel to make sure his ass was super clean.

His ass was tight with thin hairs lightly covering his hole. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and started lightly flicking his ass with my tongue before really going to town and eating his teen butt. Grayson started moaning furiously. Riley remarked how good I was at eating ass and they discussed the merits of my technique.

It was an interesting moment – eating out a hot eighteen year old while he discussed with another eighteen year old how good my rimming technique was. I reached over and grabbed Riley’s cock while I kept licking Grayson’s butt. Riley lent over the sling and sucked Grayson’s cock into his mouth while I kept eating his ass. Grayson lasted about a minute before he pushed Riley’s head away to make sure he didn’t blow too soon.

I gloved up and started playing with his ass. He was tight but eager. I attacked his prostate, and gradually opened him up to three fingers.

I worked some toys into Grayson’s ass. Silicone balls, a small butt plug and a thin dildo. He was tight but occasionally loosened up when he relaxed.

When I had gotten him as open as possible I rolled a condom down onto my cock and rubber it up and down his slick hole.

I tried to slide my fat cock into his tight teen ass but I was just too big. It was pretty obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to fuck him today. I asked Riley if he wanted to try – because his cock was thinner and tapered beautifully towards the head for smoother entry.

We swapped places and Riley rubbered up his cock and took his place between the legs of the horny teenager. I drizzled lube on Riley’s cock and he rubbed his cock up and down Grayson’s ass crack getting it even wetter.

It was time to give it a try. His cock slowly slid into Grayson’s tight hole. He got it about half way in and held it there to give him a chance to get used to it. Riley obviously had a lot of empathy and i think could make a hell of a top. Grayson moaned and groaned and had his eyes tightly closed. Like so many young guys he wasn’t showing us whether he was experiencing pleasure, pain or a combination of both.

As Grayson stroked his cock trying to get used to the pole in his ass I could tell that his horniness was overcoming his pain and I urged Riley to fuck him harder. Riley obviously wasn’t sure that Grayson could take it and started to fuck him hesitantly. Grayson moaned “fuck me, oh fuck me”. Riley took the hint and slid his cock fully into Grayson and started to fuck him with long strokes. I grabbed the camera and snapped off a few pics of Grayson’s teen ass tightly gripping Riley’s hard cock.

It couldn’t have been more than ten thrusts before a large glob of cum oozed out of Grayson’s cock onto his stomach. I only just had time to think that was a bit weird as he had blown such a massive load last time – before he grunted and blew for real.

Grayson confirmed our last session wasn’t a fluke as a massive jet of teenage cum exploded out of his cock and flew over his stomach and chest. I thought he was going to get it over his head but at the last minute gravity conspired to bring it down on the very top of his torso near his shoulder.

Riley pulled slowly out. Grayson lay there breathing heavily until he slowly calmed down and relaxed. A little too relaxed as it turned out. A small amount of water from his first shower-shot douche had made its way a little higher up his insides than he had realised. Riley’s fucking had moved his insides around and Grayson realised too late what was going to happen. He just had time to say “oh no” before a little bit of water leaked out of his ass. It hit the towel under the sling, no harm done. He was so embarrassed but there wasn’t any reason to be – these things happen. I actually found it a bit adorable and innocent – it’s happened to us all.

Grayson climbed out of the sling and went off to the bathroom for a quick rinse. Riley got into the sling. I played with his ass. His ass was pretty loose but sore from the previous play. He wasn’t going to be able to take any large toys but he was still fuckable. I rubbered up and slid my cock into his ass. He winced slightly – his ass was pretty worn out by now.

I fucked him for about five minutes, made sure I hit his prostate by leaning back and thrusting up into him. I told him to jerk off and he grabbed his cock and stroked furiously before blowing a giant load of teenage cum over his stomach as I pounded his ass.

I pulled out and ripped off the condom and started jerking off. My body was fighting a battle between exhaustion and the need for relief. It took a few minutes before I blew a load over the boy still hanging in the sling. It was loverly to see he didn’t flinch – some boys don’t like being covered in cum after they have blown themselves.

Over the years I’ve played with a lot of eighteen year olds. They tend to find me at the end of their exams in their final year of high school. After thirteen years of study, they have finished, they have freedom, they are horny and they want to try some new stuff. And I’m happy to help. The scary thing is that the older I get, they stay the same age. I’m still in touch with many of the eighteen year olds I’ve fucked over the years – some of whom are now in their early thirties – and some of my best friends.

This was a really fun day. Riley arrived about twelve and they both left at about seven thirty. It was a lot of fun, a bit kinky, incredibly sexy. So much fun. I’ve left out so many details from the day. There are just too many.

I’ve watched the video of Riley’s ass being stretched in the sling four times now and each time I’ve blown a massive load. The bit that gets me off is that moment when he is feeling his hole stretched around BAM and I pull it all the way out, let him feel the toy and then push it back in. What makes it hot is the fact his lips are parted in a silent moan and that he doesn’t resist at all. He has totally submitted and is letting me stretch his young hole. The first time I watched it, I blew a load further than Grayson – and for someone in his mid thirties that’s impressive.

I’m looking forward to more snuggles with Grayson and fisting Riley. As Riley would say, it was a schweet day. 🙂