It’s rare for me to play with older guys – but when Jason, a hot guy in his 40s, messaged me wanting to know more about what I did, and wanting to try it, I was intrigued. His emails were articulate, funny, very horny and his body was pretty damn awesome as well. He wanted a session where his boyfriend would watch. I agreed and set some ground rules – including the fact I wanted to meet his boyfriend first on the night we played so that we could establish a connection before I worked Jason over.  The session went really well. His boyfriend and I bonded before Jason was allowed to enter the apartment – which made the session even hotter. In fact, I think his boyfriend, who was initially hesitant, ended up being even more into it than Jason. Here is Jason’s description of the evening – photos to follow!  🙂  I’m very experienced with asses and it become pretty clear he wasn’t ready to take my fist that night – but he will be more relaxed next time and I suspect that will help a lot.  😉


Well after 2 months or so of chatting with Andrew Soxster on line, with many emails back and forth, organising my ultimate fantasy of being completely dominated by a Master of BDSM, today was the day.

My Boyfriend was a bit reluctant at first, but he finally agreed to be a part of it. I’m about to describe one of my most amazing experiences, from beginning to end, I had absolutely no control, which I am not used to at all!

Our meeting was to be in the evening, so for the whole day, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Scared, Nervous, Anxious, Horny and Excited. All the time putting on a brave face in front of my boyfriend, who I knew might be quite happy to pull the pin if he thought I was scared or not happy to go through with things.

Instructions were for my boyfriend to arrive at the Masters address at 7pm alone, to discuss what and how things would take place. We arrived at  the Master’s address and my boyfriend went in.

I decided to have a drink at the bar across the road, and wait for my instructions. I thought to myself, if only the barman knew what was about to happen to me? Could he see I was nervous?

At about 7.20pm I received a text, instructing me to arrive at the address, knock on the door and face the other way. On the way over the road my heart was pounding!!! I knocked on the door and faced the other way. The wall opposite, was the last thing I would see for the next three hours.

I heard the door open, there was no greeting, except for a blindfold being put over my head before being dragged inside.

I had carefully chosen to wear a leather jockstrap with a built in cockring and a removable front pouch, thinking this might please the Master? I will realise later, that fashion choice was a complete waste of time!!

I was pushed up against the wall with the Masters body pressed against mine. His chin rested on the top of my head, and considering I am 5’10”, this man was big!! Now I am scared but also a little excited!! Where the hell is my boyfriend??

I was now stripped naked, apart from the blindfold and my leather jockstrap. I was standing alone, not knowing what was next, nervously remembering and visualising the Soxster blogs I had read. The next thing I feel is a leather collar being tightly secured around my neck. Leather cuffs around my ankles and a chest harness buckled firmly into position. My hands and arms were then fully encased in long leather mitten type gloves, strapped tightly and then clipped together behind my back. Despite having no upper body movement, the smell of all that leather did get me excited.

Next I feel his hand on my chest, moving down my stomach toward my jockstrap. He unbuttoned the pouch of my jock, tearing it down, leaving it hanging by one stud underneath my nuts, leaving me totally exposed. Now I’m feeling totally vulnerable and maybe a bit humiliated, wondering if my boyfriend was watching??

I was made to drop to my knees, still with arms tied behind me, when a big thick uncut cock was shoved in my face and I was told to suck. I knew this man meant business and was reminded of his name…Sir.!! Now I felt helpless!!!

I was orally powerfucked for what seemed like forever, gagging and choking. I was then told I would need to do a better job?? How could I do better without the use of my hands? I was helpless and felt so!! I’m not sure for how much longer I was made to gag on his big meat? And where was my boyfriend?

Next I was dragged across the room by the harness, stripped of the rest of my jockstrap, and a ball stretcher was applied to me. It actually didn’t hurt too much and I grew to enjoy the pressure. My arms were released from behind me but I was still wearing the leather mitts. I felt a bit more comfortable with my arms free.

The next cock shoved in my mouth I recognised; my boyfriend’s. All I could think was he had been watching all that had happened so far, and now I was stark naked on all fours, semi restrained, having my ass slapped while sucking his cock.

The fact he was rock hard, led me to realise he had quite enjoyed the preceding events!!!

Now my ass was being slapped while I was sucking my boyfriends cock and I was actually enjoying it!!

Still on all fours, now I was being made to suck two big dicks, a little rough but a little enjoyable being treated like a slut. At least I had the use of my hands….sort of. They were still completely encased in leather.

I think it was at this stage, I was ordered to keep my eyes shut (and I certainly wasn’t in any position to disobey) while the blindfold was removed and replaced by a leather hood, completely covering my head down to my mouth, of course, so I could suck more dick!!…..And I did!

I did at this stage feel more comfortable, knowing my boyfriend was there and clearly enjoying the whole thing.

Next I was made to stand. I was carried like a baby into what I assume was a different room. This man was strong!!! I thought, Finally the sling, which is what I was looking forward to!! Boy was I Wrong!

I was put on a bed, and then made to kneel. This is when the layers of cling wrap were started.  I went from feeling quite comfortable, straight back to feeling nervous and anxious! I still had no vision and knew I was about to become a living mummy. Kneeling on the bed with my still gloved hands by my side, I was wrapped tightly, layer upon layer, from my neck to my knees. I was then picked up and layed down, and the lower part of my legs were completely covered tightly in the plastic. My whole body had been mummified This was the least amount of movement I had had through the whole session, none!!!

My heart was pounding as I was getting warmer and warmer. I was left lying there, and began to relax a little. My body was getting warmer, and the feeling quite euphoric. I felt weight on both sides of the bed, and then the big cocks were being shoved in my face again for me to suck. I did my best considering my complete immobility , and then appeared to be given a break.

Next my boyfriend started kissing me gently, which actually gave me comfort. While kissing me in my relaxed euphoric state of mummification, I felt pressure in my groin area , and could hear the cutting of plastic, hoping my Master had a steady hand with what would have to have been a pretty sharp implement, considering the tightness and amount of layers of plastic.

All of a sudden my balls and only my balls had been released.

The cool air on my nuts and the soft blowing from either the Master or my boyfriend started to get me aroused, but I had a fair idea of what was about to happen. Sure enough the strike of a match of which I was pretty sure wasn’t going to be lighting a scented candle for my continued relaxation!! Amazing how you can go from feeling comforted warm and arroused, to holy shit!!!

Drip by drip, my once cool and excited balls, were being applied with hot wax. Painful (yet exciting) at first, but once my nuts were completely cover in wax, the heat from the subsequent drips was a real turn on!

A short break, while the now set wax was picked quite gently from my balls, and then more cutting of plastic. My cock was now also out of the oven along with my balls. The cool air felt fantastic! The sensation of your whole body being hot, but your cock and balls being tantalized by the cool. It was very erotic!

By now I’m feeling a cross between euphoria, extreme hornyness and anticipation to see what’s next? I’m now totally turned on by a could drizzle of what I imagined would have been lube. My cock was massaged gently and my ball stretcher removed. I’m now torn between total excitement and esctacy, and still the nervousness of total restraint and what might happen next??

As I heard the sound of metal instruments, the Master asked me if I knew what was coming next? I asked the Master if was he going to insert a sound into the shaft of my penis, and was it ok considering my sizeable Prince Albert. I was assured it was ok, but was now more nervous than at any other stage of the session. Clearly I had never done this before, my heart started pounding and I think my cock went immediately soft, but as I felt the long steel rod being inserted into my shaft, I knew the Master was going to do exactly what he wanted!!

The feeling wasn’t painful, maybe uncomfortable, but the eventual feeling of my excitement that I had just had this done to me, overrode all others!! I suppose, once again, the pain and pleasure all at the same time!!!

Finally a small feeling of relief when I hear a lot of cutting of plastic and all of a sudden I am completely released from my cocoon. Wow, what a feeling, the change of temperature was quite intense, and the small feeling of pride, especially considering what had just been done to me!!!

Of course…not over yet!!

The leather mittens were now being removed, to be replaced with wrist cuffs. I was now once again being lifted like a baby and placed into a sling… Finally!! My wrists were attached to the sling behind my head, my ankles were put into the stirrups and clipped in. My ass was positioned at the edge of the sling , obviously to give my Master perfect access!

What happened next was different . My whole lower torso was tightly wrapped in plastic including the sling under me and then bound tightly with tape. I wasn’t going anywhere!!! I actually wasn’t scared, I was more excited and a little exhausted considering the physical and emotional precedings! With the support of the sling I was quite relaxed.

What felt like a bucket load of lube was poured onto my cock and balls. It felt amazing as it dripped down into my open crack, where clearly it was intended for. For the next hour my ass would house numerous objects (hopefully a fist).

First a finger located my prostate, which as usual sent me moaning!! Followed by that was cold hard steel. Balls of some sort first , then something more solid. The feeling of the cold inside was amazing, I wanted more!! Intermittently there were a lot of fingers and attempts at a fist, but not yet. I was loving it!!

By now I’ve had no vision for nearly three hours, and still feeling the euphoria of the glad wrap, not to mention some amyl at some stage.

My Master now advanced to some large rubber dildos. There was no pain but a lot of pressure. I really wanted to take them all, including his wrist.

Close to the end of the session, I was asked if I knew what he had inside my hole?

After three unsuccessful guesses and the tapping of fingers on metal, I heard “Batter Up”

I had a baseball bat inside me!! That excited me no end!!! A total turn on !! I saw a porn once with a baseball bat, and vowed I would do it one day!! Today was obviously it and I was proud!

He went back to some bigger tools, but my energy levels, not to mention my ass was getting tired! (still no fist).

I really needed to blow, and asked if I was allowed to be uncuffed and play with myself? My wish was granted!

As you can imagine, with all I had been through , objects still being inserted in my ass, it wasn’t long before I blew my load all over my chest and stomach. It wasn’t long till my boyfriends load joined mine. The Master then demanded I play with his balls while he pulled on his massive cock, and soon after I was completely drenched with three huge loads of cum.

I was un-blindfolded for the first time since looking at that wall opposite his front door. And yes he was a very tall, vary solid man!!

I was then unclipped, uncut and untied, a quick wipe down and we left, still covered in lube and semen to shower when we got home.

The state of euphoria I was in was amazing and lasted for days!!

I have never experienced such lack of control! The changing emotions of excitement, anxiousness, nervousness , fear and ecstasy, going from one to the other and back again in such a relatively short period of time!!

Thank you Andrew Soxster!!

I’ll be back for your Fist 🙂