I’m a lucky guy – in the past few months I’ve met some amazing young men who are into some serious ass play. Life is good.

Hawker was extraordinary. A country boy who absolutely loves to get fisted – and he is only 23.  He is a regular fuckbuddy of Mitch, a 19yo I had played with a few weeks earlier (more about him in a future post). It’s nice when you are getting word of mouth recommendations to come for a session in my sling.

Hawk and I had swapped photos and the snap he had selected implied that he was a bit beary – he had facial hair and the angle made him look a bit cuddly. Also his 19yo mate is a very young cub type so I assumed he would be about the same.

However, the 23yo who walked through my door in a singlet was thin but with stubble that suited him perfectly.  Over the course of the afternoon I found out that Hawk is pretty much perfect. Hot, adventurous and a really nice guy. The other reason I really like him is that he has a really worthwhile job that involves helping people. Cute, horny, kinky, a lovely guy who is changing the world for the better – amazing! It makes me like the world we live in even more when I meet guys like this.

We talked, watched some videos I’d taken of previous guys, including his mate Mitch, and then it was time to play. I blindfolded him, stripped him out of his singlet and shorts and leathered him up.

Lots of skin games, cock sucking and then into the bedroom. I tied him spreadeagled to the bed using for black and red cuffs that I had recently purchased in Berlin. I teased his helpless body with my fingers, hands, stubbled chin and tongue. The orange nut lock by ox balls helped to stretch out his scrotum so I could tease his boy bits all the better.

It was then time to mummify him. He kneeled with a straight back as I wrapped layer and layer of cling-film around him. Under the plastic he was in puppy cuffs and a harness so he was pretty helpless. The tricky part is when you have wrapped him from his neck to his knees and then need to lie him on his side so you can lift up his legs and finish the rest.  After leaving him fully wrapped to warm up I cut a small hole in the plastic and pulled out his cock and balls. His cock was so beautiful I sucked on it for awhile. He lay there wrapped in plastic and unable to move as my lips went up and down his shaft. I got out the alcohol swabs and sounds. I sterilised the sound and lubed up the top of his cock and eased it inside. I had selected a very thin sound with a ball at the end. He could feel the ball as it went up and down inside his shaft. By the end of the sounding session I was fucking his cock with the metal pretty quickly.

All too soon I cut him out of the plastic and he was left to feel the cold air rush in and cover his body. I let him rest as I clipped the sling to the books in my ceiling and prepared for his ass play. I helped him to his feet next to my bed. We made out and felt each others bodies before I lifted him off the ground and gently deposited him in the sling.

He went into the sling blindfolded wearing a collar, chest harness and half face hood. This had the effects of emphasising his full red lips. I had my usual arrangement with one camera overhead and one camera pointing directly at his arse. I also took a lot of photos with my SLR which was covered in lube by the end of the session. I started off with water-based lubricants and then mixed in Crisco to create a slick awesome lube that would both feel wet and let toys slide easily.

Using the lots of water based lube is really important as it means the boy can feel that his arse is wet. Feeling lots of lube in your arse gives you confidence – you want to remove that concern from the boy’s mind. But the Crisco makes it nice and slippery. Occasionally with water based lube and latex gloves the hand can jerk a bit as it goes in – almost like its catching. This doesn’t happen with Crisco.

I started with fingers and attacked his prostate. His ass opened up. He took the small end of the N-Joy Eleven with ease. Then the large end. I fucked his arse with the toy hard – and went on to the other stainless steel toys including my line of stainless steel balls on a rod, and the various probes. The double ended stainless steel dildo was not a challenge.

The first really big toy was the arse lock with the giant metal ball. He loved getting fucked by the ass lock. I slowly eased the ass lock into his butt for the first time. It wasn’t much of a challenge. I pulled it out and lubed up his cock and balls. They were now slippery  enough to slip through the small metal ring on the toy. I then pushed the ball back into his butt. I started pulling and pushing the ball in and out of his arse. I fucked his ass hard with it and made him push it out himself while I photographed it. When he pushed it out it hangs there – his cock and balls supporting the weight that is leaning against his ass.

The whole time in the sling his hands had been restrained by the blue leather wrist cuffs. He looked fucking adorable. A naturally smooth chest but a snail trail of hair leading from his belly button down to his hairy cock, balls and ass.

I worked my way through all the standard toys. Rambone was easy. He took BAM without a problem. Blackball wasn’t any challenge at all. The toys were able to fuck his ass with no problems at all. I slid the baseball bat into his arse. Most experienced boys can take the baseball bat but I was able to fuck him with it – pushing it in and out of his ass. Perfect training for a fist as the end is blunt.

I released him from the cuffs and let him feel his ass as I pushed Blackball in and out. I don’t think he had realised until that moment just how wide I had gotten him during the session so far. Blackball is a BIG toy.

I asked him how he managed to get his arse so open. He was taught the art of fist fucking by an older guy. Apparently they worked up to it over three months and then kept on playing. He normally did it lying over a couch – this was the first time in a sling.

We moved onto a massive blunt red toy I have. Then an even bigger black toy with a massive head. I worked his hole so his ring was riding back and forwards over the ridge around the head. He lay back, put his arms behind his head and just took it. I pushed Crisco into his ass to warm up. And with one slow motion started applying pressure. I couldn’t perfectly find the path my hand should take in his arse, so I pushed Blackball in to create a pathway. I pulled out the massive dildo and replaced it with my hand which sank into his ass up the wrist.

He asked for amyl before I started fisting him in earnest so I prepared the gas mask. He held the mask and used it as his ass opened up. I started with my hand in his butt moving it back and forwards but not coming out. The length of the strokes increased until the widest part of my hand was slipping in and out on each stroke.  Once he opened up to fisting his ass was absolutely perfect for punching.  I balled my hand and punch fucked him.  He really got into it and I was able to mix it up.

As boys who have taken fists will know, it is a different sensation when you take a left fist vs a right fist. The hand hits different parts of your ass. For beginner fisters, the fact you have taken one hand doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to take the other.

Alternating fists was no problem for Hawk. Neither was me doing it randomly. Left, right, left, right, right, left, left, right, left, left, right….he took it all. Hawk has a great ass.

His butt was able to take a long, rough and sustained punch fucking. Interestingly, his ass doesn’t have a lot of depth.  I always worry about going really deep and rearranging a boy’s insides so I prefer to remain shallow – so this was absolutely fucking perfect.

But there is one special quality that Hawk drove me wild. The reason I absolutely loved fisting him was his moans. Not too loud, not too soft, just fucking perfect. I knew if he was having a good time, he let me know if it was a bit uncomfortable. He is an amazing moaner. Fucking awesome actually. I’ve had some boys who moan so much that it is a problem for the neighbours. When someone is really loud I feel self conscious and don’t enjoy it as much. Hawk is perfect at moaning – perfect volume, pitch and passion. Neither of us were self conscious in the least.

Moaning is something I try to teach boys. You want them to learn how to communicate. Actually, perhaps communicate is the wrong term. You want them to feel relaxed and able to not hold back. Make them uninhibited. I’ll be using Hawk’s session as a demonstration video for newbies to fisting as to the right sounds to make.

This kid had stamina. His ass just took it and took it.  One of the longest punching sessions I have ever done. It went for ages.

I pushed his legs back and clipped his legs into the leather loops attached to the top of yhe sling. His ass was pointing up and the camera overhead captured his ass being punched perfectly. I moved to the side of the sling and made out with him as my fist continued to punch his ass.  Finally we were both tired – and decided to take a break. We made out in the shower before getting dressed.

Neither of us had eaten so we went for a wander to Manhaus – the gay fetish store. He had driven a long way to see me (about a four hour return trip) so I thought it was appropriate to get him something to effectively pay for my half of the petrol he used. The guys are Manhaus are really nice. I signaled to the guy behind the counter I wanted to pay for the jockstrap that Hawk had picked out to buy himself. I paid for my purchases, and the jockstrap, and when Hawk went to pay it was too late – all paid for. Only fair really given the distance he came to cum. 😉

We ate and headed back to my house where we watched Soxster shoots and jerked each other off. He had his first Tenga egg and Tenga stroker experience and loved it. I blew him and rimmed his ass which was a mixture of pleasure and pain as it was really sore. Finally he blew a massive load and even I shot a metre or so.

I’m looking forward to fisting him in that jockstrap in the near future.